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While looking carefully of the logo back then I’ve actually saw that the reflection has some Yellowish green color. To make the reelection less cartoony and more real like I’ve made 2 copies of my reflection layer, but turning off the style, thaw the color overlay. I’ve also transformed it making the reflection a little bit smaller for some color gradation. The initial color of the circle is white or just a little bit gray there, something like my Windows color scheme. Make the selection, you can make 1 selection and then the other one or hold the shift key to select both. Hope you enjoyed this one, and learned to save your time using the Application possibilities. The tutorials on this site will teach you how to create your own professional looking HDR photographs.
Light painting is an amazing technique that can add impossible looking shapes and colours to an image while its being taken to create a new object or highlight an object already present in the photo.

If you’re new to light painting or just wish to build up your equipment and skills then following light painting tutorials is a way to do just that. This introductory tutorial explains how to create light painting photos with a simple drawing technique. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to paint a guitar with red light to create a cool effect. Light wheels can create many effects from spirals and circles to more abstract shapes that allow you to set your creativity free. This great tutorial includes a video that explains how to create a light orb using LED fairy lights. This collection of light painting video tutorials shows how to create a running man, a smoke effect and writing among other designs. If you want to move on from light painting with electrical light then this tutorial will be a help to you as you’ll learn how to use lit steel wool as a new type of light source.
This advanced tutorial will show you how you can use coals to create a light painting with fire.
If you’re used to the idea of light painting to create new shapes in photos, then this alternative technique will be interesting as it uses light painting to highlight areas of a subject so that you can create a great atmospheric photo in low light.
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Besides this you will understand how to save your time, changing layer styles and using the copies of your initial effect or form.

It is way more easier than to create shapes an blur them, especially when you have one of Wacom‘s products. We walk you through the steps from taking the photographs on various cameras, to processing the RAW files in HDRSoft’s Photomatix, and finally adding some final touches in photoshop. The results can vary from words that look like they’re written in the air to complete drawings or even abstract forms. Tutorials can teach you the best ways to go about achieving your desired effects as well as giving hints from the experts. The equipment is cheap to make and orbs can be used in so many ways in your light painting photos to create unusual effects. We hope you will create stunning light painting effects in your photos with these awesome light painting techniques and tips.
Light painting adds a new dimension to photography and, while the techniques are simple to learn and understand, they can be difficult to master in order to give the exact effect that you wish to achieve. In addition, the light painting tutorials below include amazing inspiration images that will unleash your creativity and spur you on to create your own amazing works of art. When you’re ready to start learning more about light painting techniques, take a look at this list of the best tutorials to master light painting.

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