We've designed the research to be quick to complete, but insightful, with a single page of questions about your use of digital marketing.
The research will be published by Smart Insights and our partners, Technology for Marketing, eCommerce Expo and Customer Contact Expo events where findings of the survey will also be shared at talks on 28–29 September 2016 at Olympia National, London, UK.
A Digital Transformation programme is a staged plan to improve how People, Process and Tools are used to maximise the effectiveness and profitability of digital marketing. Please assess how your organisation manages digital marketing by comparing against the chart below.
Understanding how well a business manages Digital Transformation using this type of capability review helps understand which areas of management need to be improved.

Please choose all the personalisation techniques and types of insight that you use to improve targeting through digital communications on your website, mobile app or email marketing. Please rate effectiveness on a scale of 0 to 5 based on your use of features from the definition above.
We ask for your email address so we can send you the final report and information about the TFM, eCommerce Expo and Customer Contact Expo events.
Please read each of the stages below and in the next question we'll ask you to rate your own organisation's capabilities against this grid. You will be able to compare how you manage digital marketing against others in the final report.

Optimisation refers to testing different alternatives for digital communications such as targeting, creative, offer, call-to-action and user journey.

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