Very easy to use, has an intuitive interface, extra functions like label designer is very helpful.
Shareware Junction Network is your source for Shareware, Freeware, Demos, Betas and Pre-Releases. CamDVR is a shareware digital video recording app filed under video capture software and made available by CrazyPixels for Windows. If you would like to submit a review of this software download, we welcome your input and encourage you to submit us something!
CamDVR is a Digital Video Recording software for all kind of video devices: CamDVR is a Digital Video Recording software designed to work with all kind of video devices and to do a wide range of tasks. Celtx is a media pre-production tool designed to ease the work of those who work in the media production industry by providing a simple desktop utility for organizing the project information and making stories come alive. Whether you want to create a film, a play, a storyboard, a comic book or a novel, several project templates and a sample collection are available, which makes the program so much easier to work with. The graphical interface is well-organized and user-friendly, allowing you to navigate through the project library, view the scenes, print the script or save the whole project for later use. Basic text editing tools are available (font type, color, zooming options and so on) and you have the possibility to add notes anywhere in the script.
Once the story is finished, you can adapt it to the screenplay or the stageplay, storyboard, audio play or the comic book. The title page, cast and other reports can be edited separately using the built-in templates. Inline spell-checking, importing and exporting capabilities, character catalog and production scheduling are other features that this application comes with.
All in all, Celtx comes in handy to every person that is part of the pre-production process. The installation process does not take very long, while the interface you are met with presents a cluttered interface.
Help contents are not provided and thus, it might be a bit difficult for beginners to find their way around this utility. This application supports multiple video file formats, including AVI, MPG, WMV, FLV and MP4, and enables you to upload entire directories at a time in the library with the help of a built-in folder browser. All of these items can be viewed in the main window, along with information such as size, rating, dimensions, length, modified date, tags, URL and collection. It is possible to play clips in a new window with just a click of the button, as well as generate video strips, add tags and mark items with a star, so as to find them faster. In a dedicated tab, you can create custom-sized thumbnails from each and every video you want. In conlusion, Saleen Video Manager is a pretty decent piece of software which aids you manage video files and generate thumbnails, without putting a strain on the computer’s performance. Video Dub Pack is a collection of tools designed for the users that want to process video files on their computer.

VirtualDub is the most important component included in the collection and it allows you to process the video content stored in the AVI format. VirtualDubMod is an enhanced version that includes additional features such as the MPEG2 support and the ability to export all the frames as image files. The pack also includes utilities for converting DVD movies to AVI files that can be loaded and processed by the VirtualDub versions.
The main goal of the program is to encode the movie files to a DVD or SVCD compatible format such as MPEG. Overall, the Video Dub Pack includes multiple tools for creating, editing and transcoding video files. Unfortunately, the tool pack is not actively supported and the programs are not updated to the latest version. The UI (user interface) is minimalistic; this can be a good thing for users who just want to get the job done or a downside for the users who need a bit more control over the experience.
You get a Play button flanked by two more with arrow icons however there's no way to know how many frames they skip. Delving deeper into the color adjustment settings, you find sliders to fine-tune contrast, gamma correction, hue and saturation. Moving on to the effects section, you are greeted with a range of possible filters and alterations that can drastically change the look and feel of the source file. Although, in theory, an auto equalizer is great to have when you don't want to manually adjust the above-mentioned settings, the integrated one is generating unrealistic and distorted images.
If you are just looking for a program that allows you to capture stills of key moments in videos, you might want look elsewhere. You can add captions to videos, adjust color, change resolution, and modify output settings. The review for CamDVR has not been completed yet, but it was tested by an editor here on a PC and a list of features has been compiled; see below.
The application comes with all the necessary tools for writing scripts, plays, novels without using the pen and the paper. The media files are organized in different categories, so you can easily find sounds, documents and images.
The index cards can be used for including additional details about every scene, while the included word collection (director indications, time words) can help you write the script faster. The chat tool can help you share project information much easier with the pre-production crew. The program comes with predefined cast categories that you can automatically include in your project, from actors and cameramen to animal handlers. Moreover, it includes advanced privacy options designed to protect your work from theft or unwanted access.
It provides a simple way for sharing information and allows writers to unleash their creativity, without worrying that their script is misinterpreted.

It comprises a lot of buttons, a menu bar and multiple panes in which to display various information. Movies can be renamed or they can be removed from the library, or they can be organized in collections or playlists.
A search function is provided to aid you in finding items faster, while you can also play items one frame at a time. The response time is good and we did not come by any errors or crashes, yet the interface could use a little more work. The package includes multiple versions of the VirtualDub application and other utilities that can be helpful for editing and encoding movies. The program enables you to browse the movie clip frame by frame and to apply effects or filters to the desired portions. Including more than one version of these applications intends to provide you with all the features available in different builds. You can also create a movie by combining videos, audio tracks and subtitles with the help of AVIMux GUI. This goal is achieved by using the TMPGEnc transcoder to process the AVI files generated and edited by the other applications.
It is designed for experienced users since the included applications are not easy to understand and most of them do not include any documentation. This comes in handy when you are dealing with action scenes and want to capture frames back-to-back. Here you can flip the image vertically or horizontally, adjust color settings, apply effects and equalize the image with just one click.
While less useful overall, it's a nice addition for users who want to make the image pop. But if you want the power to fine-tune the movie frames, then Able Video Snapshot is the application for you. The outstanding features of CamDVR are the permanent video recording and the pre-recorded videos.
Beta testing is a unique opportunity to try the latest programs and provide feedback directly to the program developers.
The final version of many programs is often determined by suggestions from testers like you.
Shareware Junction lets you choose from a variety of these products - all in one convenient location. A separate x64 version may be available from CrazyPixels.Page maintained by Fernando Ortega.

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