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Apart from Youtube playlist you can also make a fast youtube search for videos and preview the video before playing it.The videos can be viewed on the sidebar which also has slider that allows you to watch at any instant of time.To create your youtube music playlist,search for videos and drag the video to the Playlist box!
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The art of mixtape making has sadly been lost in our transition to a digital era of on-demand music, but there are still places where you can practice this lost skill, and one of them is YouTube. From the YouTube menu (accessible via the menu button near the logo) you can choose Playlists then New playlist to get started.
The lucky recipient of your playlist can click Play all to hear your hand-picked songs, complete with shuffle and repeat controls and the ability to skip from one track to the next.
But wait there’s more for every 2 songs you add to your playlist youtube will include an add to completely ruin your playlist, Don’t wait rush in and congest your playlist now !!! While the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has officially ended, isolated cases have appeared in Sierra Leone and Guinea earlier this year, prompting worries that the virus will likely have a constant presence in the region. Gavin Andresen, chief scientist of the Bitcoin Foundation, said at a conference yesterday that he believes Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous inventor of Bitcoin. Youtube Playlist maker is a free Firefox extension that lets you easily create Youtube playlists. Youtube provides a nice playlist option that lets you create playlist for videos that you would like to play often. The first step of making your playlist is to search for the videos that you want to add to your playlist. The search box provides auto complete feature, so as you start typing, it starts giving search suggestions. You can search for any video from all videos, playlists, find similar videos, top tracks, etc. Once you have added all the videos to the right side, you can start organizing those videos in the manner that you want them to appear in your playlist. Once you are done with finalizing videos and order of videos in playlist, just click on “Upload” button. I am not too fond of making playlists on Youtube, because I don’t like the process of making them.

YouTube is a big source of streaming videos on the web, with YouTube playlist; you can allow the collection of videos. We gathered some great information on some fun channels, but I also learned that not everyone knows what a YouTube playlist is. I'll also show you examples of YouTube playlists and explain why this is important to implement on your YouTube channel.
Make sure you are logged into YouTube with your GAFE account (if you use Google Apps for Education in your classroom) or whichever account you will point your students to. You could have a playlist for each unit of study, or you could have a playlist for each week– whatever works best for your students. Here are the steps to assemble your group of songs and share them with a special someone or the world at large. You can remove tracks and change their order using the drop-down options to the right or the handles on the left. You can choose to add some context in the description but remember that public playlists appear in searches and on your YouTube profile. Andresen said that his accounts were not hacked before his endorsement of Wright as Satoshi, countering speculation from some in the Bitcoin community. You can choose all the videos that need to go in your playlist, provide a name for the playlist, and Youtube Playlist maker will add that playlist to your Youtube account.
However, creating playlist is not that simple, but thanks to this Firefox extension, creating playlists on Youtube is just a breeze now.
Once you have found the video that you are looking for, just click on the Right arrow button on the interface of this Youtube playlist maker to add it to your playlist.
But this extension has made the process so simple and fun that I have already created a few playlists and will definitely create more going ahead.
In the next post, I will show you how to edit your channel so that you can put your playlists on your channel for students to have easy access to the videos you want them to watch.
When you’re happy with the musical medley, click on the Share button to get the link you need to pass on.
With each video, it shows thumbnail of the video, name, duration, and link to open video in Youtube. If you are using this Youtube playlist maker for the first time, Youtube will ask your permission to let this extension make changes to your account.
If you also want to experience a brand new way of making playlists on Youtube, definitely try out this Youtube playlist maker.

Plus more Power Rangers filming, even more footage from Civil War and a new clip from Agents of SHIELD. Once you do that, this extension will upload your playlist to Youtube and you can check that by going to Playlists section of Youtube. You can customize playlist(s) name and description for users to know type of videos contained in specific Youtube video playlist.Make playlists on Youtube to organize videos1.
This way if you find something that doesn’t fit and you want to add a category, you can make it right from there.
In the pop-up box, enter details like: playlist title, playlist description and playlist tags.
Once you have entered this information about your new playlist, click Create Playlist button.4.
You can add videos to playlists and create them there too which means you can make your lists on the go as well.Once you have your YouTube preferred medium worked out, you can use and share Playlists any time. I like to share a video while we wait at the doctor’s office or any other time we are on the go. Usually we find videos which are relevant to a topic of study and I can save it to a playlist and let the kids know.Now it’s time for a YouTube content post, right? In the pop-up box, browser video title and click Add button next to video(s) that you want to add to your new video playlist. We know how to create and save to playlists, let’s find some good stuff to fill them up! Your playlist is ready and now you need to enable option to display newly created playlist on your Youtube video channel.5. I also have playlists for their ballet class when they need to practice and stretch, science videos, math videos, and art projects. Learn more about our independent & authentic homeschool days and subscribe if you want ideas, lessons, and encouragement for your homeschool! I'm a former middle and high school biology teacher who has embraced the independent nature of homeschooling and I mentor my children through authentic, student driven projects and learning adventures.

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