If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. The following list of overlapping forms and types of strategic alliances is provided by Todeva, E.
Cooperative - A coalition of small enterprises that combine, coordinate and manage their collective resources.
Sourcing Agreement - Including outsourcing and subcontracting various business functions and operations. Joint Venture - Equity and non-equity based agreements between two parent companies that establish a new legal entity. Licensing - Knowledge-based agreements transferring patented information for the use, manufacture, and distribution of products and services. Management Contract - Used by business to acquire certain management services, such as facilities or warehouse operations or fund management.

Turnkey Contract - Consortia formed for the construction of new, large (production) facilities that consist of investors, governments, engineering firms, contractors and include responsibilities for the provision of resources, technology, know-how, and management during the development, installation, and subsequent exploitation phases.
Industrial Cooperation Agreement - Large contractual business networks based on joint multiparty strategic control and sharing responsibilities for performance outcomes. Countertrade Agreement - Large multiparty agreements supported by governments, where payments are agreed in the form of barters, offsets, counterpurchases, and buybacks.
Business Association and Standard Group - Multi-firm membership and participation organizations that make strategic decisions. The development of long-term relationships is strategically important for many organizations. Cooperation between knowledge institutions and companies (valorisation) is key for knowledge creation, innovation and economic growth. An associate has developed a product which has attracted the interest of one of my clients to be incorporated into one of their products as an essential component.

Would love to see more on how to assess potential partnership opportunities for a business --- i.e. When innovating their business model, companies need to reconsider their value proposition from all perspectives. Presentation about Co-opetition thereby especially focusing on the typologies and strategies of co-opetition.
Short presentation about Strategic Alliances focusing on the different types plus some tips for successful implementation. Main motives for the formation of strategic alliances can be organizational, economic, strategic and political.

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