Disk Image files are most often used to install software, but can contain any type of files not just app or installation files. To open a dmg file just double-click and the file will be mounted as a virtual disk in Finder. Other times they might contain and package installation file (pkg file), which you need to run to install the software.
When you’re finished using a dmg file you need to eject it like you would any external hard drive. So we know that dmg files are disk image files that are useful for delivering software (or any type of files) to other Macs. You could download the software for creating disk images but you can also create a dmg file using OS X’s built in “Disk Utility” program. Gather the files you want included in your disk image and find out the total size of all the files.
The easiest way to do this is to copy all the files into a new folder, right-click the folder and select “Get Info”. If you didn’t create an image from a folder you will need to drag the files into the empty image file. You don’t need to follow this step if you created an image from a folder and selected the option to compress it as it was created. The amount of compression will depend on the type of files in your image, but it’s a good idea to compress it anyway. ABOUT USAt TechNorms, we focus on covering tech, products, and services that impact our daily lives. Logitech's Create Keyboard Case for the iPad Pro was one of the first third-party keyboards available for the device, because Logitech created it with help from Apple.
We went hands-on with Logitech's Create Keyboard case to see how it measures up to Apple's own hard-to-find Smart Keyboard and the few other iPad Pro third-party keyboards on the market. Logitech designed the Create to transform the iPad Pro into a laptop clone, producing a keyboard that is close in design and feel to a traditional laptop keyboard.
The Create Keyboard has two main parts: the keyboard portion of the case and a rigid backplate that fits over the iPad Pro.
Only half of the iPad Pro is fitted securely in the case because of the need for that connection, and on multiple occasions, my iPad Pro popped out of the shell.
Even though the iPad Pro is only in the case halfway and can pop out if not seated properly, it is difficult to get it out of the case.
The Create Keyboard case leaves all ports accessible, with cutouts for the Lightning port and the rear camera. When using the keyboard, the iPad Pro is angled forward in the case and snaps magnetically to a slot above the keyboard where the Smart Connector is housed. When the keyboard is not in use, it can be folded underneath the iPad Pro for watching videos or using the web, and it serves as complete protection for the tablet during travel.
Compared to Apple's Smart Cover, which is thin and light, the Logitech Create Keyboard is undeniably bulky.
The Logitech Create is the only third-party keyboard that's currently able to take advantage of the Smart Connector on the iPad Pro. This means there's zero setup involved - simply stick the iPad Pro in the case and it works right away. Logitech's Create keyboard case is inferior to Apple's own Smart Keyboard when it comes to size and bulk, but for many users, its keyboard is a clear winner over the Smart Keyboard.
Apple's kept the Smart Keyboard thin by cutting down on the travel of the keys, so it's not going to feel as familiar as the Logitech Create to people who are coming from a MacBook Air or a Retina MacBook Pro. As with most third-party keyboards, the Logitech Create has a row of keys dedicated to iOS shortcuts on the iPad Pro. Both the Logitech Create keyboard and Apple's own Smart Keyboard have appealing features and drawbacks. In the future, there may be additional keyboard options on the market, but at the current time, there are few iPad Pro-specific products and only two that use the Smart Connector: the Logitech Create or the Smart Keyboard. As someone who owns and uses an iPad Pro on a daily basis, I would not choose the Logitech Create over the Smart Keyboard.
I, too, picked up a Logitech Create along with my iPad Pro and used it for two weeks, but ultimately decided that it wasn't for me. I finally got my Smart Keyboard from Apple on the Friday after Thanksgiving and have been pretty happy with it.
The one thing that I really like about it, however, is that when I just want a tablet, it comes right off very easily and even if I don't take it off, it does fold neatly behind the screen and is comfortable to hold as opposed to gripping on a bunch of keys as on the Create. As with just about everything, it seems, there is no perfect choice out there, so it's a matter of which tradeoffs you can live with.
I got the official Apple keyboard cover for ,you iPad Pro and returned it hecausw of issue with this review: too heavy and flimsy to be worth it.

A very fair review - I've been using my Pro with this keyboard case for the last two weeks.
Had a quick go on the Apple keyboard but wasnt wild about the keys and really disliked the lack of a cover for the back of the iPad - I'm sure in Apple-world people use their devices all the time without getting them scratched but I do like an all-round cover. The keyboard is great to use - feels very natural - in fact the only real issue was in the first few days when I found myself reaching for a non-existant track pad.
A week ahead of Mother's Day, Apple has launched a new commercial centering around a collection of images and video of mothers interacting with their children. MacRumors is pleased to announce the Seventh Annual MacRumors Blood Drive, throughout the month of May 2016. Apple today updated its support site with a brand new look and new ways for users to interact with it.
Well-known designer brand Coach is reportedly working on a line of high-quality Apple Watch bands, which could debut as soon as June.
Apple released OS X 10.10 Yosemite Developer Preview 6 today as we reported ahead of its expected public debut in October, and four new beautiful wallpapers of Yosemite National Park have been included. Update: A user on Reddit asked about those MacBook Pro with Retina display wallpapers on the Apple Store site, and someone else located a version. Using GarageBand, you can create a custom ringtone out of any portion of any track you have in iTunes. The bright yellow line at the top of the timeline is called the Cycle Region, which represents the portion of the song that will be used to create the ringtone. On your iOS device, you can make your custom ringtone the default ringtone for all incoming calls, or assign it to specific contacts so that it only plays when they call. Using custom ringtones for individual contacts customizes your iOS device in a way that adds personality. Drag the song that you want onto the timeline and position it so that the part you want as a ringtone is at the starting point.
There is a free app in the Mac App store called Ringer which does the same thing for those people with out Garage Band.
You can making speaking ringtones using the names in your contacts and combine them into custom sentences using this app.
It will let you create dmg files with background images and folder shortcuts, a tactic used by most good software developers. The content is copyrighted to TechNorms and may not be reproduced on other websites without written permission. Because Logitech partnered with Apple for the accessory, it's also the only third-party keyboard that's currently able to take advantage of the Smart Connector on the iPad Pro, meaning it doesn't need to connect to the iPad over Bluetooth or use its own power source.
The case itself is made from a rigid material covered with a ballistic nylon fabric, while the keyboard is constructed from aluminum with plastic keys. Each model's outer cover is designed to be resistant to liquid, keeping the iPad Pro safe from small spills, drips, and light rain.
The shell of the case fits over the top half of the iPad Pro in landscape mode, aligning with the camera. This never happened in an area where I could potentially drop the iPad Pro, but it was a definite concern of mine.
When snapped in all the way, it takes some grip and twisting to get it out, which is a downside if you want to use the iPad Pro sans keyboard. It closes up clamshell style, with the rear shell protecting the back of the iPad Pro and the keyboard protecting its screen. By connecting to the iPad Pro through the Smart Connector, the keyboard draws its power from the iPad.
There's never any loss of connection unless the iPad Pro becomes unseated from the case, and there's zero lag. If you've got the Logitech Create on a lap and shift the wrong way, it can momentarily disconnect and interrupt what you're doing. The Logitech Create has full-spaced keys that feel fantastic under the fingers due to their high travel, especially in comparison to the Smart Keyboard. I was able to start typing on the Create right away with zero typos and no reduction in my typing speed. There's a button for bringing up the home screen, accessing search, locking the iPad, switching keyboards (aka accessing emoji or special characters), controlling volume, adjusting screen brightness, controlling media playback, and adjusting the backlighting of the keys. The Logitech Create keyboard is much heavier and bulkier than the Apple Smart Keyboard, but it's also cheaper and has traditional MacBook Pro-style keys with a good amount of travel and a fantastic backlighting feature. It's not hard to adjust to the Smart Keyboard, but for a lot of users, it's not going to provide the pleasant typing experience as the Logitech Create offers. The iPad Pro seems fragile because it's so large - there's a lot of surface there to break if its dropped or banged against something. Right now, it's a matter of deciding between a lot of bulk or keys that don't quite measure up if you want something that takes advantage of the newest technology.

It is too bulky and heavy and I am not a fan of the awkward and hard to use rear shell design. The iPad Pro still works with Bluetooth, so a standalone Bluetooth keyboard with an iPad Pro Smart Cover is going to be a perfectly useable option.
This heavy, lumbering piece of metal, plastic and fabric is a complete deal-breaker for me (and many other I would guess).
As much as we think we want fatter, heavier batteries etc, fat and heavy dates really fast.
Other changes include several redesigned icons in the System Preferences app, tweaked user interfaces throughout the operating system, and more.
Any idea about where can be found the unknown wallpapers (presumable from OS X Yosemite) shown on this page from the Apple website? This article will walk you through the process of making a custom ringtone and syncing it to your iOS devices, as well as assigning it to a certain contact or as your default ringtone. Press the spacebar to play (and pause) the Cycle Region of the track, so you can hear the part that will become the ringtone.
Tap the contact you want to assign the custom ringtone to, and then tap Edit at the top right. The ability to easily determine who is calling based on the ringtone can be especially helpful if you have any kind of vision problem, and can also increase privacy and efficiency.
Finally, make sure you remove the new AAC version of your song from your iTunes list of songs, then drag and drop the newly named file into iTunes. DMG files are used for many applications, from installing software, distributing files, and even creating recovery disks.
Design wise, the Create is available in three colors - black, navy, and red - to match the Space Gray, Silver, and Gold iPads. There's a crease in the middle of the backplate that allows it to flex to fit the iPad Pro into the Smart Connector built into the case. Having the iPad Pro pop out of the case at the wrong time could be a potential disaster, but at the same time, the bottom of the iPad Pro has to be free to fit properly. I know it sounds odd to say the iPad Pro is difficult to get out of the case just after complaining that it has the potential to snap out, but that's how it works - it needs to be seated in the exact right way or you're going to have trouble with the alignment of the cutouts and the volume buttons. At more than three pounds in total, that's heavier than the 11 and 13-inch MacBook Air and the 12-inch Retina MacBook. It never needs to be charged and because it's connecting directly to the iPad Pro, there's no need for Bluetooth.
Overall, the Smart Connector is a slight improvement over Bluetooth solutions, both in its simplicity and its convenience. The keys will light up as soon as the keyboard is plugged in and they'll brighten whenever they're pressed. The Logitech Create offers full front and back protection while the Smart Keyboard is only going to protect the screen. When it comes down to it, my fingers can adjust to keys with less travel better than my back can adjust to an additional 1.5 pounds of weight. Read our coverage of the latest OS X Developer Preview here, and check below for each of the new Yosemite-inspired wallpapers below.
If necessary, drag the Cycle Region to a different part of the track to use that part instead of the beginning of the song. Is roughly the same without the UI and having to manually convert in iTunes and then changing the extension from m4a to m4r. Bluetooth is generally lag free with few connection problems and it's rare to need to charge a third-party keyboard more than once a month, but the Smart Connector eliminates these small pain points.
As someone who prefers the feel of a keyboard with a good amount of travel, I thought the Logitech Create was a far superior typing experience. To save power, if you go a few seconds without touching a key, the backlighting automatically turns off. Wait until the sync process is complete, and click on the eject symbol next to your iOS device. Tap the one you want as the default, it will play so you can confirm it sounds the way you expected.
Tap Done at the top right to finish choosing the ringtone, and tap Done at the top right again to finish editing the contact.
It's done well and useful if you're typing in a room without a lot of light, and it's also adjustable to three levels on the keyboard itself.

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