According to Nielsen, over 80% of all tablet owners, 35% of male smartphone owners and 40% of female smartphone owners admit to using their devices while watching TV. Larger TV screens mean bigger ads that still attract a user’s attention even while they are using a tablet or smartphone.
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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Nowadays, marketing automation software considered as the lifeblood for all marketing campaign like email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, etc. According to research, it has been seen that 85% of email service provider adopt marketing automation software to automate their email marketing campaign.
In this blog, I am going to discuss the reason of adopting marketing automation by email service providers. Marketing automation helps to automate your drip email marketing campaign thats why you can send more email on the basis of demographic, customers interest, customer behavior and according to prospects’ interest and need. Marketing automation has a great feature of email trigger that helps you in building trust and maintaining a good reputation with customers and prospects.
Email template is a most attractive marketing factor in email marketing to attract your subscriber. Due to this specific feature of marketing automates most of the email marketing service provider adopts this software.
Marketing automation is a phenomenon which places emphasis on streamlining the various marketing processes and enhancing their efficiency. In the end of 2015, 75% of the email marketing provider adopt the marketing automation tool.
In the next few years, the number of e-commerce companies using marketing automation software and applications is bound to increase rapidly.
It has been seen that, 75% of the companies using marketing automation have implemented their platform in one year.
It may be expected that in future 85% marketers manage their customers with the help of this marketing software. Latest marketing automation tools that will offer advanced features like progressive profiling and lead tracking tools will emerge.
Marketing automation is about automation whether its automate the various the tasks and bringing together your data, marketing channel and customer relationship in the most authentic way. So the usage of marketing automation is definitely going to increase exponentially in the future and its going to very interesting and exciting for the marketing automation vendors.
In the era of automation, It has been seen that marketing automation rapidly growing over the past five years. Marketing automation tool has the great ability to insight your leads, capture lead intelligence, improve lead-to-sale conversion rates. Use marketing automation tool to define what a quality of the leads look like and which leads are ready for sales. Create an engaging landing page on your website so that you can easily convert your site visitors and capture their contact information through lead form.
Marketing automation tool helps you to personalize your all data from a prospect profile and insert into landing pages or email copy.
Marketing automation is a great tool that has the capability to generate leads, nurture the leads so that they could easily convert into sales. Marketing Automation is basically a software platform that helps you to automate Streamlines and measure the repetitive marketing tasks. The must have feature sets included in marketing automation softwarecan vary from one vendor to the next vendor.
Automatic Segmentation: This marketing tool allows you to automatic segment your targeted customers and prospect on the basis behavior, demographic and interest.
Engagement Marketing: Marketing automation tool helps you to build up the strong relationship with your prospect and customers in a more personal way. Real Time Personalization: Marketing automation software helps you to personalize web and mobile interactions with your real time customers. CRM integration: CRM integration is one of the most important features of this marketing software that helps in building relationship between marketers and customers. Marketing automation is a software platform that automates your entire marketing campaign and work flows.
In the era of automation most of marketers want to automate their various repetitive processes followed in the online business. A real time personalized customer’s experience helps to make healthy environment between marketers and customers and also helps to increase conversion rates as well as business ROI. Segmenting customers on the basis of their behavior, demographics, interest, preferences, etc. Smarten up your email marketing strategy by sending the right email to the right user at the right time.
Gathering more information about your customers and having access to that information will help in making your marketing campaigns personalized.
It is a fact, that most of the people who visit your website are not ready to purchase at the moment.
Both marketing automation and email marketing are effective tools for growing your business.
Marketing Automation is one such platform that seems to cure all your marketing problems and thus, also help in driving sales. Lead scoring is one of the essential features of marketing automation tool that helps to determine your qualified and non qualified leads. Your marketing automation must have the capability to track and analyze the activities of different marketing campaigns.
Providing recommendations to generate valuable, engaging and unique content for customers should be the first priority of marketing automation systems. The better you know about your targeted audience, the better results you will be able to drive. Most of the people open emails on phones, so your marketing automation should be cross platform so that emails are easy to read and accessible on mobile devices. Lead management is an effective process that helps in managing, evaluating and tracking the behavior of your prospects or leads. It is fact that only 25% of the leads are sales ready leads and are ready to purchase your product or service. It is also noticed that 50% of the marketing leads are ignored by the sales representative. 79%of marketing leads never convert into sales due to lack of nurturing and lack of funding. 84% of companies that have a CRM have a lead scoring process in place to determine the quality of leads. Businesses that use marketing automation tool to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.
The companies who are good at lead nurturing are able to generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% of lower cost. Nurtured leads can produce an average of 20% increase in sales opportunities than non-nurtured leads. 46% of marketers with mature lead management processes have sales teams that follow up on more than 75% of marketing-generated leads.
In marketing strategy, you have to build relationship between two people (the business and the lead).
Segmenting your email lists in groups and then, sending the right emails to the targeted audience.
Marketing automation includes email marketing, but the customers are interacting with your business across all different channels. At some situations in business, it is essential to manually write a message and respond to a customer.
Marketing automation is the ultimate tool that saves your precious time and efforts by automatically starting different marketing campaigns for your business.

Now, enhance your marketing efforts with the help of Saleoid FREE Marketing Automation Software. Studies have shown that using these devices increases brand recognition by 70 and 300% for most users i.e.
Since an increasing number of users already consider their devices as a way to enhance their TV watching, they already have their devices in hand. Once you’ve set your budget and business goals, you’ll need to design banners and develop the actual advertisements. Marketing automation tools, such a system facilitates constant exchange of information, ideas, and perspectives, and increases the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
Means by using this software, it becomes easier to send personalized email to your targeted audience and prospects. This feature categorized your email on the basis of events like new subscriptions, purchase or delivery, sending gritting emails on birthday or festivals. This feature also helps in testing different variables like day, time and frequency of your emails so that you can know about which email is getting better response on which particular day at which specific time. Marketing automation tools also provide standard pre built email templates that help in designing and creating emails and also increase your email open rate. Marketing automation will also enable the companies to keep a regular track of the behaviour of their clients on the basis of demographic, interest and behaviour. According to research, the adoption of marketing automation software has increased by 60% and it is expected to keep rising at the same rate at the end of 2015. Marketing automation tool has a feature of automatic segmentation that helps to segment your targeted audience on the basis of demographic, and behavior. Then use automated tool so that these lead form fields can synchronize with your CRM system and automatically updating contact records. And it has been seen that personalized email generates 6x the revenue of non personalized email. This marketing software reduces the burden on the sales team by automating various day to day tasks and enhances their efficiency as well as increase conversion rates. This marketing software helps you make a powerful marketing team that increases your conversion rate and ROI. In online business, there are various repetitive tasks that required a lot of time and effort.
This marketing software helps to empower your marketing and sales team with better leads and achieve better greater ROI. Marketing automation software takes care of your established customers and also helps you to make more a personal relationship with them by personalized your customer’s data. Marketing automation tool allows you to more effectively determine which leads are ready to buy.
Using the marketing automation tool, marketers are better able to qualify leads and pass them on to sales resulting in greater growth.
Marketing automation tool helps you to segment your customers and prospect on the basis of demographic interest and preferences.
Marketing automation software has a great feature i.e Email Triggered, this feature allows you to monitor specific customers and prospect behaviors so you can send them the right email at the right time. Marketing automation allows departments to demonstrate the ROI of their marketing campaigns. Marketing automation allows your marketing team to build and grow long-term customer relationships with dynamic, multi-step engagement marketing campaigns that serve up highly relevant conversations. Marketing automation software is the most effective tool that helps you to automate your marketing campaign.
Make a big data processing program to understand who the visitor is and what should he really want.
Personalize massaging data to create meaningful mobile interactions with your real time customers. All the marketing campaigns can work effectively, if your content is unique, engaging and good in quality. Marketing automation software through great content and strategies lets you to communicate with your prospects to take them to the buying process. The one of the biggest challenges in marketing automation is determining the best platform.
Another problem associated with the marketing automation is the lack of high value content.
Making your marketing automation tool to run always as automatically is yet another problem. Lead scoring and alignment between the marketing and sales is also the challenge of marketing automation.
Improper integrating the system and implementing all the tracking is also a great problem in marketing automation.
Most of the marketers have confusion regarding these two term that which is most effective and better for their business. Email marketing is a single channel and one way communication platform, whereas marketing automation is a multichannel and Omni directional communication platform. Email marketing is time consuming as you have to do a lot of manual work to determine that the emails sent are targeted to the right users at the right time or not. The main difference between email marketing tool and marketing automation tool is the CRM integration.
Email marketing mainly focuses on emails, but relying on one single strategy will not help to grow your business. But before using any tool, firstly determine the goals and requirements of your business and then, make a proper decision accordingly.
Today, the main challenge faced by most of the marketers is to engage customers through different channels like social media, email, content, web, mobile and others. Marketing automation has a feature of progressive profiling that allows capturing new information every time a user fills out a form on your website. This feature assigns positive and negative scores on the basis of prospect’s behavior, demographic and preferences. This process helps in establishing trust with your prospects and nurtures them for future conversion. Thus, your marketing automation should have integration with social media so that your social sales processes get aligned with your overall sales strategy. Tracking behavior of your prospects will help you to determine the performance of your business.
Gathering more information about your prospects and providing them information at the right time will help in increasing sales for your business. Sharing some news related to your business, service updates or any other relevant information can help in attracting new customers. Instead of including all the marketing processes, it is better to build the necessary ones into the automation system. If the emails are not optimized for mobile then, you can miss an opportunity to communicate with the mobile users. Most of the B2B marketers are using marketing automation software for increasing sales for their business. Marketing automation tool helps in running different marketing campaigns for your business which further will help to generate qualified leads. Automation technology is a good platform where you can test two versions of emails, landing pages and others. Marketing automation with CRM integration helps to use hard-earned data collected in your new campaigns. It also provides you an opportunity to track and monitor all the activities of your marketing campaigns. There are various lead management tools that help in understanding and nurturing your leads down the sales funnel. Marketing automation is a great tool that runs and manages different marketing campaigns for your business.
So, use automation process to move the leads down the funnel so that they can be easily converted into sales.

Because, if don’t keep track them, you are simply letting a robot control your marketing.
So, at this time a prompt message sent by the human has a much greater impact than an automated message ever could.
So, build a smarter and engaging content for your website and share different content with different segments of your audience. It is a powerful tool, but like other tools, it also needs a human or operator to make it work properly. Digital media consumption has doubled in the last three years thanks to multi-platform usage. There is a growing part of the population called “cocooners”; these people center their recreation time and social life on their TV and Internet Devices.
Once you’ve completed these deceptively easy sounding steps, it’s time to find a media buyer to help you line up your TV ads, traffic sources and mobile ad networks. Marketing automation software has a feature that gives your marketing team the ability to add more personal touches to your marketing campaign.
This feature also helps you to inform your customers, about your new company policies, latest offers and refinement.
Moreover, it has the ability to schedule the delivery of automated emails to the group of prospects and customers. On the basis of following data its highly probability that this exponential growth will continue into the foreseeable future.
A business that is using marketing automation software to increase their sales productivity by the rate of 14.5%. When it comes to producing ROI, no other tool has quite the same returns as marketing automation software.
By segmented data marketers can produce targeted auto responder email campaign that increases 3x time sales opportunity. According to marketing research, it has been seen that 67% best in class marketers use marketing automation platform, with 87% of top performing firms using this technology. With the help of marketing automation software we can easily reduce the precious time and operating cost.
The ability to demonstrate the effectiveness of campaigns is helping the marketing team move from cost centers to revenue generators. It has lots of features but, real time personalization is one of the pertinent features that boost your business and customer’s experience. Today, most of the marketers are using marketing automation softwares for automating all the marketing campaigns of their business.
Moreover, you can also segment your prospects on the basis of their responds to your campaigns.
Nurturing your leads consistently through every stage of sales cycle provides useful information to the interested prospects so that they can get converted into customers. Moreover, it provides you with exciting ways to generate leads for your business and further convert them into customers. Spending money in a marketing automation tool without any investment in content strategy is a great problem. For this, your lead scoring process needs to be flexible so that you can adapt to the changing goals, and others. This will lead to incomplete data and you won’t be able to measure the ROI of your business. No doubt, that they both are beneficial for your business, but they have a different point of departures with different features and complexities. Whereas marketing automation focus on creating helps to launch an automated campaign for nurturing your leads. Marketing automation system tightly integrates with CRM whereas email marketing doesn’t have CRM integration. But, with the help of marketing automation tools, you can track activities on multiple channels including website, social media, emails and others. The cost of email marketing tool depends on the number of emails sent or the size of your email list. Marketing automation helps to grow your business by running multiple campaigns, nurturing your leads, leads scoring, and attribute revenue directly to each marketing program. This information will help to better segment your prospects and then, send targeted email campaign.
The lead having a high positive score means it is highly engaged leads and is ready to make a purchase. Thus, lead nurturing is an important feature of marketing automation that helps to convert your qualified leads into sales. A marketing automation tool with strong analytics makes easier to identify patterns and trends of effective and ineffective behavior. It is a great platform to run different marketing campaigns for your business in an effective way. Moreover, you can measure the level of a customer’s interest by using multiple channels.
Also, make sure that anyone who receives your communication, can view it on any browsers and devices.
Once you set up then, you have to actively pay attention towards it to drive maximum results.
Marketing automation tool as the name indicates that it is an automatic tool that provides artificial intelligence to the marketing processes. Because if you send technology related email to the chief executive of insurance company, then you look stupid. So, humans are really essential to a marketing strategy as they can try different things of something is not working as per your expectations.
With a multi-platform, cross marketing campaign, you stay connected to your potential customer base as long as they are awake.
Make certain you use a platform that can track all three ad campaigns in order to measure your Return on Investment (ROI) to get the most for your money.
On the basis of these data, we make an infographic on the rise of marketing automation software.
Hence to produce a steady stream of leads, using marketing automation tool is one of the best ways to accomplish that goal. You can automate this process to monitor the results to see which version has a higher conversion rate. But, many marketers are still questioning why marketing team want more personalized marketing automation software? Here are 7 steps that you should follow to improve your customer’s experience and therefore boost engagement as well as conversion rate. The automation will help in reducing your efforts and time, but there will also be a risk of doing it incorrectly. So, before investment in the software, firstly make sure that your business is ready to create unique and engaging content for attracting users to your business. Marketing automation software helps in starting and managing different marketing campaigns for your business. This integration allows you to easily track behaviors and determine the marketing efforts that have an effect on your bottom line.
So be more human and segment email list on the basis of demographic, behavior and preferences. Here are the some points that’s why your marketing team want marketing automation software. Pros and cons are two sides of marketing automation that helps in better understanding, planning and choosing the marketing automation system. Marketing automation helps in capturing and generating leads for your business, but determining your lead personas and classifying them is a great challenge.

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