If you’re thinking about building a VOD service and you don’t have to deal with legacy, this is how you do it.
Not a complete guide but here’s some of the material that we cover when a new starter joins VOD Professional. Most new D2C services are necessarily specialist propositions, so what’s the product, launch and monetisation strategy for these offerings?
Kids VOD is big business with Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video and a range of independents catering to the market. Airplay SDK is an advanced cross-platform development tool for mobile and embedded devices. Airplay SDK? 30? ?? ??? ???? ? ???, ??? KT?? ???? ?? Olleh SDK? Airplay SDK? ???? ???? ??? ?? ????. Unsupported browserThis site was designed for modern browsers and tested with Internet Explorer version 10 and later. Unfortunately, if full screen support is a requirement for your needs at this time, you can't rely on it. In order to force Internet Explorer to recognize the various new HTML5 elements, we have to use a simple bit of trickery, whereby we create the element with JavaScript, with document.createElement('video'). Full Screen Support: From personal experience, I can tell you that the full screen support issue is a deal breaker. Branding: Each browser implements its own video player, which is slightly different from its counter-parts. Don't worry; though it appears that we've now created a second set of controls (and unstyled at that), we'll eventually remove the default controls with JavaScript. By passing in this (the global Window object) and document, we prevent the JavaScript engine from having to filter up and track those objects down. When minifying your JavaScript, window and document can now be represented via something like a and b. Next, let's continue to keep our code as clean as possible by creating a videoPlayer object that will contain all of our methods.
As we'll certainly be manipulating elements on the page, let's go ahead and reference the location of them within variables. If you're working along (and I hope you are), take some time to learn exactly what these variables are referencing.
A neat way that we style elements based upon whether JavaScript is enabled is by apply a class of "js" to the documentElement, or the html element. If you know a bit of JavaScript, you might be worried that we're not compensating for Internet Explorer. When the loadeddata event fires, we call the yet to be created "initializeControls" method. As mentioned previously, if writing your own custom player, use this method to perform any additional initial procedures. This method attaches four event handlers to the video player and controls elements, represented by the video and videoControls variables, respectively.
Remember: when possible, always delegate styling to our CSS file, rather than adding it directly with your JavaScript. We've now successfully hidden the default controls, but we haven't yet attached any logic to these various custom buttons. You're, of course, free to name these methods how you wish, but at the very least try to name them in such a way that it's easy to understand exactly what the purpose of the function is. Within this method, we again attach a handful of new events that are available to the video element: play, pause, and ended.
Keep in mind that, for instance, the play event doesn't fire when you click on the play button that we created. In order to trigger the events listed above, we add another event listener to the play button, and listen for when the user clicks on it.
The playPause method, detailed above, handles the process of either playing or pausing the video. If you'll refer to the event listeners from a moment ago, we've already added this functionality. I mentioned it in the opening paragraph of this tutorial: full screen support is a must for me.
This boolean now allows us to correctly call the appropriate function when the "fullScreen" button is clicked. In addition to the full-screen toggle button, it's also quite common to leave full screen mode when the user presses the escape key on their keyboard. This function is unfortunately more confusing than it should be, due to Internet Explorer issues. Now that we've specified that, every fifty milliseconds, the updatePlayProgress method should be called, let's create it now. The final step that we'll cover in this tutorial details how to "scrub" the video -- meaning, when the user clicks on the progress bar, and scrolls up and down the video. This complicated method is difficult to explain with words; you'll need to study it for a bit.
After this function returns, we next listen for when the user mouses up from their original click.
There's no two ways about it; this stuff is confusing, until you suddenly hear the "click," so to speak. On the visual side, the wonderful thing about a custom player like this is that, once the logic has been written, it's 100% skinnable. With iOS 9, Apple plans to make its first major changes to the Maps app since its user interface was overhauled in 2013 with iOS 7. Apple has been working on a new feature for the iPad that allows multiple users to share the same device without sharing content.
While iOS upgrades typically add features and user-interface enhancements, they tend to slow down older iPhone models for a variety of reasons.
Apple is planning to announce a new application called Home, which makes this week’s launch of the first HomeKit devices less than coincidental. Within the new Proactive screen, users will have a dedicated Search Bar at the top to access the established features of Spotlight: users will still be able to search for names, launch apps, and find audio tracks. Last year, Apple revamped its Messages app with new audio message and photo sharing controls, Find my Friends integration, and improved synchronization with iMessage on other devices. After launching in the United States last fall after the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus debut, Apple is preparing to expand Apple Pay into new countries.
Besides new major OS upgrades on both the iOS and Mac sides, Apple is preparing to unveil its long-awaited Beats Music-based streaming service at WWDC.
In lists of tracks, the Music app indicates which songs are stored solely in the cloud and which are also stored for offline playback. Across the top of both sections will be Recently Added views for both individual tracks and playlists.
The new Music app also adds a Mini Player across the bottom of the screen, an enhanced Now Playing view, and Up Next so users can adjust the order of song playback. Based on which buttons the user selects, her own streaming service app will be populated with different types of tracks. Aside from introducing the major new subscription service, Apple will launch a thorough upgrade to iTunes Radio. After shuttering the failed Ping music social network at the end of 2012, Apple is using its new streaming service as an opportunity to slowly integrate some social functionality back into its Music app. As we first reported earlier this year, Apple plans to introduce its new music services as part of an iOS 8.4 over-the-air software update. As we reported in February, Apple is planning to release a tool for existing Beats Music customers to convert over their libraries to the new Apple-made service. While Apple had originally planned to launch the service at $8 per month to undercut competition, record labels pushed back, and the launch price will be $10 per month.
Even with the monthly subscription price, Apple will be offering a free trial, which could be for between one and three months at launch. For the first time in several years, Apple is focusing on ensuring that its new music offerings are widely available across the world.
With the Apple Watch just launching in recent weeks, it is unlikely that Apple has a major overhaul ready to go for the device’s operating system. Expect your Apple Watch apps to run much faster, smoother, and more reliably starting this fall. Besides talk of new Apple Watch software, we have heard that Apple is making headway on the development of the 2016 Apple Watch hardware and software updates. As Apple will be live streaming the event, we will instead be providing up-to-date news coverage with all of the announcements as they happen, in addition to live commentary and analysis. 2016 Apple Watch working without an iPhone kind of implies that the 2015 (really 2014) Watch will always need it.
You write your application once in C++, compile fast and small native code, then click one button to deploy to all native smartphone platforms. As you can imagine, now that video can be controlled with JavaScript alone, surely we can all imagine all of the various ways that this can be abused! For example, Firefox prefers video coded in the ogg format, while Webkit browsers can render mp4 videos. Though, keep in mind that, at least right now, you'll need to convert your video into at least two formats. For example, as the editor of Nettuts+, I can't offer coding screencasts that must be viewed at 600px! Nonetheless, the screenshot above should match your own preview, if you're following along. This can be a great convenience for larger projects, but it offers a very small performance benefit. This code is simple: when you mouseover the video, change the opacity of the video controls to 1. When this method was called -- in our case, when the play button is first clicked -- was it paused or at the end of the video? But, we certainly need to provide the user with some feedback as to what the button push does, right? If the play button is pressed, the click event of the play button fires, which calls video.play().
That way, should you need to add any appropriate styling, you now have a class name to hook onto. While I could pass an anonymous function as the second parameter, this bit of code could be used in multiple places. I'm admittedly not certain how the upcoming IE9 handles the event object, so, for the time being, we'll still compensate for the discrepencies between the way IE and the other modern browsers handle the event object.

So, as the video progresses, we need to provide a progress "scrubber" that will help to track the video. So, with that in mind, let's modify our play event code, and call a function that will track the video's progress.
It's merely a recursive function that allows us to call a different method, updatePlayProgress(), every fifty milliseconds.
Essentially, the code determines where you clicked, and then divides that by the entire width of the progress bar. When they do, we clear any existing mouse events, and proceed with playing the video, as well as tracking its progress again.
This usually is proceeded by an extended, "Oooohhhhhh." If you haven't gotten there yet, of if your eyes couldn't help but glaze over this long tutorial, that's okay.
In the next lesson (free of charge to you), we'll learn how to add a volume control, as well as a timer to our video controls.
Hundreds of millions of people use iPhones and iPads every day, and Apple has realized that it’s time to step back from focusing on significant feature changes to improve the core experience. Apple has also redesigned the iOS version of Siri to have a color wave form akin to the UI of Siri for Apple Watch.
Apple’s engineering teams have focused sharply on fixing bugs, improving quality, reducing crashes, and shrinking file sizes across the system. Trusted Wi-Fi would allow iOS devices to connect to authorized wireless routers without additional security measures, but would instate a more heavily encrypted wireless connection for non-trusted routers. This feature will allow a user to run two iPad apps side-by-side and share content between them.
Users will likely be able to choose how they want their display proportioned depending on the apps used.
Similarly to how multi-person login works on the Mac, each user will have an individual account with their own media, documents, applications, calendars, contacts,  emails, and messages. The new Home app will allow users of approved HomeKit accessories to create virtual rooms, set up and install accessories, and find new ones for their homes. For this reason, developers who choose to write App Store apps with Swift must include the code libraries inside each of their apps. This means that Swift applications updated for iOS 9 will require less space and consume less data when downloaded over a cellular connection. To begin with, Proactive could become a new layer within the iOS operating system, replacing the pulldown Spotlight menu currently found on the iOS Home screen, that acts as a competitor to Android’s Google Now feature. Sources indicate that Proactive will include a greater emphasis on displaying news stories as search results, and will more reliably display news results when you search for information, including news on current topics and famous people. If a user has a calendar appointment coming up, a map view could appear with an estimated arrival time, directions, and a time to leave indicator based on traffic.
If the user calls his mother every Tuesday at 5PM, a bubble to “Call Mom” could appear around that time every Tuesday. This year, Apple has been preparing a couple of much-requested features: Read Receipts on a contact-by-contact basis and for group chats. While Apple is in talks with banks across China and the United Kingdom, Apple’s Passbook team has also been developing the necessary iOS 9 resources for Apple Pay to work in Canada. At least one design includes a slightly taller keyboard with no portrait mode editing controls on the iPhone, while the tint of the keyboard’s color may also be slightly changed.
Apple’s next Mac software upgrade will focus on core enhancements to usability, performance, and security. Even with this Rootless feature coming to OS X, sources say that the standard Finder-based file system is not going away this year. The service will likely be deeply integrated into an iOS 8.4 update, and it will launch in late June. The new Music app takes several cues from competing services and Apple’s own music player on the Mac, iTunes. Like with the existing Beats Music app, users will be able to search the entire iTunes library and then pick tracks to stream, add to their library and add to playlists. Leveraging the Beats Music acquisition, the Playlists section will likely deeply integrate custom playlists from artists and mixes from different activities such as driving and jogging. While the core of the app will be based on features and content from Beats Music, the application will drop the prior black and red theme and use an entirely Apple-designed look. Launched in 2013, iTunes Radio has acted like a simplified Pandora, mostly serving as a tool for customers to sample songs and then buy them in the iTunes Store. As we also first reported, the new services will be available as a new app on Android for non-iPhones. A report from earlier this week said that Apple will wait until it works out the kinks of the service before releasing the tool and completely shutting down Beats. While Beats Music is only available in the United States and iTunes Radio is only available in the U.S.
But major changes to the way apps run on the device are coming by way of a Software Development Kit.
Apple is planning to release its first beta of the native Apple Watch SDK to developers at WWDC. We are told that one of the top priorities within the Apple Watch development labs is to make the device independent of the iPhone, essentially untethering it.
Makes me wonder if 2016 Apple Watch will go 14nm FinFET from 28nm today to get pretty good power savings. With that said, the nightlies of some browsers do offer full-screen video, via a right-click. While years ago, it was considered a bad practice to exclude them, this is no longer the case.
Before we progress, you might have just asked yourself, "Then what's the point of adding the controls attribute at all? Don't worry too much about the "progress" div; we'll review this section in more detail later in this tutorial. Next, let's be good boys and girls and wrap our code within a self-invoking anonymous function, to prevent the creation of needless global variables. We grab the video element, the video controls div, the play button, the full screen toggle button, and the three progress divs. This is an excellent spot to perform any initial procedures, like displaying custom controls. However, from time to time, you'll have no option but to add the styling within your JavaScript file, and, in those cases, that's okay. If the latter, we need to reset the time of the video back to 0, so that it can play from the beginning again. Definitely; to do so, we'll switch between a "play" and "pause" HTML character code each time the button is clicked. We can determine the correct width by dividing the current location of the video, by the length of the video -- which we can calculate with video.duration. The demo provided with this tutorial offers one option, however, if you don't like the look if it, no problem; design your own! With iOS 9, Apple is preparing fixes, under-the-hood improvements to reduce app sizes, and better support for older devices.
Apple has also planned to tweak the interface with the new San Francisco typeface from the Apple Watch. This feature will allow users to navigate bus routes, subways, trains, and to the airport via the Maps app, similar to how it functioned when Google provided data up until fall 2012. Apple had planned to begin replacing Yelp photos in the Maps app with these storefront stills with iOS 9, but it is unconfirmed if the transition is ready to begin next week. For example, a user can have a Pages document open on one side with a web browser page open on the other. Instead of developing iOS 9 with features that get pulled for older devices, Apple instead built iOS 9 to be compatible with older devices, only adding features that will not slow down a given device.
The app will work with the Apple TV so that customers can access and control their devices from outside their homes. Consequently, App Store applications written in Swift carry approximately 8MB of additional code, and the more Swift apps you have, the more storage space you lose to code library copies.
Users with lower-capacity iPhones and iPads or non-unlimited cellular data plans will see at least small improvements over time. Proactive will also be able to trigger push notifications to help the user avoid missing calendar events.
As this feature integrates deeply with a user’s contact list, it is likely that the Recent Contacts menu introduced to the top of the Multitasking pane in iOS 8 will be relocated to Proactive’s interface.
This means that users will be able to, for example, allow a parent to see if their message has been read but keep the message status ambiguous for a work colleague. It is unclear if Apple will announce the expansion at WWDC, but it will likely occur by the fall, which is when iOS 9 is scheduled to hit all recent iPhones. Since Force Touch is tied to new hardware, it’s unlikely to be mentioned on stage next week.
Likely to the joy of many iOS users, Apple will once again change the Shift key, ensuring that deciphering when the key is in Shift mode or Caps Lock will be as straight forward as the pre-iOS 7 days. Additionally, matching iOS 9, the new interface will likely pick up the San Francisco typeface across the system from the Apple Watch. Using a transparent overlay akin to that for Notification Center on the right side, Control Center will house quick options for brightness controls, volume, media, and toggles for shutting down or putting your Mac to sleep.
To support the new service, Apple is also prepping updates including iTunes 12.2 for OS X and Windows, and an update for the Apple TV.
The new search option is universal so it can search both cloud-based tracks and those stored on the device itself. When a user launches the new streaming app for the first time, she will be greeted with an array of bubbles connected to different genres and artists. The new iTunes Radio, however, will combine custom DJ’d stations with the classic Pandora-like view.
It is possible that Apple is also in talks with other gold Apple Watch wearers like Kanye West and Beyonce, but that has not been reported.
These pages will allow artists to share samples of their own music, music of other artists, exclusive videos, and promote their own tours.
Unsurprisingly, Apple will begin pre-installing the new service with the iOS 9 upgrade this fall. Apple will also release iTunes 12.2 for both the Mac and Windows PCs to run the new Apple Music and iTunes Radio streaming services, replacing the aging Beats Music web app.
There has also been talk of an additional $15 tier, but we don’t yet have confirmation of that claim.

These native tools will allow Apple Watch developers to make Watch apps that install directly onto the Apple Watch and can utilize sensors, the Digital Crown, and the processing power of the wearable. This doesn’t mean your next Apple Watch will work with Android, but it means that your Watch will be able to do far more over WiFi and Bluetooth than it can today. Forget all of that "HTML5 2012" mumbo-jumbo; the truth is that you can use the video element in your projects right now! To expedite this process, Remy Sharp created HTML5 Shiv, which also, incidentally, remedies some print issues when working with HTML5 elements. However, suffice it to say that more video types are supported, including Google's recently open-sourced V8 codec. The answer is because we must consider and compensate for the fact that JavaScript might be disabled on the viewer's computer. We "cache" the location of these elements because there's no reason to needlessly traverse the DOM every single time we need to access one of these elements!
This code also assumes that, by default, within our stylesheet, the video control's opacity is set to none. The play event then changes the value of the button to a pause symbol, and updates the title attribute as well.
Within the context of the click event, this now refers to the "fullScreen" button, not the videoPlayer object. As such, we should create another method, called stopPlayProgress, and refer to it when the pause event is triggered. The pair of screenshots above indicate how the Transit feature will likely appear, albeit with slightly updated fonts. Apple has also been developing a new Browse Around Me mode as part of the Proactive initiative (discussed more below) that will recommend local businesses around you in the Maps app.
As the feature is still in development with a focus on education and enterprise markets, it’s unlikely that it will be announced at the conference next week. Even with these new notifications, however, the existing Notification Center apparently isn’t likely to see major changes. Lastly, Proactive will be able to display restaurant suggestions and ratings around breakfast, lunch, and dinner times in Proactive, changing based on the user’s location. As for group chats, users will be able to see which individual users within a conversation read each message. If Control Center does indeed arrive on OS X, it will bring a larger sense of similarity between both iOS and OS X, matching two core layers of the fundamental Apple software experience. With the new Music app, users will have a new drop down menu to organize their content by Artists, Albums, Songs, Music Videos, Genres, Composers, and Compilations.
This classic view will gain the ability to skip music an unlimited amount of times, while the new stations will be powered by celebrities. Earlier this year, Apple hired multiple BBC programmers, including the famed DJ Zane Lowe, to build new pre-programmed iTunes Radio stations. Apple had considered holding back the new Music app until iOS 9, but the company felt that launching as part of iOS 8.4 would be possible. Apple is not yet readying a version of the new services for other platforms, like Windows Phone, due to their low marketshare. Currently, WatchKit apps run on your iPhone and transfer data to your Watch over Bluetooth. Use advanced components like HTML web integration, Live TV, HD videos, Flash animations and more. You only need to be aware of a handful of requirements before mindlessly taking the plunge.
In those cases, had we not added the controls attribute, they'd only see what appears to be an image. Lastly, we add a button that will toggle the full-screen functionality, as well as the Tuts+ logo. As IE8 and below don't understand the video element, we can ignore the attachEvent event entirely. This is because the desired values are dynamic, and will be dependent upon the visitor's browser window size. Without going into too much detail that exceeds the scope of this tutorial, setInterval will run (in this case) every fifty milliseconds, regardless of how long the code within the function takes. Lastly, Apple has been testing a new augmented reality mode in Maps, but that feature may not yet be ready for prime time. Perhaps it will launch alongside the larger, 12-inch iPad Pro later this year or next year. The upgrade will also likely bring the Mac software in line with iOS by bringing over the aforementioned Maps and iMessage improvements.
The iTunes Radio section will also receive a complete user-interface overhaul to match the new streaming service and Music app.
To compensate, read through this tutorial again in bits and pieces, as you refer to the final source code through out. The feature will be first usable in China, San Francisco, New York, Toronto, London, Berlin, and Paris; Apple is working on data for Tokyo and Boston, amongst other cities. Join our ShadowCLOUD Digital Signage network now.   The web forever changed how people consume, share, discover and connect around content. And Digital Signage based on software as as service benefits from all the same things we love about the web.
You might be hearing the phrase for the first time but the technology is not something new.
With cloud computing you can let us do do all the technical work while you can focus on your business strategy and sales.Cloud computing is already here. When you use services like Gmail, NetFlix or Salesforce you are essentially already taking advantage of the cloud; without having to worry about what’s happening in the background. That’s the idea!what do I get ?You get a powerful tool set for both creating campaigns & managing unlimited number of screens. The ShadowCLOUD is the quickest, most cost-effective way of developing truly dynamic content for YOUR digital signage network and managing any number of remote screens.
This means faster downloads and a more responsive work flow for both you and your audience.Our ShadowPlayer Desktop version caches all the content locally. So even if a server is being worked on, your screen will never go down and the complete transition will be transparent to your audience.
When the server is brought back up, the ShadowPlayer will automatically reach to the cloud and check for new updates which you may have submitted while the server was maintained.In real-estate it’s all about location, in the cloud it’s all about security. More companies are transitioning into the cloud because it makes economic sense.  Let us maintain the infrastructure while you can focus on content creation, management and sales.  Any more questions? It is where you will spend most of your time building, configuring, controlling and maintaining your complete digital signage platform.
And because the ShadowStudio plays such a vital role in the success of your final product, we felt we had to deliver an amazing platform which can deliver ease of use without compromising functionality; and that’s exactly what we did. Below are some of the key features that are part of the Studio.CampaignThe campaign is a global configuration which holds your complete digital signage setup. Having the ability to configure multiple campaigns allows you to easily switch your signage players from one configuration to another.TimelineA timeline is a visual representation of the sequential play list order of your media resources.
A collection of all your timelines make up the final output of your digital signage presentation.StationsThe Station manager empowers you to remotely control all of the Signage Players. All this from within the comfort of the ShadowStudio station manager.Screen division (zones)Screen division divide the screen into separate areas (AKA Zones). Included in our software is a powerful screen division WYSIWYG editor.SequencingThe sequencer is essentially a simple and effective way to serially set the play list order of all the timelines.
This is done using simple drag and drop operation.SchedulerSet your timelines to play at any day and anytime.
A graphical interface is used to get a summery of all future playlists and easily resolve conflicts.Advertising engineBuild your own Advertising network, provide to your customer proof of play, visual analytics and more. Each customer can be managed through the sub-account manager.ResourcesResources include any media content which loads onto your digital ShadowPlayer.
Components can be used directly on the timeline or within a designer scene.Scene EditorThe Scene Editor is a canvas where you can mix multiple components and resources. With our flexible CSS controls you can set the ShadowStudio to match your style and preference.CatalogA powerful tool that allows you to easily display unlimited number with a common format.
The items can be viewed inside any number of catalogsub-players which include carousals, book flipping, 3D floaters and more.Multi LanguageSelect the language of your choice. If you have a firewall installed on your network, the ShadowPlayer still will find a way to connect by falling back onto HTTP polling.
The ShadowPlayer Desktop version supports off-line playback; so in case of an internet outage your viewers will not experience any interruption in the playback. A single ShadowPlayer Desktop will support as many screens as the total number of video outs from a single computer.It is an application that was built using an open source framework. It supports both phones and tablets including the Apple iPhone and iPad as well as Android phones and tablets. The ShadowPlayer Mobile version is a 1st class application designed to operate with underpowered devices while delivering a rich experience to your viewers.
The ShadowPlayer Mobile also supports touch screen functionality, so you can use the Kiosk builder to create an interactive presentation and deliver it everywhere.
Simply use the [Copy to clipboard] button directly from any campaign and paste the URL to an email.
Best of all, make a change once in the ShadowStudio and it will automatically updates everywhere. Simply click the HTML button in any campaign and you will be presented with the entire HTML snippet that you can copy and paste to a web page. This ensures that you can remotely manage all signage stations without having to physically attend to each one.Many interfacesGet touch screen interaction with the Kiosk builder. Internet connection failures and bandwidth slowdowns are all gracefully managed with the help of the Caching Engine. It also allows for remote reboot, power savings, memory management, remote live snapshot, integration with external applications and more.
The SignageController helps you deliver reliable screens across town or on the other side of the glob. Instead of just running static videos and images, you can integrate Live TV, RSS, Weather, Facebook, QR, Twitter, Kiosk builder, Stocks, YouTube and dozens of other cool, live, relevant content that is sure to bring your screens to life.You can even develop your own custom Digital Signage component using our software development kit (SDK).

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