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You wouldn’t dream of working on a new patient without first developing a comprehensive treatment plan.
Treating the teeth of your patients is no fun, especially when you don’t have customers lining up in droves at your office. As a dentist, the real advantage you hold over your competition is knowledge on how you should market yourself, which is why you need to brainstorm for dental marketing ideas to draw more clients to your office for a check-up. Below are dental marketing ideas that you could use when developing your plan of accumulating more customers for the coming months. This type of marketing has been one of the most preferred strategies by dentists due to how their customers and potential clients receive their print media on their mailboxes. Aside from the aforementioned print media, you can also send out flyers and catalogs to maximize your marketing mix for direct mailing.
First, you need a mailing list, which would contain the names and addresses of your customers or potential clients who will receive your mail. This can be done by asking people to fill out the necessary information on your sign-up sheets. For WordPress users, download the easy-to-use Contact Form 7 plugin to create your sign-up sheet. Aside from the name and address, you could include information such as age, gender, and income level that you could use to build your demographics to help you segregate your mailing list accordingly. If building your list from scratch proves cumbersome, then purchase a list from sites offering mailing services.
An example of a dental brochure from the Creston Children’s Dental Clinic with the intention of raising money to provide low-income students from public Portland schools. Brochures – Describe the Features, illustrate the Advantages, and boast the ultimate Benefits. Postcards – Make the front side design compelling enough so recipients will take a closer look at them.

Also make sure that your print products have a persuasive copy and design so you can convince recipients to heed your call to action. Since there is no work or school during the holidays, you can hold promotions on that day to drive more patients to your clinics.
Hold discounts for your general cleaning services a week before school starts so student can begin the school year with a clean set of teeth. On Grandparent’s Day (first Sunday after Labor Day), repair or fix the dentures of senior citizens for free. Hold another promo for general cleaning a day after Halloween when children have consumed lots of candy. Aside from applying direct mail to promote your promos for the upcoming holidays, you can display posters or  banners in front of your clinic or at locations with high foot traffic.
Much of the problem that stems from diseases in the oral cavity is the lack of knowledge on what causes these diseases and how to avoid them. Take cue from this illustrated book about proper oral hygiene in Portuguese geared to children. You can begin by placing brochures on the waiting area of your clinic so people can get a copy and read it while waiting for their turn or take home for further reading.
To avoid the risk of your patients forgetting their dental appointments with you, hand out magnets the size of a business card with the appointment date written in front before they leave your clinic.
Your patients will be compelled to display the magnets on any flat metal surface they have at home – they would stick it on their ref doors or whiteboards along with their other reminders.
Also, design the magnets with your contact details so your patients can refer to them for your services.
Aside from showing them your appreciation for choosing you over other dentists, this is a way of increasing customer retention – by building a more personal relationship with your clients through cards, they will remember your services much easier once they need dental services. Now that we’ve covered most of the basic dental marketing ideas you should try out for your clinic, let us at PrintRunner help you in marketing your clinic!
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Given the saturated market filled with highly skilled dentists looking for ways to make a buck, it has become more difficult for others dentists to not only make an impact in their industry, but to drive in more clients for dental services. It all boils down to highly targeted and cost-efficient dental marketing strategy using print media, which is what you’re going to learn about in this post. As a result, there’s a greater chance for your target market to get their hands on your postcard or brochure and read what you have to say. The sheets can be set up at your booths during healthcare events or conventions you plan on attending. If you have a website, you can set up a form that visitors can fill out so you can still collect their contact details online. Flyers that are distributed at places where your target market can be found should also increase buzz to your promo. People need to be informed and you, as dentist, must be the catalyst that would open their minds about the damaging effects of poor oral hygiene. This ensures that the magnets can still be used even when the appointment date has elapsed. Therefore, share your love by sending out thank you cards or postcards to people a week after their first visit to your clinic. Click here to view all the print products mentioned on this posts, as well as other marketing mix you can use for your campaigns.
You’ll see that Responsive Design is the latest, most recommended tool in website development. Once done, create a dedicated page for the sheet and link it on your homepage or place the sheet on the sidebar so people can easily see it. Each and every campaign is specifically designed to align with your market, your budget, and your goals.

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