The term marketing has evolved over time, today marketing is more than promoting your product; it involves all activities from before you have developed your product through to after you have sold your product to the customer. Customers will only undertake the exchange, if they feel that their needs are being satisfied, clearly the transactional value can not be more than the amount customers are prepared to pay to satisfy their need.
If we look at CIM's definition in more detail Marketing is a management responsibility and should not be left to a specific department or person. Marketing requires coordination, planning, implementation of campaigns and employees with the appropriate skills to ensure marketing success. Marketing bedeutet die systematische Orientierung aller betrieblichen Bereiche auf die Bedurfnisse der Kunden unter Berucksichtigung der gesellschaftlichen Anliegen.

This will allow you to develop products that satisfy customer wants and needs, secure custom and retain customers for the long term. In fact everyone that works for or represents a company is responsible for marketing, as their actions contribute towards the company's reputation and success. Marketing objectives, goals and targets have to be monitored and met, competitor strategies analysed, anticipated and exceeded. Through effective use of market and marketing research an organisation should be able to identify the needs and wants of the customer and try to deliver benefits that will enhance or add to the customers lifestyle, while at the same time ensuring that the satisfaction of these needs results in a healthy turnover for the organisation. After research you can begin product development, which is followed by product distribution, product promotion and sales.

Actif en marketing depuis 2001, j'accompagne les independants et PME dans leur developpement.

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