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We started the design in June, and last week I got my first prototype motherboards, hot off the SMT line. Of course, a feature of a build-it-yourself laptop is that all the design documentation is open, so others of sufficient skill and resources can also build it. Items marked with an asterisk (*) require a closed-source firmware blob, but the system is functional and bootable without the blob. In order to give maximum power management flexibility, the battery interface functions are implemented on a daughtercard. It occurs to me that maybe other people might also be interested in owning a laptop like this, but don’t want to go through the trouble of fabricating their own circuit boards.
For those interested in the source files for the current early prototype iteration of the design, bounce over to the Novena wiki, and keep an eye on Xobs’ blog. So WiFi and GPU require closed-source blobs… Are we beyond the point of a fully-open laptop or was there some design tradeoff?
Clarification: Wifi does not require a closed-source blob, if you use an Atheros 9k mPCI-x version.
The USB card is provided as an option just in case you want to put something else in the mini PCI slot, or you wanted a second wifi interface for some reason. Well nouveau (open source nvidia driver) does work without binary blobs, but you will lose 3D acceleration and support for older chips is quite flakey. There are reverse engineered drivers for all the mobile GPU chipsets too, the ARM Mali one ( is the furtherest along I think. I could easily imagine a game being made specifically for this niche market laptop that uses the analog panel metre to some effect. The intel 3D drivers don’t need any blobs, the chips themselves are probably running some blobs loaded off internal flash or something though.
I’m working on open source drivers for the Vivante series of GPUs (I have a GC800 myself).
I hope to release this work and a bare-bones example of rendering without the binary userspace blob in a few weeks. The only major disappointment is that screens on decent laptops are pitiful compared to tablets, especially resolution. The prices of the higher spec laptops are coming down quite quickly because of the interest in Full Mobile Tablet Convertibles. The other half is built with a general-purpose processor, one or more ASICs or FPGAs, and some fast DACs.

And you still need a case, display, some cables, wifi antennas, keyboard, touchpad, battery, wall adapter, packaging… that assembly work also costs a bit. I was just thinking about what would be the minimal(!) amount you’d have to invest in this. Normal companies would add 50 to 100% margin onto the production cost and then come the distributors which add another 10 to 100%, plus tax. So if this thingy would cost $700 to produce, you’d see it for around $1500 to $2000 in stores. I’d buy this in a Kickstarter for sure, and try to convince all my developer friends to go for one too. If you start it, a lot of other people will follow, companies and govs need to create their own hardware in order to adapt better to what they do and for security.
A lot of people would want to buy one, please consider going into production with his project. Minecraft player list heads fnaf worksmitsu com Minecraft player list heads fnaf views how to get minecraft fnaf heads massive head database easy views fnaf minecraft Minecraft player list heads fnaf worksmitsu com.
Did you know patio muebles de comedor Ideas is most likely the hottest topics in this category? Do you know almacenamiento de muebles de dormitorio is one of the most popular topics on this category? The hardware and its sub-components are picked so as to make this the most practically open hardware laptop I could create using state of the art technology.
The dimensions of the board are approximately 121mm x 150mm — sized to fit comfortably underneath a standard-sized laptop keyboard. I co-opt a cheap and common SATA-style connector to route power and control signals between the mainboard and the daughtercard.
Xobs had suggested that it would be neat to embed a retro analog needle meter into the palmrest of the laptop to give a real-time display of power consumption. CNC cut ABS is almost as robust as injection molded ABS, and can produce reasonably intricate shapes.
If it seems like a few hundred folks are interested, I might be convinced to try a Kickstarter campaign in several months, once the design is stable and tested. One option might be Intel chips as those have open source drivers with 3D acceleration from Intel themselves, but I am not entirely sure if those need firmware blob or not.
In fact so slow that intensive 3D applications (any game made with Unity, for example) are running with under 10 FPS.
LLVM pipe could provide an open source OpenGL, and an OpenCL runtime for this could also be built with LLVM.
I’ve contemplated how much I would pay for this device and I would gladly pay $1000 if the hardware was solid and the case was durable and not just a plastic mess.
But I’ve just picked up a Full HD laptop for less than 550 GBP (890USD) from Dell with a good Spec. The only thing I can think of is a software radio baseband, but maybe there’s some other interesting application for that as well?
If you took care of the manufacturing through a kickstarter, I would love to back the project.
You can download, without NDA, the datasheets for all the components, and key peripheral options are available so it’s possible to build a complete firmware from source with no opaque blobs.

The image above is rotated versus the installation orientation; the port farm is meant to be on the right hand side of the laptop, not on the bottom. To prevent users from accidentally plugging a hard drive into the battery port, I inverted the gender of the battery-SATA connector from the actual mass storage SATA-II connector.
Probably for the first rev, I will do something out of laser-cut acrylic that is vaguely tablet-like, to avoid having to mess around with a friction clutch on version 1 of the plastics. Basically, if you care about having no blob for wifi, you can pay for an option that is open source. Composition is possible though, but I cannot say that you have working 3D if that is all what you got.
These two games managed to give Platformers and First-Person Puzzle Games a solid place in the video game world. We took this image from the web we believe would be one of the most representative pictures for patio muebles de comedor Ideas. We got this image on the internet that we think would be probably the most representative pictures for muebles antiguos frances. We had taken this image from the web that we think would be one of the most representative pics for almacenamiento de muebles de dormitorio. The overall height of the board is just under 14mm, with the height being set by the thickness of an Ethernet connector.
Of course, since the whole laptop is user-configurable, typical power consumption is really hard to estimate — you could drop in a monster LCD and a power-hungry magnetic hard drive with loads of peripherals and the power consumption could be much higher.
Of course, the analog meter is driven by a DAC on the battery microcontroller, so it can be configured to perform a multitude of useful (or not so useful) analog read-outs, such as remaining runtime, battery voltage, temperature, the time (represented as an analog value), etc. This is a low-volume, hand-crafted laptop made with uniquely open-source components, so the pricing would be consistent with such crafted goods.
But what if Nintendo teamed up with Valve and recreated the famous Mario game with Portal gun mechanics?
And if that wasn't crazy enough, play 4-player coop, with everyone having their own Portal gun! The thickness on my Lenovo T520 base portion is just under 24mm, so once we stack a keyboard and plastics on this it’ll be just about the same.
Maybe I’ll try using wood and brass — who knows, the whole idea of making my own laptop is to play around with some new ideas! OpenGL’s various gaming-pushed extensions are a hopeless morass of buggy incompatabilites that waste millions of man-hours of programmers time every year while they try to satisfy the bloodlust of angry obese man children. For the board-side battery plug I decided to use the Molex connector found on classic disk drives, since they are cheap, common, and easy to assemble with simple tools.
I couldn’t use a standard RC connector because the vast majority of them are designed for in-line use, and the few that have board mounts are too thick or too weird for use in this application.

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