4P’s Integrated Marketing Communication is a full-fledged agency whose name is derived from the basic marketing mix as created by the marketing guru Neil Borden in his studies toward developing a marketing system, which is comprised of the main four elements of marketing; Product, Price, Promotion and Place. However, 4P’s fifth P is Passion, which differentiates it from others, the company’s passion for work, passion for clients and partners, passion for becoming an international well-known integrated marketing communication company, and most importantly passion for promoting clients’ businesses effectively and efficiently. With its rapid growth over the past six years, 4P’s creativity, diligence, passion and dedication to creating a fully integrated marketing concept in Jordan along with its vibrant, driven team, allowed the company to spread its creative wings to become a regional agency. On February 2013, 4P’s extended its services and opened a new branch in Dubai to serve different target markets regionally with the same international quality standards. 4P’s IMC is empowered by its members’ sense of loyalty, strength in communication skills and creativity.
As an advertising and marketing agency, 4P’s IMC provides several services that include integrated marketing communication solutions, designing and branding, advertising, online advertising, social media marketing, public relations, creative writing and editing, market research and planning, conducting customer satisfaction surveys and speed of service studies, in addition to providing mystery shopping service, quality assessment services, facilitate focus groups, media campaigns, event and sponsorship management, website design and development, and online social networks marketing. 4P’s IMC utilizes its very own fully interactive project management system, which allows its clients to handle their projects in a timely manner with fast response as the company believes that clients’ time is money and should be treated accordingly. 4P’s was awarded the Jordan Advertising Awards in 2009, for the print campaign done for DHL.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Tiger Elementary School Library Media Center Communication PlanPurpose of Communication PlanThe LMC recognizes the value of creating a professional learning community through access to information, shared decisionmaking, and respectful dialogue between library staff, patrons, and stakeholders. Tiger Elementary School Library Media Center Communication Plan Roles: Instructional Partner and TeacherThe librarian as instructional partner recognizes the need for integration of information literacy skills within the meaningfulcontext of curriculum and project based learning. Tiger Elementary School Library Media Center Communication Plan Outgoing Communication To Patrons as Instructional Partner and TeacherTeachers The librarian will be proactive in providing collaboration opportunities through monthly e-news letters sent through email and posted on library website highlighting resources and opportunities in the LMC. Tiger Elementary School Library Media Center Communication Plan Tools for Communication as Instructional Partner and TeacherTeachers Symbaloo- will allow teachers and library staff to share resources for specific topics by creating web mixes displayed on the library website to be accessed from anywhere. Tiger Elementary School Library Media Center Communication Plan Roles: Information Specialist and LeaderThe librarian in the role of information specialist exercises leadership expertise in selecting, evaluating, and implementing avariety of resources for teaching and learning. Tiger Elementary School Library Media Center Communication Plan Incoming Communication From Patrons as Information Specialist and LeaderTeachers Surveys for professional development topics will be conducted and analyzed by library staff for planning purposes. Tiger Elementary School Library Media Center Communication Plan Tools for Communication as Information Specialist and LeaderTeachers Scoopit- will be used by the library staff to create free online magazines customized to technology topics of need. With virtually every one of your target customer having an email address, email marketing is one of the most powerful and cost-effective medium of communication. With over a decade of expertise providing top-class graphic and website design services, we know exactly how to communicate through aesthetically designed emails. Our experienced content writers can develop a power communication strategy for your emailers. Once you identify your strategy it’s vital to align activities, behaviours and communication to ensure the message is clear and the results meet your expectations.
For help in developing your Practice Growth strength call ic leadership on 03 9699 7771 or Contact Us. It considers the world as an opportunity, where every segment is a target audience, every product a prospective client, and every country a potential destination for 4P’s IMC. 4P’s integrated system allows access to clients’ designs, projects and account executive around the clock, whether through their smart phones, website, tablets or any other means of communication. It also received the 2012 Silver Award in Creativity for the outdoor campaign done for Al-Kattan Group from the Pikasso D’or Awards.
The Library Media Center CommunicationPlan sets forth guidelines and tools to fulfill the diverse needs of communication within the 5 Roles of a School Librarianidentified in Empowering Learners: Guidelines for School Library Media Programs. Due to the collaborative nature of this role, much of the communication willbe done through personal meetings, interviews, and shared technology. Personal invitations for collaboration will occur through presentations at monthly faculty meetings and grade level meetings.

Communication of emerging technology, best practice trends, and copyrightthrough on demand access are important topics in this role. Enrollment inand staff these sessions will be done through RSVP buttons on a school email that will be directly routed to a folder in the librarian’s email for collection. Teachers can linkand staff directly to primary sources for tutorial and integration tips as well as archive them for future use. From the mailer subject to the body content, we will refine every single word in the mailer for maximum effectiveness. You can safely entrust us with your email database to manage your subscriber list and create user segments.
A Library and Technology Committee representing all grade levels and departments will meet quarterly to form goals, discuss library’s ability to meet the needs of school goals, and solve problems. We partner with leading mail service providers like MailChimp and Constant Contact in publishing emails.
We can help you track your campaign’s performance based on various insightful parameters.
Communication in this role is between student and librarian to assess prior knowledge, construct newunderstanding, and self-reflect on the learning process. Events in the library will be advertised through a shared email calendar system as well as scheduling class visits. A school wide learningcommunity is created when librarians in leadership promote an enthusiasm for learning, a willingness to take risks, and a spiritof collaboration.
Every attempt will be made to return communication through email, class telephone, or personal contact before the end of the school day. Communication of advocacy, problem solving, school library achievement, and research based practices areimportant topics to be shared with all stakeholders in this role. Technical problems needing assistance will be submitted through a Technology Work Order sent by email form to librarian and IT directors. This free online survey tool allows for various questions and answers format, analyzes the data, and has different sharing options. Librarians in the role of teacher will share student data from learning objectives through personal meeting, collaboration form, and shared projects.Students Library staff will develop digital pathfinders to assist students in their class projects. Responsibilities include: providing professional development,serving in leadership capacities Outgoing Communication To Patrons as Information Specialist and LeaderTeachers Monthly electronic magazines custom designed for educational technology topics will be sent to all staff to stay current in technologyand staff trends.
Library staff will check for these request each morning and afternoon and provide assistance if possible.Students Library staff will interact with students through observation and lesson assessment of their information skills. During weekly library visits personal invitations and orientations to the resources available will be given.
Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited Microsoft (Outlook) Exchange- will be used for email, survey voting, creating file rules, and sharing appointments and calendars, and address books. Copyright information will be presented through professional development session at the beginning of the year with tip sheets distributed and posted in relevant places. Students may request assistance in using technology and specialized help in finding resources through scheduling a meeting with the library staff.Stakeholders Library staff will respectfully and promptly address any communication concerning the library from a stakeholder through email or phone call. Resource carts to promote academic interest and a love of reading will rotate through the grade level. It is the official communication method of the school district and available at school, online, and on mobile devices with integration of other Microsoft products. Articles, tutorials, and podcast training in technology will be available on the LMC website for on demand staff learning. This site gives teachers 5 minute video tutorials on a range of digital products and tools. Other resources will be available through the library website including podcasts created by library staff and students with book talks and recommendations.

Microsoft Publisher- will be used to create the monthly newsletters sent to teachers because they allow content to be personalized, archived in PDF or edited form, available with Microsoft Office products. These are produced by teachers and specifically geared towards technology innovation and integration in teaching and learning. Incoming Communication From Patrons as Instructional Partner and TeacherTeachers Teachers can request collaboration through email, personal contact or shared email calendar.
LMC Policies and Procedures Handbook- created by the school librarian will outline interpersonal skills for interactions with teachers and students by library staff.
In best cases the teacher and librarian will schedule a meeting to discuss the content, needed resources and complete a collaboration form. Training will occur based on ideas found in the Chapter 6, “Interpersonal Skills and Collaboration” of Collaboration and the School Library Media Specialist. Information affecting school libraries and learning from local, state, and national publications will be shared in timely ways with faculty through appropriate print or digital distribution.Students The library will use integrated lessons on ethical use, copyright, and internet safety throughout the year. Instructions for teachers to include these resources in their weekly newsletters are also given. A shared calendar through the email system will allow teachers to sign up for collaboration meetings, lessons and schedule use of the LMC.
Specific handouts and multimedia information will be shared with students on information literacy topics to help them become experts. For spontaneous collaboration teachers may ask library staff for resources which may be checked out or logged in the “Requested Materials” file to be checked for future purchase. A technology exploration lab will be advertised in PTA newsletters, and library websites for students to receive hands on training using technology products and then teach other students. Every attempt will be made to return communication through email, class telephone, or personal contact before the end of the school day.Students Student visits to the library are encouraged and expected. Library staff will highlight the diverse collection of resources in the LMC through weekly appearances on the in-school broadcasts.Stakeholders A quarterly Lunch and Learn invitation will be sent to stakeholders via email and the PTA newsletter to attend presentations on pertinent technology topics (social media, cyber bullying etc). The library staff will conduct age appropriate reference interviews to assist students in finding resources for academic purposes. These sessions will also include a highlight of library and school achievement using a multimedia product that can later be placed on the LMC website. Library staff will promote a love of reading by encouraging students to leave book suggestions in the Suggestion Box, give readers advisory, and initiate literary conversations with students. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow PressStudents The LMC Website and Wikispaces- will provide students with access to the OPAC to browse the collection for academic and pleasure reading resource. Librarians in the role of teacher will use self-reflection rubrics, learning outcomes, and active response to receive feedback from students on lesson objectives. Wikispaces- will be used to create specific pathfinders and class resources because of the collaborative and easy to update nature of the tool.
LMC Reference Interview- will be used to assist students in finding information resources for academic needs. This dialogue is essential in helping students develop information skills and in the staff meeting their needs. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited Senteo Response System- allows students to be actively engaged a remote responder.
This software is integrated to the Smart Products already in place and allows for formative assessment of learning outcomes.

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