Every company has a story that makes them unique, and that story should be expressed in a creative and engaging way.
More and more big brands are now turning to creative agencies to work with their internal marketing teams to steer marketing campaigns, rebranding efforts, web design, product launches, packaging, online marketing etc.The Role Of Creative AgenciesA creative agency is another type of marketing agency that focuses on marketing, but with a creative twist. Digital marketing agency R1 Creative has relocated to new offices as it celebrates its first year in business – a year which saw the agency win an RAR Award in London. The agency, which was launched in 2012 by managing director Mat O’Connor and creative director Fung Lam, both of whom were previously with Lesniak Swann, have moved their agency to a new barn conversion in Keele, Staffordshire after their first year based in Stoke-on-Trent. MD O’Connor, Managing Director said: “What a first year we have had as a team, going from strength to strength and fighting off stiff competition at the RAR awards. Lam added: “We’ve got some really exciting projects in the pipeline for companies that are passionate about their brand and need a website to effectively engage their customers”. The creative team put their last 12 months of expansion down to hard work and a customary approach with clients; working as their marketing partner to achieve measurable results. O’Connor added ‘We hope to go forward into the next year doing even better, now we have even more room in our new office to grow. R1 Creative is a member of MiNetwork - the membership organisation for ambitious marketing services agency owners.
At Ignition Graphix creative design studios: we specialize in the art of visual communication.

Look for copies in all Intermountain Healthcare hospitals and clinics from Cache Valley, Ogden area, Salt Lake valley and now the Heber Valley.
Summer 2015 Mountain Express Magazine, Park City Cupon Book & Heber Valley Guide are now available. Look for your FREE copies at many of Park City and Heber City Utah's finest accommodations, restaurants and retailers.
Interview clips from both Kristin and Ryan get cited on this video by the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce.
Using the barre as a prop, Fitbarre Fitness & Barre Studio blends elements of ballet, yoga and pilates to an upbeat and motivating soundtrack over the course of the 60 minute class. ArtVersion will create unique branding elements and visual design, to work hand in hand, not only on your web and print materials, but with your overall marketing. With the rise of the mobile web, and with it social media, creative agencies are realizing a level of value that they may not have had in the past. Creative agencies typically handle anything from advertisement visuals to web design and online marketing. Much beyond traditional marketing strategies, there is a lot of planning, analysis, background check and target implementation that has to happen stage by stage in order to market a product successfully and reach the expected audience.This has brought out a variety of scope in the creative space. We now want to grow our business of digital professionals to support the local and national companies that we work hard for.

Our new studio allows us to build our team of marketing professionals to deliver an even better digital service. The compliment to Ignition Graphixa€™s graphic design, commercial printing and web development skill sets is our professional experience in marketing and advertising.
A brand or product may have an online presence that needs to be handed carefully, with posts and images that will make the customers feel the brand as a unique commodity and connect with the brand in ease. When you combine the artistic medium of the graphic and digital arts with marketing and advertising street smarts - what you receive is combustible in nature. Right from Advertising to branding, Creative agencies involve designers, graphic producers, content and video creators and make the best package possible to represent the brand. Alongside, social media and internet markets are also tapped by experts in Creative agencies who analyse the traffic and keep changing the strategy used as and when needed, to optimise results and widen reach.The need for something much higher than traditional marketing has arisen and to cater these for products and companies, creative agencies work digitally to produce the best for them. The combination of creative content, timing and demographically appropriate messaging helped the campaign to go viral on the internet and gain the company broader exposure at a fantastic time of the year.Consistency In MarketingThe collaboration between internal marketing teams and creative agencies does not have to center around viral marketing campaigns.

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