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This entry was posted in Feature, Small Business and tagged small businesses, video editing, Videos. Luckily, the internet has a solution for that, there are plenty of ways of creating videos from already made elements and all you need to know is how to use a simple web app.
And now, YouTube is making it even easier to find those tools with the launch of the YouTube Create portal which highlights ways you can create new videos using nothing more than your imagination.
You've probably stumbled upon videos created with one of the tools YouTube is now showcasing. While the tools may be rudimentary by some standards, videos created with them are not going to rival people doing real animation work any time soon, it does enable anyone to create, which is what these apps are all about. Businesses, big or small like to convey their message through videos than static or text ones.
Video ads on Google have a year on year 46% growth and they happen to own the second largest search engines for videos- YouTube.

LinkedIn announced last year that any business can upload a video ad to promote their businesses online.
They already had a soft launch recently, and has been covered by WSJ Irish Times and Wall Street Journal: In “Technology Startup to Watch”. Xtranormal for example is the source of all the creepy, monotone and sometimes funny 3D teddy bear videos out there.
If video ads is the new trend and big ones are following the trend, then who will help the SMBs be a part of the trend? Shooting a video is no problem, making one that's good or staging an idea you have may be harder though. Researches have shown that motion with a combination of sounds has always established a connection with the target audience.
Google Adwords will allow you to use the video ads just like normal, except instead of texts or static display ads, users can upload their Vidyyads by using keywords to target the right audience.
Viddyad has a gamut of free videos ready for you- Sign in and create your business ad in a minute. Based in Dublin and San Francisco, Viddyad is working on making advertisement quick and attractive.

Viddyad democratizes video ad creation for SMBs so they can take advantage of the massive opportunity to promote their business online locally at customers who are nearby or looking for them- all done with video.
Founder Grainne Barron of Viddyad aims to create a space where any business can create their own customised video ad online in minutes.
Grainne claims that it is 10 times more likely to get clicked on than any text or static image. He quotes “ 105 billion video ads were viewed in the US last year (Comscore) and 4.15 billion ads were viewed already this year in May. Viddyad gives the benefit of in-built access to many stunning videos and images to any SMB so that they can create their video ads online in a minute.

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