The amendments, which ultimately encourage social enterprise, were recently approved by Gov. Effective August 1, amendments to Delaware’s public benefit corporation law will make it easier for corporations to become socially conscious. WARNING: A potential investor should not assume merely because she buys stock in a corporation based in the Golden State, that California’s corporations laws will protect the shareholder from losses if the founders or other insiders defraud the company!
Lawyers and judges refer to corporations formed under the laws of any state outside California as “foreign” corporations. After a certain period of time has elapsed, California law will govern certain internal affairs of a foreign corporation if…more than half of the corporation’s voting stock is held by California residents, and the corporation conducts a majority of its business in this state as measured by assets, payroll and sales. Nevertheless, shareholders must note that courts in other states may not follow California’s courts’ logic.
In late May 2012, for the first time, a California court acknowledged VantagePoint and signaled that it might not enforce all of §2115. California often goes further to protect minority shareholders with its laws than many other states.  Through §2115 California tries to exert its public policies on corporations which establish a sufficient business “presence” in California even if the corporation has attempted to avoid California law by incorporating elsewhere. B Lab is a nonprofit organization dedicated to using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.
A business or corporation that has its legal business affairs registered in Delaware is a Delaware Corporation.
A Delaware corporation is a corporation that has its legal business affairs registered in the US State of Delaware.

There are many other distinct advantages to registering or chartering your business as a Delaware corporation. You can register as a Delaware corporation by telephone, Internet, or fax through a recognized agent from anywhere in the world. The corporate franchise tax for a Delaware corporation is very low, in some cases as low as 60 US dollars (USD).
If a company is a Delaware corporation and they commit a tort against an employee in another state, can they be sued in Delaware as opposed the state of the employee's residence? I don't see any reason you couldn't change the state under whole laws you organized your business.
Wow, I can't believe that almost half of the businesses on the Fortune 500 list are Delaware corporations! Jack Markell last week, carry significant weight for the seemingly endless stream of businesses incorporating in Delaware. A former reporter in Delaware and Philly, Tony also occasionally writes for Red Bull Amaphiko and WHYY Newsworks. In that case, the Second Appellate District of the California Court of Appeal, agreed that the voting rights of shareholders, just like the payment of dividends to shareholders and the procedural requirements of shareholder derivative suits, involve matters of internal corporate governance and thus, fall within a corporation’s internal affairs and the laws of the state of incorporation. Registering as a Delaware corporation offers a definite benefit, not just legally, but also in charging terms. But I'm wondering if there are any disadvantages to registering a business as a Delaware corporation if you live and operate your business in another state. It just seems like a strange thought to have a business that is registered out of state, and it seems like there must be some problems that could arise from it.

Though he lives on his Twitter timeline, the Temple University alumnus calls Fishtown home. Examen, the Delaware Supreme Court held that the internal affairs doctrine trumps §2115.  VantagePoint v.
There are many more significant milestones in B Lab’s short history and many more people and organizations than those mentioned below who have contributed to our collective success. As for potential problems, a lawyer can advise about the relative advantages and disadvantages of any number of alternatives. This “internal affairs doctrine” is a conflict of laws principle which recognizes that only one State should have the authority to regulate a corporation’s internal affairs—matters peculiar to the relationships among or between the corporation and its current officers, directors, and shareholders—because otherwise a corporation could face conflicting demands. However, if I start another business, this will definitely be something I look into further. 15, 2012).  However, since the court determined the case on factors deemed outside the scope of internal corporate governance, and therefore outside the purview of §2115, California courts continue to uphold the “pseudo-foreign corporation” statute against challenges. B Lab staffer Andy travels to Chile for the event and reports back.Onsite Reviews Wrap UpNovemberEvery year, 10% of the B Corp community undergoes an onsite review to verify their impact. The SEChallenge ends in December with over $65,000 raised for the B Corp movement, and nearly as much from the Skoll Foundation in matching funds!

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