GaugeMeter.js is a versatile jQuery gauge plugin which takes advantage of HTML5 canvas to render animated gauge meters and dials with plenty of customization options. A lightweight (~5kb minified) jQuery plugin which allows you to draw a simple customizable gauge using SVG element.
Vroom is a jQuery & TweenLite based gauge plugin for creating a realistic speedometer that dynamically updates according to user inputs. Flex Gauge is a powerful jQuery plugin to draw animated & highly customizable gauges using Html5 canvas element. A jQuery plugin helps you create an animated & highly customizable speedometer representing the number you type into an input field. Industrial.js is a jQuery plugin that takes advantage of CSS3 and javascript to create web-based industrial monitoring components which include tanks, thermometers, gauges, LEDs, digital readouts, pressure (PSI) and more.

Sonic Gauge is a jQuery plugin that allows you to create and display SVG gauges based on Raphael Vector Graphics JS Library. You must have seen those images that keeps on changing and looks like an animation but in reality they are animated gifs which holds the information of showing multiple images after a pre-specified time interval.
You need to have multiple gif images of same size before you can use UnFREEz to unfreeze the static character in them and make a live animated gif in a few seconds. This is cool, especially since I have been noticing lately that animated gifs are becoming popular again with websites. You can create Animated Pictures online using web based photo animation software like wegif. You can upload them on image hosting sites such as and then insert that anywhere, you must know the basics of HTML to do that.

It is based on Raphael library for vector drawing, so it’s completely resolution independent and self-adjusting. There are many online tools for creating animated gifs but today I am going to share a simple freeware portable tool named UnFREEz that you can use to create animated gifs in 30 seconds.
After you have read that post and ready to play with image files in bulk, I assume that you have images in gif format all of same size. Select and drag drop all the gifs on the unfreeze and set the time interval and click on "Make animated gif".

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