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When coaching any movement, like a squat, you start to see certain faults appear regularly across large groups of athletes. You’re charging people for your services, leasing a commercial space and possibly employing trainers.
Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to see CrossFit classes with 20+ athletes and 1 coach.
Your athletes hand over their hard earned cash to train in a safe environment where they receive personal attention. With desire in our hearts, nervousness in our stomachs and glory in our eyes we attacked the workouts as individuals and as a group. CrossFit New England took the overall lead into the second Affiliate Cup workout, which brought the pistol into the CrossFit Games for the first time. Also new to the Affiliate Cup was an event that called for all six competitors to take part.
After the athletes completed Event 2A, they had the remaining time to establish a 1RM shoulders-to-overhead lift. Dan Thacker of CrossFit Valley Park was in the first heat and passed on the pistols to focus on the row and the deadlifts. Ali Loach of CrossFit Calgary wasn’t tired by Event 2A but felt rushed at the overhead portion.
Of course, Coach Mike Burgener had some advice for competitors performing a variation of an Oly movement after three minutes of hard work. CrossFit thank you for streaming this live, you guys did an awesome job with this event and it is a great experience being able to watch this from home for free! Now how do these statistics on the business of CrossFit and the fitness results of CrossFit tie into Community. These mistakes are simple and seem obvious to you, the badass super coach, but the athletes seem oblivious to the damage these faults could cause. Not the kind that are going to shut them down or kill someone, but the kind that stops them from realising the full potential of the affiliate. Granted, demographics have a big part to play in choosing your price point, but don’t use that as an excuse for your insecurities as an affiliate owner causing you to undervalue yourself. Even if your box can fit that many people, you can’t guarantee they are all being watched and corrected by the single coach. I’ve witnessed it change thousands of peoples lives and witnessed ordinary people achieve extraordinary things, as have you.
All the usual suspects were there: supplement companies, Lorna Jane, guys in polos promising to make you a fortune etc.

It doesn't matter your athletic background or previous tales of glory, CrossFit is a totally different game and CFT is not your average box. We are, of course, competing to win but regardless of what happens we are going to get better, event after event, day after day, and year after year. Two team members that didn't qualify individually (Sara Stamm Bergland and Kim Csizmazia who finished 15th and 25th places, respectively) got added to the team. We track your progress each week and we work with our members on their diet and nutrition.  We use a scientific approach to produce results and we scale our workouts for beginners and new clients. Due to the staggered start for each athlete, the first athletes through Part 1 had more time on the overhead lift than those who started later. Surprisingly, the Oly expert wouldn’t recommend a traditional jerk from the rack position. In 2009 there was a regional event it was open to international competition where the competition was narrowed it down to 146 athletes competing. Fitness isn’t just measured in aesthetics or how much weight you can lift or how fast you can run a mile (but this applies and is important), it can be measured through how much power you are putting out. So you do the badass coach thing, point out the fault and work with the athlete to correct the problem.
I understand that tax, work cover, insurance, finances and legislation can be boring and scary, but it’s the reality of owning a business. If you have a Facebook page, business cards, affiliate shirts or car signage then you already market.
It doesn’t matter what you have to do (cap class sizes, add extra classes, hire more coaches), controlling class sizes should be a priority. But what stood out was that over half of the venders had something to do with CrossFit or functional fitness. Those that seem to do it well represent what is best about the CrossFit Community, a feeling of togetherness, or family. Sure you may initially be competing doing scaled movements or modified volume or load but make no mistake, you are competing with everyone.
We collectively decided that this would make our team better as we knew other affiliates would also be fortifying their teams. One athlete started on the first minute, with the next starting the event on the second minute, and so on. In 2010 there were sectionals, regional’s and the games in Carson California  at the Home Depot Center with a $25,000 cash prize. But to criticise, mock or laugh at someone who follows a program besides CrossFit is a dick move.
There were CrossFit and oly weightlifting demos, paleo stands and even a local box on display.

With the initial team selection made we advanced to Calgary with four competing individually and six competing on the team. We want to put our best foot forward in California as we don't know if this opportunity will ever present itself again. But could you be doing the same in your affiliate; making simple mistakes that could be damaging your business?
To top it off, the guest appearance was Steve Willis, one of Australia’s OG CrossFitters. Reed MacKenzie of CrossFit Taranis checks in with the following report about their road to affiliate team selection and warns of the ensuing mob of Canadians bound for the Home Depot Center to cheer on their fellow affiliate members. When you reach those goals, you are elevated to a level that newbies and veteran CFTers aspire to achieve and you catch the eye of the coaches, owners, and management at the gym. However we had a host of CFT supporters that acted as coaches, chauffeurs, cooks, councillors, coffee gophers, videographers, photographers and support crew.
Maybe they do jumping or band pull ups, push ups from their knees and air squats from a box.
Imagine an often intimidating environment (the gym) and people have embraced it with more than open arms.
Sixteen people in all made the trek and the only thing fully covered by CFT was the team entry fee. This community has built ever lasting friendships and a camaraderie that can’t be duplicated. In total: 13 people, all traveling on their own dime to enjoy, support, experience, and live, the joys and tears, the triumphs and defeats, the athleticism, and the spectacle that is the 2010 CrossFit Games. So in a 2 year span from when the open was introduced, the number of competitors has more then doubled. Since opening CrossFit Prototype September 1, the community within our box is more of a family then anything. The growth of THE SPORT OF FITNESS is larger then ever and it has done so in a very short time. I’m excited to see how we continue grow as a community, just as the rapid growth of CrossFit Inc has over the past few years. Not only increase in strength but increase in endurance, stamina, coordination, flexibility, power etc.

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