When starting with database marketing, the temptation is to overdo segmentation, and have too many segments.You'll usually find that most of your campaigns are sent to most or all of your database.
There will be occasions where it is clearly better to focus on one segment of your database. Note how the segmentation is dictated by the END marketing activity?See the section on text message marketing for an example of a text message campaign that makes good use of segmentation based on gender.
Bireysel olarak kullandy?ymyz bilgisayarymyzda bulunan ki?isel dosyalarymyzy di?er tanydyklarymyzla da payla?mak istedi?imizi du?unelim.

Hemen yan masada oturan i? arkada?ymyza i?le ilgili dosyalary her seferinde CD ya da di?er depolama aygytlaryna kopyalayyp vermek nasyl bir zaman kaybyna sebep olurdu? It is a BW architectural component that appears between PSA ( Persistent Staging Area) and infocubes, it allows BEX (Business Explorer) reporting.  It is primarily used for detail reporting rather than dimensional analysis, and it is not based on the star schema.
Payla?ym soz konusu oldu?undan donanym tum personel tarafyndan kullanylabilir, herbir birey icin ekstra printer, modem, disk unitesi gerekmez. The design of DB (Data Base) depends on the schema, and schema is defined as the representation of tables and their relationship.14)   What is extended star schema?Star Schema comprises of Fact tables and Dimension Tables, while the table that consists the Master data are kept in separate tables.

These separate tables for Master data are referred as Extended Star Schema.15)   What are the extractors and mention their types?To extract data from the system program is used which is known as Extractor.

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