These examples come from Touchwood design, an award-winning graphic design studio located in Orangeville, Ontario. Each holiday season, we try to present our clients with a thank you that goes beyond an e-card.
While on a recent trip to New York we came across a cool wooden puzzle and it immediately struck a chord. Did you enjoy looking at 33 Cool and Creative Ambient Ads and 25 more that we had posted afterwards?
Ideally, you can trust your financial advisor to sell before a downturn and buy stocks before they go up.

EIZO medical imaging high precision displays for the examination and diagnosis of radiographs. The robot puzzle was designed by Robert Weeks for Areaware and it addressed all our requirements for an interesting gift. The 2×4 beams had a nice aged look to them so I thought of making them into candle holders.
Whereas craftsmen are showered with pin-up-calendars at the end of every year, this kind of present is less popular among medics.
When everyone is passing out flyers for their new business, why not actually pass out a ‘flyer’!

We ordered a bunch of them and then designed, silk screened, hand trimmed and folded the boxes. The piece has been well received thus far, with everyone figuring out how to expand the little guy.

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