Truth: Optimized content is how your target audience finds you when searching for solutions to their problems. Okay, now that you have a good idea of what digital content is and what it is not, how do you figure out what you need? These two charts from GlobalSpec and Frost & Sullivan respectively are very helpful in matching your content to the typical stages of the industrial buy cycle.
It doesn’t matter whether you outsource the task or do it yourself; the process of creating engaging digital content is still the same. Let me know if I’ve missed something and you have a different approach to creating digital content for industrial and manufacturing marketing. 15 pages packed with bite-sized, actionable digital marketing ideas to help you score more wins for both sales and marketing.
Everything on the internet has a purpose these days, and content is no longer created for its own sake.
Even if your goal is crystal clear in your mind, you will have to determine if content is the best way to help you to achieve it. A great example of a company that followed through with a great content strategy is call Dive Rite.
The solution was a content marketing strategy which address these issues plus make it easier for the users of the site to find the relevant information.
A strong content marketing strategy differentiates you from your competitors and offers a special something that users can’t get anywhere else.
Content must be unique, stand out, be well-crafted, have a distinct voice and, above all, create value for the user.
Content marketing results can be measured in many ways, yielding information that you can then parlay into sharpening your strategy. Just because users arrive at your content doesn’t mean you should automatically congratulate yourself. Determine whether your content is part of the sales funnel, and if so, which part of the sales funnel it belongs to. Data can be extremely useful, but it can’t tell the complete story of what your customers think.
Research your users and use personas to find out where the best places to publish your content are. As you can see, creating an effective content strategy isn’t as difficult as it sounds.
Once you have built a strong foundation, all you need to do is to keep working hard and the rest will take care of itself. Effective digital marketing must include the frequent use of current content to attract searching visitors.
I can sense the confusion in the room or over the phone when I tell them that creating engaging digital content is much more than copywriting. It is definitely a process that involves much more than copywriting and clever wordsmithing. It also includes downloadable whitepapers, eBooks, product datasheets, application notes, technical articles, how-to and best practices guides, FAQs, videos, webinars, podcasts, presentation slides, blog posts and content for use in social media. Site visitors will quickly scan through your content to determine relevance and if they should spend their time reading more. Industrial buying decisions are usually made by a committee of different stakeholders and rarely by an individual. Just defining your target audience by North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) or Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes and job functions are not enough. For every claim you make in your digital content, ask yourself, “So what, what does it do for me?” Be brutally honest here if you want to truly address your customers’ “what’s in it for me” (WIIFM) concerns.
Offer your digital content in a variety of formats, including content that has been optimized for mobile devices.

There is one specific challenge that readers may or may not be aware of with regards content driven programs relating to the buying journey of a prospect. I agree with your point about not knowing the stage that the buyer is at and how lead nurturing with relevant content can help in the process.
My company, Tiecas is an industrial marketing consultancy that helps manufacturers, distributors and engineering companies generate more high quality leads at a lower cost per lead. In an era where content marketing is so important, clearly defining a content strategy is essential for those who wish to excel against their competitors. Follow the tips outlined below to create content that will delight your readers and boost your search rankings. You need to establish if you wish to obtain more leads, create brand awareness, attract past customers, achieve better search result rankings or have a different goal altogether.
Their company was leading in quality and innovation in the diving industry however people didn’t understand the brand or accurately show value in their products. They change the way content was produce for the site and became better at explaining their story and finding new avenues to connect with customers. See how many have viewed your content, how they arrived at it and whether they are actually consuming or sharing it. Find out how sticky your content is, what the bounce rate is, whether visitors are returning and how many pages each visitor views per visit. Find out whether your content is attracting or deterring leads, and identify gaps in content which could improve the efficacy of the sales funnel. Find out what other sites your audience are frequenting in order to gain insight into the type of content you should be creating.
Let your customers be heard on social media, listen in on their conversations and speak with your other staff members to get a clearer picture.
You will first need to identify which stage of the sales funnel you are at, where the content will be delivered and what exactly it is. Most companies allocate 50% of their budget to amplification of existing content and customer outreach. Email campaigns, social media posts, and blog sites must have something to offer the potential visitor looking for information. They will do their research online and create their shortlist of vendors long before they will engage with your salesperson.
You need to gain a deeper insight into their needs, their roles in the buying process and their online behaviors.
Firstly, they are on the basis that you know or can ascertain where along the buying path that a prospect is.
I am honored by your visit today and I hope that you will find the content useful enough to bookmark my blog as a valuable resource for industrial marketing. Since 1987, we have focused on providing results-driven marketing to meet the unique challenges of marketing industrial products and engineering services. If it’s a no, then you will have to find out what changes are needed in order to bring success. The internet is already full of worthless online content that should never have been published, perhaps because it already exists elsewhere, perhaps because it provides little value to the reader. Warning bells should go off in your head if high numbers of visitors are unsubscribing from your emailing list.
Check your analytics often to determine which types of content are obtaining the best results.
Different users at different segments of the sales process will require different kinds of content.
Find out where your users are going online and then publish content on those channels in order to reach them.
It will take a great deal of trial and error, although if you are able to produce genuinely good content and attract an audience that wants it, you will find great success.

Your digital content must address these issues, offer content in various formats and optimized for smartphones and tablets. You may never get that call if you don’t get on their radar screen in the early stages of the buying cycle.
Drem Designs sums it up well in this article on why poor quality content is hurting your business.
Analyze where they are sharing it, and from there try to understand just what it is that makes them spread the word. This not only enables you to obtain information directly from the horse’s mouth but also shows them you care.
Work as a team and harness the power of your employees, users and influencers to amplify your content.
Seeing your small business as having a marketing strategy instead of writing an article every so often is motivating. The real key to succcess with content driven plans is to ensure you nurture the prospect with content that is both relevant to them and their stage in the buying path and can track and monitor the change in state.
You need this because the producing content consistently is where most business owners fail. So organizing the process will make it last and become part of running your business and as a result you will increase your business.Set Your FrequencyFrequency is more about goal setting than anything else. This process needs to be realistic but should stretch you like any other process of goal setting. Then set how often you will produce articles.Create A PersonaA Persona is a fictitious person who you believe is looking for you or your business.
While quality is most important, know what keywords people are searching for and creating topics that are in your business goals from those keywords just makes sense. Marketing is all about exposing your business to those who are looking for what you are offering.
Using keywords derived from Search Engine research is one of the most important aspects of Optimization.Discover Content TopicsThe most important process for creating content is selecting what to write about from the various keywords you have found during step number four. There are many other wonderful articles from other people within your industry that can be used when choosing topics to write about.
Also, there are many tools that can be used to compile various topics categories in one easy read place such as this list produced by Brian Honigman at Kissmetrics.Create A Content CalendarSetting up goals during step three (Set Your Frequency) should make this step a bit easier.
While I prefer an electronic calendar with email notifications, this step can be done on anything from a whiteboard to sticky notes. If you have a few team members that will be assisting, you need to consult with them to create your content marketing calendar.Assign Topics To Team MembersHaving many staff members can greatly increase the frequency and diversity of your content. If you have more than 5 team members, you now can produce an article each week without assigning too much content creation to any one employee. Creating a content marketing system that is burden on any one person will keep your articles fresh and a joy to read!Proof-Read ArticlesThis step is not only for catching typographical errors, but gets all the team members involved in the content creation process each week. It also helps them to know the heartbeat of the business and learn more about the industry you serve.Post Your ContentWhile this step is obvious the channels and procedure is important to document.
Having your social pages integrated into a dashboard solution such as Local View offers can greatly increase your effectiveness while reducing the time it take to manage them.Repeat The CycleReviewing the steps each month will help you stay on schedule as well as uncover new tools and procedures.
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