Apart from Youtube playlist you can also make a fast youtube search for videos and preview the video before playing it.The videos can be viewed on the sidebar which also has slider that allows you to watch at any instant of time.To create your youtube music playlist,search for videos and drag the video to the Playlist box! Making a playlist in youtube is painless and easy, anyone who has a Google or youtube account can create, to make a playlist on youtube follow the instructions below. Create a youtube channel if you haven’t already, Skip this step if you already created.

To add another video in the playlist that you made, just go back to step 1 and repeat the process, on step 4 instead of making a new playlist, select the playlist that you created earlier. Repeat again the process until you add all the videos that you want to include in the playlist.
Click on the playlist menu to see the playlist that you created, from here you can create a new playlist or edit the playlist that you created.

By making a playlist you can easily organize videos by the type or categorize it through playlist for you to easily find and watch.

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