ANAMEL ADVERTISING is one of the leading ADVERTISING AGENCIES in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia based in Dammam City (Eastern Province) since 1977, and enjoys good reputation by prompt delivery as well as high quality. The Factory for Anamel Advertising is located in the light industrial area (Dallah Sanayah) with sophisticated machineries and skilled workers in all trades with advertising activities. All kinds of Sign Board making and Installations, such as minipole, unipole both with computer designed high resolution inkjet printed flex face box type, inner lighting and banner face type with focus lighting, flex face signboard for shops, steel plywood signboards for outdoors.
3D letters: brass, zincore powder coating, 3D buildup letters with neon back light with halogen focus light.

Designing with pictures and printing of flyers, brochure and catalogue engrave brass shields, any design on acrylic sheets. Our philosophy is to build constructive strategic partnerships with our clients that are characterized by continuity and mutual trust by providing services with high quality.
When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. All kinds of advertising consultation and assistance for advertising your company and products.

At (art talent agency Advertising) a.t Advertising, we have several strategic partnerships with a number of clients those who we proud of and cherish them. Office door signs, name plates either plastics or metal base (engraving sticker letters and or silk screen printed).

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