I’m passionate about helping people reach their personal and fitness goals regardless of how big or small they may be. FAST, Fitness and Sports Training is one of the few  facilities in Colorado that offers testing with the  Bod Pod to the general public.
The BOD POD Body Composition Tracking System is used to determine body composition (fat and fat-free mass) in adults and children. Provides information on fat and fat-free mass, Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), and Total Energy Expenditure (TEE).
In comparison to other body composition assessment methods, the BOD POD’s air displacement plethysmography has eliminated the invasiveness of Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA) and the difficulties associated with underwater submersion in hydrostatic weighing, making the BOD POD the only practical gold standard for body composition assessment. The roomy interior of the BOD POD accommodates a wide variety of human shapes and sizes, including subjects up to 7 feet tall and 550 pounds. The BOD POD’s precision, accuracy, and reliability have been validated through many independent research studies with various subject populations (see BOD POD Research), and in the field by leading universities, sports teams, fitness clubs, military organizations, and weight management centers. About UsWe are a licensed CrossFit Affiliate and training facility located in Denver, Colorado. The congregation loved their church and the weekly fellowship, community, and music programs, but there was something missing for a lot of them. A disengaged and seemingly disinterested pastoral leadership had caused unrest in the congregation. Thus, a significant number of members started wandering down to one of the big megachurches here in Cincinnati. With the proliferation of competition programming, many people are choosing programming over community. In fact, I would surmise that people who cite “community” as a primary reason for the quality of their box are at a place that already has fantastic coaching and programming. You have to know what your goals are, and then make an honest assessment as to whether the vision of a given box matches your goals. There are many CrossFit gyms that have no real interest in developing competition athletes (which is perfectly fine). The opposite is also true. If you’re looking for a bootcamp experience and you’re at a box that focuses on competition development, it’s perfectly fine to seek out a gym that is in keeping with your goals.

The sad reality is that these boxes are out there. Just like there are fantastic, forward thinking churches versus churches where ministers die from getting bitten by rattlesnakes, there are great and there are awful CrossFit gyms. If you’ve joined a box and find the programming has no logic, and the coaches say things like “Strategy?
Greg Glassman once said you could tell the quality of an affiliate by the cleanliness of the bathrooms. But are you really willing to leave behind your gym because the bathrooms look like a gas station and the stereo system is an old Fisher Radio hi-fi with a couple of eight-inch JBLs? No. Because you can find a CrossFit Gym with a state of the art econo-flush multi-purpose toilet and still have wretched programming and coaching.
Sometimes, the new megachurch opens down the street and when they fling their doors open, it seems like everyone is drifting down there, mesmerized. If your only reason for checking out Crossroads is because “everyone is moving to Crossroads,” then reconsider. Don’t just start licking the latest flavor of ice cream because it’s got an interesting new name and everyone else is trying it.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. It’s ideally suited for special populations such as children, the elderly, the obese, and those with physical disabilities. We train all ability levels, including stay at home moms, CrossFit athletes, weekend warriors, fitness beginners, and busy professionals. While this site may work decently well, a lot of functionality might not work as expected or as well if you were using a modern browser. During that time, I had a good finger on the pulse of the congregation. One of the recurring themes was that many people were dissatisfied with the preaching and the leadership from the pastors. They would go to Crossroads on Saturday evening to get “fed” and then come to the Methodist church on Sunday for the fellowship. Eventually though, even the community connection was not enough and people drifted away.
Given the opportunities of local competitions, the CrossFit Games, Grid, weightlifting meets, and masters-level competitions, people are examining the possibility of branching out from group classes into individualized programming.
There is a real sense in the larger CrossFit community that programming quality is quickly becoming the catalyst for many members making a change in location. That this dialog about quality programming is happening in the first place is a huge win for the sport and methodology.

Take those away, and the community might crumble in a heartbeat. So while it comes down to each athlete’s individual needs and goals, there are generally some good reasons to switch gyms, and some bad reasons.
But if you have competitive aspirations, then clearly it’s time to locate a box that meets your needs. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. You push your limits and pound the pavement in Stance's Plyo, a high-intensity sock that pays equal attention to art and science. This data is provided without performing any additional testing maneuvers, a complete test requires only about 5 minutes. That is why the BOD POD is used routinely for testing a wide variety of subjects, including professional and collegiate athletes – even sumo wrestlers! We suggest using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or the latest version of Internet Explorer (at least version 9) available on your computer.
We achieved this balance by making a low-rise Fusion Run sock that enlists a special blend of sweat-wicking fibers that provide moisture management, and specialized mesh panels that wrap from the top of the foot to the arch to promote breathability when things get hot.
You go as hard as you can, man,” then maybe it’s time to leave. Or if the coaches tend to use the word “pussy” a lot, then seek out a box where the coaching staff is experienced and mature, and has the results and testimonials to prove it. The Plyo was built with an anatomically correct design and perfectly placed bands of elastic arch support, while our signature Air Channel Cushioning uses articulated foot beds to increase airflow and offer up extra padding for feet.

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