You may have to hold off the release date in order to bring more attention to your product.
If you are new to creating your own products, and you create and publish them at a rapid pace, continue to do so. Less is more with product creation if you are able to do a powerful prelaunch for the times you create a product.
Did you enjoy this article?If you liked this article, then you will love my free eBook, 27 Simple Ways To Get More Blog Subscribers. A Brainzooming blog email subscriber asked me last week if The Brainzooming Group had a ready-made creative thinking exercise on the blog for creating cool product names for a new product idea.
I shared with her some variations on eight creative thinking questions in a previous post about developing creative job titles.
If you do want to put a bunch of syllables together into a faux new product name, there are websites that tell you what all the prefixes and suffixes mean. If you want a completely automatically generated faux new product name, there are also websites that will generate mishmash names for you.
What other products are like this? What words are used to describe those products that we could modify and enhance?
You can click on the image below to get a free creative naming mini-poster that includes these questions in a fun, easy-to-use format! Are you making the best use of customer input and market insights to deliver innovation and growth? This new ebook features sixteen strategic thinking exercises to help you ideate, prioritize, and develop your best innovative growth ideas.
Download this FREE ebook to turn ideas into actionable innovation strategies to drive your organization’s growth. Mike BrownFounder of The Brainzooming Group, and an expert on strategy, creativity, and innovation.
BTW, based on what The Brainzooming Group does, the graphic represents the list of potential names suggested by the name generator. Dear all, maybe I am missing something: So what does one do when one has the list of words according to the questions?
We’d love to do an online collaborative session with you, if that would be helpful, Francis.
Web Developer with a special interest in PHP and database related PHP and a background in audiovisual editing and production.
I’m the kind of person who needs to know the why behind the action, or else I’ll have forgotten what I have to do ten seconds after you told me. Imagine my car breaks down and I open the hood and look at the engine and start pulling on stuff despite not knowing anything of mechanics. Another good overview that is short, to the point and has good illustrations that help you understand the core files needed for a Theme and some useful functions is “The anatomy of a WordPress Theme”. Then, I found a great guide for understanding the WordPress expressions and areas, which I find helpful even for those who are not developing a theme and just choosing one to use: The ultimate WordPress Theme Development Glossary. These are all great places for a first look on understanding Themes and how they work but if you want to create themes both to use and sell then they are not enough.

I do however think that you can take better advantage of his course if you already have a basics understanding of the core structure since he uses Underscores as the starting point and while he does take the time to explain the parts of the theme model, if you already know a bit you understand what he is explaining better.
I believe in understanding with repetition – someone once told me that the way the brain works is in threes, the first time you hear something you just store the information but don’t actually absorb it, the second time your brain goes ‘Wait a second I think I heard that before’ and starts absorbing something of the information, and it’s on the third time that you actually make the connections needed. Developing a Theme for WordPress, especially being able to use all of WordPress functionality on your theme is complex but all this material put together helped me get there and I had a lot of trouble finding this material, so I hope that by listing them here I am able to help the next person, who like me, is starting on this area and has no idea where to go! I have recently been going through a really tough chapter in my life novel, filled with difficulties and challenges. All you need to start your own journal is a notebook with plain paper and a black fine tip marker. Learning to doodle takes practice, and I often write my quotes down several times before I am happy with them. This entry was posted in Creativity Heals and tagged CK, Creating Keepsakes magazine, Doodle, journaling, Scrapbook, Scrapbooking, Suzy Plantamura. Email UpdatesSign up to receive crafting news, discounts and special offers via email from Creating Keepsakes. When some people create less products, each of those products become bestsellers in their markets while the people who are constantly creating new products do not become bestsellers as often. The iPhone continues to dominate the market because one or two new types of iPhones get created every year.
Holding off the release date will allow you to get people to know about your product, and you will also be able to contact the big media outlets and get them to promote your product. The competition is moving at a fast pace which means some people are coming out with one product every month. If one reader has a question about a particular creative thinking exercise, it is probably a good sign other readers could use help on a similar question. Creating successful, innovative new products and services has never been more dependent on tapping perspectives from outside your organization. If I know why I have to write that line there, not only are my chances of remembering later on greater, but if I do forget the exact step, my chances of searching and finding that step again are greater too. If I don’t know why I did something, then if that something goes pear shaped I will have no idea how to fix it.
Except here I am the mechanic, I am the developer, so I need to understand why I am doing this or that and I was going crazy! I don’t know if that is true, I am not quoting a scientific source here, but the fact is that for me that is true and having the core concepts explained in different manners helped me understand them better, which is why I recommend checking out all of these tutorials. At times it might feel like a romance, at other times a comedy, and at others a difficult drama or mystery novel. I have turned to inspirational quotes to help me get through it, and doodling has become my favorite pastime. I like to use the books you can purchase at art and craft stores that are made for mixed media so the paper is about 90 pounds and markers don’t bleed through it.
If you don’t enjoy writing, but enjoy coloring, you can download many quotes from online and color them in.
Then when you are sitting at a school function or a sports event feeling proud of your child, you can jot down your feelings right then to use on a layout later.

If you still want to create products at a rapid pace, you can release them together in a series.
As your audience grows, put more time into individual products so you are able to create an experience that makes people do countdowns to figure out when your next product is going to get released.
However, I do not think that holding off on product is always the most productive path, given the fast paced competitive environment of businesses today, especially consumer products. Some of the top marketers are probably only creating 1 product every year because they have a big enough audience to the point where each product has a high demand.
I mean, if there is a bunch of code there and I don’t understand that code, how could I possibly begin to imagine where to start changing the code to fix it? I couldn’t find anywhere where I wasn’t just given a bunch of code and no explanation whatsoever. I really like how he manages to keep the mood upbeat and you hooked through hard concepts and really explains why he is doing things).
It is important to document all of these different chapters in our lives through journaling, doodling, and scrapbooking. Or you can type your favorite quotes or your thoughts and use an outline font and print them.
Thanks for sharing what sounds a harrowing time for you, but using creativity to move ahead. I, too, have been having some tough times and began an art journal to help me process my feelings, it really does help.
On the contrary, this only happens because the people with fewer products make people very appreciative of the new product releases. I have tried putting more content into each of the books I have written, but I am still able to finish them at a quick time. That way, people are still eager for your products, can’t wait for their launch, you get to create multiple products, and customers get to buy multiple products from you at a time. There are times where missing a product launch results in a product that is already obsolete.
The last time I had been at this particular beach was with my brother who recently passed away.
I challenge you all to just start writing—I know it will help you heal and capture all of the chapters in your lives! Here are a few more doodled quotes to motivate you to get started with your own journaling and doodling books! Write this line of code here then that one there and no we will not tell you why, it’s a magic trick. I love this little poem I wrote because it captures my feelings while I was in a vulnerable state.

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