UJAM is a Google Chrome app that lets you create your own music in an easy to use interface.
What I like the most in this music creation app is that you can use your own vocals and can share your music directly to your Facebook account. After uploading an audio file, you will find valuable functions available for you to make good music according to your requirement. Just click on the Select Style button and it will provide you plenty of options like: Folk, dance, latin, country, pop, jazz, electronic, rock etc. Likewise, access the Edit Chords option for editing chords and putting them in right place for good music creation. Adjust the Tempo rate of music by clicking on Tempo option and then adjusting the tempo slider to desired level. Once you have prepared your music, then it will be good to let it save or share using available options.

If you want to share it to your Facebook account, then click on the Share on Facebook option. Moreover, you can also upload your music to SoundCloud community or you can publish it on UJAM too. UJAM is really a handy app available free for you to let you create your own music in an easy and fun manner. If you dream about composing your own music, then UJAM is here to make it possible for you. You can see in the below mentioned screenshot that there are options available such as: Select Style, Edit Melody and chords etc. You can easily create your own music just by recording your own vocals, uploading an audio file, or using UJAM’s song templates.
Just after uploading, perform functions to start making music such as: style selection, edit melody, chords etc.

After adding it, Click its icon and provide an email address to start working with its interface.
There are a plenty of instruments available that will provide you easiness by selecting a desirable instrument. While working with UJAM for the first time, it will ask you to create a new song (see the above given screenshot). Here, you are having three options as: you can record your own vocals, upload an audio file from your computer, or use UJAM’s available song templates.

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