We are open to all hours, however holiday prices vary per holiday, and is based on availability. We’ve got North Carolina’s BEST Birthday Party Idea!Parents and kids are tired of the same old birthday parties! Fill out the form below with your interests & information, and a VIP Host will contact you directly.
Speak 1-on-1 with one of our talented and knowledgeable VIP Hosts, and together you’ll create a custom VIP Party Package perfectly suited for your group size, budget and special party occasion. Imagine you’re a customer shopping for the perfect handmade gift for your Mom for Mother’s day.
The second store has great pictures & a detailed description including their payment, shipping, and return policies. You can never be too specific or too detailed as to what your customer needs to know & do next. So the best way to nail customer service is to think of the customers experience before, during, and after their purchase. Whether you have an online shop or a brick & mortar store, do customers know what you offer in your shop at first glance? You want to make your customers feel at home & let them know if they’re in the right place or not.

You should inform customers of how you ship, when you ship, how you package the item, & what to do if they want expedited shipping or insurance.
Again, you can never be too specific or too detailed as to what your customer needs to know & do next. I have always tried to give good customer service but am getting better thanks to tips and reminders from people like you! Is it OK to contact a customer via their emaill to tell them of recently listed items thay might be interested in? Outfitted with state of the art electronics and our high-tech Laser Tag System, it's sure to be a hit at your next party or event.
We’re all about presenting a great product that people will want to buy, but we forget to make the experience of buying our product simple & easy. Maybe you have an online shop where you sell tangible items, maybe you sell online digital items, or you may even have a brick and mortar store. Again, no matter the kind of shop you have, you need to help your customer with every little detail. Up close, far away, from the front, from the back, at different angles, the details, in its packaging, it being used, etc. I see several areas where I should update my descriptions to include my turnaround time and return options.

However, we do need a valid email address in order to send you the quote that you requested and a valid phone number (preferably your mobile number) so we can call or text you to ask questions that help us put together the best deal for you. Once a customer places an order, you can email {or convo} them, thanking them for the order & letting them know when it will ship. I'm the owner of Baby Swank on Etsy, and I help moms with small businesses balance work and family! You need to be awesome at customer service because you want your customers to come back for more & to spread the word about you, right? Help your customer to feel comfortable & confident purchasing from you, & they’ll be sure to return bringing friends with them!
Staff was wonderful to work with, very involved and fast and friendly to reply on any of my calls with concerns or questions.

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