Apart from Start Orb and classic Start Menu, what most Windows 7 users, who decided to take Windows 8 for a spin, miss in Windows 8 is ability to create ad-hoc network. The Network Shell (netsh) utility is basically developed to let users configure network devices in both client and server editions of Windows.
As stated earlier, both Windows 7 and Windows 8 natively support configuring ad hoc wireless connection using the netsh commands. Now, first you need to check weather your network interface supports virtualization or not. Once the hosted network has been set to allow, you need to start the mode to create an ad hoc connection.
If it says “hosted network couldn’t started”, you need to disable current wireless network device and then enable it.
When the hosted network is started, enable ICS for newly created Wi-Fi connection, so that you can share your internet connection with others. After following the above steps, you will be able to connect Wi-Fi enabled devices with your Windows 8 PC.
If you don’t want the fuss of having to manually configure a wireless ad hoc connection, then previously featured WiFi HotSpot Creator provides the best solution. If you’re looking for a tool to configure the ad hoc connection and manage the connected devices from a unified interface, Connectify provides you with what you’ve been looking for. It’s worth mentioning here that virtual WiFi creators require virtualization-enabled Network Adapter for creating WiFi Hotspot.
I have no idea what the others are complaining about, I did this on Windows 8 and I can easily share my connection with adhoc. Inorder to avoid the hassle of configuring again n again, put all the comands in bat file and run it as admin!
If you want to change the name or the password at any time, just right click the file, Open With either notepad or Wordpad, and edit your preferences.
And I have to thank you for pointing out trying manually entering static IP address, now it works for me too. I am successful to set up a wifi hotspot and my cellphone is connected as wel, but unfortunately my android phone is unable to exchange bytes . HEY i USE A TOSHIBA LAPTOP RUNNING WINDOWS 8 AND WHEN I TRY TO SHARE MY ETHERNET CONNECTION WITH MY NEWLY ADDED ADHOC NETWORK I GET AN ERROR?
Please other computer can see my ad- hoc but when they connect to my ad-hoc the yellow caution sign shows on their laptop please what will i do??????
If you are trying to transfer files to or from your andriod phone, windows 8 has an app for that too. Never could understand why techs and engineers have to try to make things so difficult and confusing. A WiFi Hotspot is a Wireless hub which offers a network access to various devices over a wireless medium using routers. If the result is “YES” then proceed to Step 3 or else download the required drivers from your vendor website.
Type “netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=yourname key=yourpassword” (enter the command without the quotations). Check whether your hosted network has shared the network access or not from the Network Sharing and Center.
To stop the hosted network, type the command ” netsh wlan stop hostednetwork” in command prompt.

A final year student in Computer Science Engineering of Maharaj Vijayaram Gajapathi Raj college of Engineering.
Hi,,,I’ve set up everything correctly and I have even connect my laptop with my cell but the wifi is too slow on my cell,Is there any other way to speed up. Many many thanks for this i had already tried this many more time within last 4 moths but i was’t get success to share my tikona internet connection with win 7 hotspot sharing, but now you setting just click my mind and i added manually ip setting into my android mobile for your hotspot sharing process and final from last four month first time ever I run my internet connection with wifi on my mobile .
I cannot mention my connection, insted of my connection its mention another connection and can’t change it. Hi this is a nice post loved it.But i have a samsung smart TV when i connect wirelessly to my hotspot it says, connected to wireless network but unable to connect to internet??What shoud i do??Should i get a router? Please check is there any option which allows Internet connection from your AVG, if not, trying allowing the connection from your Firewall. Uttej Venkata Sastry, what is the command in DOS so I add the Maximum number of clients (Max Guests, maximum peers)? Thanks for reading my post and please understand here we are configuring a virtual hosted network and you can allow any number of users or clients to your network.
If you’re a power users, you might’ve noticed that Windows 8 doesn’t include an option to create and setup ad hoc network connection to share files and internet with Wi-Fi enabled computers and devices.
The support for configuring WLAN using netsh was first introduced in Windows Vista, and it’s now available in Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 and Windows 8. You may also need to refresh network adapter list from Device Manger to install a virtual network device driver. In order to enable ICS feature, head over to Network and Internet –> Network Connections, and open Properties dialog of network device (which is connected to internet).
As shown in the screenshot below, the current internet connection is successfully shared with ad hoc connection. It’s an application that transforms your PC into a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing you to share the internet connection with others. So, if none of above methods work out for you, then you may need to install a NIC that supports virtualization feature. I too have the same problem that when I power down and restart the network and all the settings are gone. Throw that bad boy on your desktop and double click it when you turn on your computer, and BAM, there’s your network already made. I want to create a wifi hotspot shared with an Ethernet connection as you would find in a hotel setup.
I have a Surface and would like to tether to an iPhone app which specifies a SOCKS Proxy as well as the static IP Address and subnet mask. You can get this by right clicking on it and click run as admistrator(need to know admin password to run it) or hit the windows button and x (may not work on versions below windows 8).
I have encountered a problem, when I power down and restart the network and all the settings are gone. This is great and seems to be the only way that I can connect my printer to my new (I hate it) WIN 8 machine. It requires a particular software which gives the ability to host a Hotspot in our computer. At the same time, sharing of resources on the Internet has been triggered between Wireless Routers or Mobile WiFi Hotspots.
You can use your own parameters for SSID and KEY and Password must be greater than 8 digits.

I did everything and managed to connect my phone to my laptop but there is no internet access. Once restart the wifi connection and give exact sharing option to your newly created connection. I was also having confusion in adding clients but after reading your replies to other readers, am now satisfied. Before installing AVG my smartphone saw the connection that I created, it connected and I could surf the internet, but not anymore, how can I fix this? Windows 7 ad hoc connection feature does nothing except creating a shared connection with separate IP address to register the device on the virtual network.
Using netsh wlan command, one can easily use hosted network (virtualization) feature to create a virtual wireless connection. Now, open Sharing tab, enable Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection, and then choose the newly created ad hoc connection from the list. It basically turns your PC into a virtual router, enabling all nearby Wi-Fi enabled devices to use your PC’s internet connection. Apart from transforming your PC into a WiFi hotspot, it allows you to view and manage all connected devices, and set internet access permissions for each connected device.
I have been trying for 2 days to setup my windows 8 laptop as a wireless access point to save data usage on my (and my wife has one too) Samsung Galaxy Note 2, tried several programs, calls for help, etc. There used to be a startup option in XP that would allow me to run a .bat file to run at startup. In order to reduce the difficulty, it’s better to establish a WiFi Hotspot using Command Prompt.
If you are away from your home network and do not access to your internet connection, you will probably require some of your friends or colleagues internet to share their network access and connect through a common gateway.
Check the option “Allow other network users to connect through this internet’s connection” option.
For example, if you use Tikona internet, and lets say LocalInternet is your newly created connection, please share your tikona connection to LocalInternet in this properties. This allows users to use router’s default or specified DNS server address to easily connect to internet.
The Hosted Network is WLAN feature, which is designed to implement virtualization of physical network adapter. All you need is to enter SSID name, passkey, and specify network interface to share the internet. Even though Windows 8 comes with ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) feature to allow devices  to connect to yours PC internet connection, it doesn’t allow creating a wireless network connection to share the internet. In this post, we will look at some tools that let you easily create and manage ad-hoc connections in Windows 8. My laptop’s using a Windows 7 Starter, is it by any chance the reason why there is no sharing tab, because it’s just a Starter?

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