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Our experienced graphic designers create print and digital products for a varied range of businesses including other graphic design agencies looking for that something special. Our graphic designs work across a wide range of graphic media some of which can be seen by clicking on one of the images above or watching the slide show, there is also a list of graphic design services at the bottom of each page.
SMA design have a simple graphic design philosophy which is to make simple things special whether that’s for an iconic brand, corporate identity, websites, brochures, publications to signage and wayfinding. When you work with our graphic design agency you will be in safe, yet creative hands that work tirelessly to provide exceptional graphic designs that realise your aspirations.
If you have a graphic design project you would like to discuss, why not give our team a call to see how we can assist. Why not ask about our on-site graphic designers who work at your location to produce stunning graphics in a fraction of the time and cost?
I had ordered a special cake for a friend’s birthday and had given the receptionist all the specifications for the cake. The bakery incident bears a striking similarity with a typical scenario at an advertising agency or a design studio, when a creative brief is collected from a client.
A creative brief is an integral part of the client servicing process that may lead to the success or failure of the project produced. In order to collect a comprehensive creative brief from your client, I suggest you develop a document with the following details in it. First things first, the most basic information required from a client is about his company.
You cannot expect your designers (or yourself) to work on a project by taking oral notes only. You will only be able to design the best results when you would know what the client wants to get out of it.

The last thing, yet perhaps most crucial thing to ask the client, is the expected deadline of project delivery. No matter how comprehensive the information you gather for your creative brief, there will always be some blanks you need to fill in later. Although this is not directly relevant to your performance, you can ask the client who you are to present your work to (both initially and finally) and who is going to make the decision about your work.
No matter if you are running a one-man show or are part of a giant pool of professionals, you need a well-documented creative brief to initiate a project. However, your creative brief can only be strong enough when it is detailed and comprehensive. Scalable to any size without losing image quality; can be used for any printing or online applications. When I went back to pick up the cake, it turned out to be nothing like what I had expected. To my surprise, I could suddenly relate myself to the client who fails to receive his desired results from the advertising agency, and that prompted me to write this article on how to collect a comprehensive creative brief from your client. A creative brief is a descriptive document that contains information about the client, and which explains your client’s requirements for the project.
It is the same with a design campaign, where if you don’t know about your target market, your message will wander around and trail off aimlessly. In order to produce better results, you need to ask about all the related information material of the project. Asking the client about the expected goals and gains will streamline your concepts and communication strategy. Once you know the persons, it may help you in preparing the designs according to the personal preferences of the decision makers. Creative briefs not only save you a lot of time and resources, but it’s document you can fall back on when the client starts changing his or her mind about how the project should move.
I took the cake with a heavy heart but on the way I kept thinking that if only the bakery would devise a particular pattern to collect information from the customers, it would not have been difficult to give custmers like me what we wanted.

From individual professional designers to most advanced advertising agencies and design houses, everyone strives to collect a comprehensively written creative brief.
This should also include information about the advertising agencies and design studios which they have worked for or with, previously and what they expect from your services. No matter what type of campaign it is, the more you know about it, the better your result will be.
Therefore, asking the client about the target market of the project is important so that you may design your communication with a focused mind. Also, in order to be on the safe side, ask your client to be very specific about the goals i.e. If you overlook the budget, what may happen is that you had designed a campaign that is too expensive to run, and you have to go back to modifying the design, or start from scratch because you breached the budget. Ask the client to not only specify the final deadline of project execution but to break down the time span into smaller milestones and give deadlines for those milestones as well e.g. Preferably this person should be someone who can bridge the gap between the client and you. A creative brief is your first link with a new project, therefore the stronger this link is, the more successful its execution will be.
Also ask about the elements of campaign, for instance; flyers, brochures, leaflets, in-store branding web banner or print advertisement? Whatever the source of information is, try to squeeze as much information out of your client as possible.

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