Learn how different digital painters work on a portrait and how they use different tools that help them create a detailed digital painting in Photoshop in this simple Adobe Photoshop tutorial. Photoshop photo effects aren't just for editing photos to perfect them and make them more realistic, but can make them look more striking and awesome too.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Here we have a resume example for an A executive level professional with experience as marketing manager and product manager. This resume uses an executive style summary paragraph that highlights experience in marketing and product strategy for Fortune 500 companies.
The qualifications list below provides a quick snapshot of the job seeker’s expertise in areas such as budget management, staffing, research, promotions, packaging, advertising and several other areas. The job experience section uses a paragraph to outline the size and scope of the employer and responsibilities.
The education section documents the MBA in Marketing, BA in Political Science and additional professional development.
Coordinate with sales teams to qualify marketing leads and segment campaigns based on demographics. Work with third party ad agencies to execute integrated marketing programs for strategic media, radio, television and billboards. Gather data from site, surveys, emails and customers and compile in CRM database for analysis. Design consumer promotion and community events in order to create a strong brand experience. Develop email marketing program for internal site subscribers, existing customers and external industry mailing lists. Finding different ways to bring Scratch into the classroom has been a focus for me this term!
All of this is lovely and simple so far, but it does lead to some deeper thinking by the children.

All in all this took around three hours, and as I said the children were able to use Scratch slightly at the beginning. Imagine a giant three-dimensional object that creates a virtual space, while at the same time encouraging real-life interaction. Introducing the Cube: Microsoft’s interactive art installation, unveiled this week at Seattle’s Decibel Festival, a celebration of electronic music, visual art and new media. Born from a brainstorm of how to create something that would uniquely live at the intersection of technology and design, the Cube and its multiple Kinects invites onlookers to become part of the art. At Decibel, the Cube will be a vehicle for a uniquely connected digital dance party, on display tonight through Monday in the Seattle Center between the Trimpin sculpture and Sky Church.
Participants stand in front of the giant structure and the Cube reacts, pulsating to music and tracing the movements of those around it.
It’s also an example of an evolving culture at Microsoft under Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella, where hacking is encouraged and the creative coding community is welcomed into the fold, he says. The Cube started out as a pie-in-the-sky idea that took shape over many months as people from different corners of the company brought their expertise, and passion, to the project. The question, says Megalli, was how to use technology to do things people have never seen before. Initially, they considered using LCD displays, but that proved expensive and too fragile at such a large scale. The team at Microsoft worked with WorldStage, an event technology company based in New York and Southern California, to design the prototypes and the final Cube with custom-fabricated screens made from projection material and clear acrylic, instead of using LCD displays. Marc Goodner, senior program manager for Microsoft’s Visual Studio, attributes the project’s existence to a practice of “iterative prototyping.” Goodner also runs the Maker chapter of The Garage, a place that encourages Microsoft employees from all corners of the company to come tinker.
Another technical challenge was engineering the Kinects residing inside the Cube to talk to each other. Microsoft looked to the creative development community to help write the code for the Cube’s dance party debut at Decibel, partnering with Stimulant, a Seattle-based digital design firm specializing in interactive installations. People may think they’ve seen all kinds of digital art, but the Cube will delight even the most jaded festival-goer, Santangelo predicts.

Likewise, Goodner predicts his friends in the developer community will be blown away by the Cube. This document is designed to be a reference for higher level marketing management job targets. The summary emphasizes the ability to maintain profitability, anticipate market trends initiative timely product introductions and establish market dominance.
The bullet point sections underscore accomplishments with quantified results such as increased revenue, improved productivity and decreased costs. Put simply, create and name the variable (e.g score) and then, when certain answers are inputted, add to the variable. It is very simple, definitely, but the children were quickly able to find better ways of running quizzes. The Kinects can read up to three people on each side, and you can see others through the Cube, which acts as a portal, virtually connecting people who are separated in physical space. There were other aesthetic challenges with the displays, such as how to create seamless corners and how to maintain the shape of a perfect square. The Cube was constructed with seamless corners joined to minimize optical distortion of the images that are projected from the inside. And we’re using it to create this cool experience,” says Josh Santangelo, Stimulant’s technical director. The idea, eventually, is to make an even bigger Cube, or Cubes — perhaps Cubes that even talk to each other.

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