Once you have downloaded the free spreadsheet template, you should open it with Excel from Microsoft Office. Normally, in a real-life business setting, you would probably have access to some marketing research data that would provide the input data for a perceptual map.
If you want the some circles to be larger (for larger firms or brands with strong equity) and some to be smaller (for smaller brands), then you can input 3 for larger and 1 for smaller. If you are not happy with your perceptual map, then simply change the product attributes or fine-tune the attribute scores. When you download the spreadsheet file, it already has three firms listed (in order to give you an example of how to create your map).
Perceptual mapping is a technique that essentially visualizes the core marketing activity of segmentation, targeting and positioning (which is often referred to as the STP process). Having a lot of leads or contacts can make an online network marketing business very successful.
The second common way of creating network leads is through building network marketing opportunity leads in one’s own. To create one’s own network marketing opportunity leads, it is advisable for marketers to start getting information from people they know.
Another good advice in creating network leads is to create a business site that is high quality. In addition, making use of other online social media is also a great way in creating network leads. Through keeping those in mind, marketers can easily create numerous network marketing opportunity leads that are for free. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Whether youa€™re developing brochures for company promotions or designing new business cards, HP has you covered. Flexibility: Transform your business identity whenever you need toa€”without being stuck with 1000 extra business cards. Savings: Avoid costly print shops by creating marketing materials yourself with the help of an HP printer.
Impact: Even a one-person business can appear to have the muscle of a dedicated marketing department. Customization: Customizing your marketing materials lets you reflect the unique qualities and style of your business.

Before you can start creating your own marketing materials, youa€™ll need the right printer. The In-House Marketing Starter Kit from HP, included with select HP printers, provides a bundle of tools and information to help you begin creating your own marketing materials. Find tips to help you Promote your business with the In-House Marketing Starter Kit from HP.
By entering a number in this column you can make the circles that show in the perceptual map larger or smaller. You will probably need to play around with the map for a little while in order to produce a perceptual map that is reflective of the target market’s view of the competing products and brands.
Through boosting the network leads, the business will surely increase its possibility of sales of the services or products it offers.
This definitely is better than the first one because marketers can have the full control on the people that they will add on their network leads list. High quality business site are the type of sites which clearly states its purpose, helpful for the users, and have a fully search optimized contents. Marketers can construct many articles, postings, or video clips that talks about the business they have in social network or blog sites in order to attract a lot of people to visit the business’s site. Find out about HP printers, papers, and customizable templates that can help you create eye-catching, print-shop quality marketing materials yourself. Consider an HP wide-format printer for high-impact prints in a range of sizes and formats that youa€™ll need. Make a big splash (without the big price tag) with large, full-color, borderless marketing materials. Create a range of professional-quality materials, including 11" x 17" posters, tri-fold brochures, and two-sided 8.5" x 11" booklets. You can also use your wide-format printer to print everyday documents quickly and efficiently. The included HP Business Marketing Design CD offers templates and step-by-step instructions for designing your marketing materials.
Enjoy an assortment of HP paper samples, including photo, brochure, and presentation paper. In these steps you are simply giving the perceptual map a suitable title and labeling the two axes. Then, in step 5, you need to score both of the product attributes that you have decided to use for your map.

However, in many cases you will need to use your own judgment in determining the attribute scores. Obviously, as you enter your data and labels, the map (chart) will be automatically updated. Moreover, creating one’s own network marketing opportunity leads is one of the fastest ways to have a huge amount of profit and unlimited potential of income. They can select people which are true potential buyers of the services or products the marketer’s business is offering. Marketers can increase the number of network leads by getting the help of the people that are already on the list. Marketers must invest a lot of time and efforts in constructing the informational articles that will be put in the site in order to gain many network opportunity leads. The increase in number of people that will visit the site will surely amplify the marketer’s opportunity in getting network leads. Please keep in mind that you are trying to map how the target market perceives each brand or product, not your own personal view of the brand. You can view some examples of the perceptual maps created by this spreadsheet to get a sense of what your map should look like. Some providers ask the permission of users before selling their contacts, but most of them do not. Also, in this type of way of creating network leads, marketers can implement process of getting people’s information in the friendliest method possible which will avoid invading those people’s privacy. People on the list can get information from their own relatives and friends which therefore will create a web of network leads for marketers. This gives a lot of disadvantages for marketers that will use this type of network lead creation. This can give a positive results for the business on its operation and thus to the marketers’ careers. Also, the cost of network leads that can be bought on this type of sites sometimes is high.

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