Personalized photo Christmas cards is a great way to share season’s greetings with friends and family. Last week I shared a collection of free seamless knitted Christmas jumper patterns for my readers to download and get their design in the festive spirit. The design we’ll be creating in this tutorial is a knitted jumper style pattern using festive Christmas colours. Move the duplicated shape to overlap the original, then Merge the shapes with the Pathfinder tool to produce a tiny V-shaped stitch graphic.
Scale the stitch graphic down in size to fit within one of the grid squares, but make it marginally smaller so there’s a small gap along the right and bottom edges.
Turn on the Snap to Grid setting from the View menu and move the stitch to lock it perfectly onto one of the grid points. Elsewhere on the document, draw a series of background rectangles filled with darker tones of your main pattern colours. Move the stitch graphic into place over the first background and change its colour to a brighter variant of the background.
Repeatedly press the shortcut CMD+D to repeat the move command until you have a complete line of stitch graphics. Repeatedly press the CMD+D shortcut to completely cover the background rectangles with little stitch shapes. The red stitch graphics over the darker red background are ready to go, but the shapes over the green background need changing to a lighter green colour.
Use real life Christmas jumpers from Google Images as inspiration for your pattern, or freestyle it as you go! Repeatedly right click and select Ungroup to break apart the expanded elements until each shape can be selected individually. To quickly select just the white stitch shapes, go to Select > Same > Fill Color while one of the white objects is selected. Hold the ALT key while dragging a copy of the pattern so far to extend and repeat the design.
To continue editing the pattern over the green background, select all the shapes and activate the Live Paint Bucket tool. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could try drawing Christmas themed items within your pattern. Remember to match your illustrations up with the existing parts of the pattern so its possible to repeat the design. Another possibility is to fill an entire area with white shapes, then reverse out a pattern by filling the stitches with a colour. Intricate patterns can easily be created by simply alternating colour fills and following the rule to build the design. Once your pattern design is complete, Expand the Live Paint object and Ungroup all the individual elements.
Since we’ve already extended the first pattern, select those items and lock them with the CMD+2 shortcut.
Make a selection of the remaining portion of the pattern using the Select > Same > Fill Color technique, then duplicate the objects and align the pattern so it seamlessly repeats horizontally.
In order to produce a fully repeatable pattern swatch, draw a rectangle around the design that starts and ends at the same point of the pattern. Press CMD+ALT+2 or go to Object > Unlock All to release all the locked shapes, then press CMD+A to Select All. Hit the Crop button from the Pathfinder panel to trim the entire design down to the confines of the rectangle. Go to Object > Pattern > Make to load the pattern tool in versions CS6+ (otherwise drag the design directly into the Swatches panel).

The Pattern tool allows you to preview how the pattern repeats so you can check for errors and ugly seams between the tiles. To apply the pattern to other shapes, select the newly created pattern swatch as a fill for any element. Access All Areas members gain instant access to 100s of premium design resources & source files.
Was going to spend some time today thinking about how to do it and now I don’t need to.
Now I have been a big fan of your designing skills and following your tutorial to be a good artist. The fountain, rendered useless in the winter, is beautifully turned into the focal point of this Winter Wonderland themed Christmas decoration. If you are not averse to a little DIY, you could cover styrofoam balls and any kind of balls with silver or printed foil, There is a lovely tutorial for creating large sized baubles in the 2012 issue of the Celebrating Christmas PDF Magazine. Also in the stars group, draw another 5 point star on top of the tree, call the layer “top star”. Add a new layer an call it “tree ribbon”, then make a selection like me, using the polygonal lasso tool or the pen tool (if you want to do all the selections at once, hold down SHIFT when starting the new selection). Using the custom shape I marked for you (registration target 2) draw like I did under the stars group. Open the ribbon image and cut it out using polygonal lasso tool (make a selection around the ribbon > press CTRL+X > CTRL+V into the document. Now using the font you’ve downloaded type “Merry Christmas” like I did on the bottom of the page (use size 70pt). Now save this file twice, as “Christmas card front” and “Christmas card back” (as PSD format).
Included in this FREE eBook is our collection of our best kids Christmas crafts, including Santa's Favorite Ornaments, Cards and Gifts from the Kids, and Easy to Make Decorations.
It should come as no surprise that kids love playing with food, and these food themed homemade Christmas decor ideas are no exception! This holiday season, have the kids help you decorate for Christmas with these easy and fun homemade ornaments for kids!
What kid doesn't love playing with food?  With these easy homemade Christmas ornaments for kids, playing with food has never been more productive!  With some flour, water, cupcake liners, and cookie cutters, you can have lots of homemade ornaments for kids that would look great hanging on a tree or in the kitchen! Just because the weather is cold doesn't mean you can't use nature to inspire your creativity!  With these easy homemade Christmas ornaments for kids, you can bring the beauty of winter inside without having to deal with the cold! Sorry, we are currently investigating an issue with our Print at Home feature using Google Chrome. In the meantime, please use an alternate browser (IE, Firefox, etc.) to print your project. A time to share stories and laughter with the people we care about around a cozy fireplace with a glass of eggnog in hand. If you find image on your video shot in daily life awesome, you are also allowed to extract the image from video with the help of a Video Converter which supports to take screenshots for you. A few of you guys were interested in seeing how they were made, so today I’ll be showing you the techniques I used to build them. It’s made up of tiny stitch like graphics which alternate in colour to produce intricate pattern designs, and the whole tile seamlessly repeats to fill an infinite area.
Select the entire line and ALT-drag a copy, manually aligning it with a small gap between the previous row. Press CMD+A to select all the stitch graphics (the backgrounds are still locked so won’t be selected) and click anywhere on the selection with the Live Paint Bucket tool. The Live Paint Bucket tool can now be used to paint a pattern onto your design by altering the colour of specific stitch shapes.

You can quickly fill out the rest of the row by Expanding the Live Paint object to convert the elements back into basic shapes.
It’s easy to make unique designs by mixing intricate patterns with illustrated elements.
I’m just having a little trouble with one of the stages, once I merge my 2 shapes I cant get a regular square around it, mine is slanted and i’m then having trouble to get a perfect fit in a grid! We had the idea of a Christmas jumper themed Christmas eCard, and this technique has proved fantastic! The fountain is beautifully used as a focal point of the decoration by using large-sized baubles and decorations. Despite the cold, wintery look of the decoration, the wreaths and the large ornaments in the fountain add Christmas cheer to the scene. Using the pen tool, the brush or whatever you want, draw the contour of the tree like I did. Now using the eraser with a soft rounded brush and different opacity, delete like I marked for you, try to use my pressure of the brush. Using white to transparent radial gradient, draw like I did, then set the blending mode to soft light.
In the “Christmas card back” document, add another 2 text lines “and a Happy New Year!”, “Tutzor family wishes you”.
So pick your rounded rectangle tool with a 60 px radius (white color) and draw like I did, then set the opacity to 70% (call the layer “text area” and place it under the ribbon layer). With countless backgrounds and designs, there’s no limit to the ways you can send good tidings and warm holiday wishes other than your own creativity. There are various free Christmas cards templates in the following and do feel free to pick up your favorite ones to make Christmas e cards. Don’t worry if you’re not into real life knitting, this process uses Adobe Illustrator to compose your design and create a repeating pattern!
You could even use the Select > Same > Fill Color technique to adjust the colour of your jumper to provide additional variants.
These are typically the decorations used by shops to create their displays and are available in wholesale stores. Now double click for styles and go to outer glow, then drop shadow, use my settings for both. Change the size of “merry Christmas” to 42 pt, “and a happy new year” 18 pt and “tutzor wishes you” 30 pt.
Sending Christmas greeting cards is one of the best ways to show your love on this special Christmas holiday season.
Send warm holiday greetings to all your friends and loved ones with Personalized Christmas Cards. It is easily available in craft stores and using only a little amount gives you a lot of snow to use. Look at my result, then select all the layers from the stars group and merge them right click > merge layers (name the layer “stars”). Send warm holiday greetings to all your friends and loved ones with Personalized Christmas Cards by using the following Christmas card templates. Even if you can’t spend the holidays with them, you can show them that you’re still thinking about them with the perfect Christmas Cards this season. Even if you can’t be with them in person, they will know that you’re thinking of them when they get your custom Christmas card via the mail.

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