Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Many marketers opt to work with an agency to manage some or all of their digital marketing initiatives. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists.
SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. Here at Oceanic SEO we will use a variety of online advertising techniques to get your company noticed. If you wish to find out more about the digital marketing services that we offer here at Oceanic SEO then please do not hesitate to get in touch. This state of flux has swung open the doors for entrepreneurs, usual refugees from big agencies looking to capitalize on new opportunities while their counterparts are riding the TV gravy train to the last stop. Ask anyone who knows and they'll tell you that it's fairly impossible to create a viral video. Yet the New York-based Thinkmodo has had viral hit after viral hit including "Bubba's Hovercraft," "Flying People" and, most recently "Devil Baby," which have all racked up millions of views. The only other agency that appears to be devoted full-time to creating viral videos is Contagious, a Los Angeles shop founded in November.
McFarland's company, the Austin, Texas-based Cinegif, makes GIFs on behalf of clients like John Deere, Coors' Blue Moon pseudo craft beer and the Texas Monthly. As previously reported, the ad world is transfixed at the moment by the vision of a world of connected devices.
While that scenario hasn't materialized yet, a couple of ad agencies are trying to get out in front of the trend.
According to a new study by the Online Marketing Institute, in partnership with Kelly Staffing and ClickZ, advertising agencies face critical shortage in digital marketing skills. The Online Marketing Institute questioned 747 executives from the advertising and marketing industries to evaluate the current state of digital marketing talent, working knowledge, and training in their firms. The study found that executives in advertising agencies were disgruntled with the levels of digital talent in their companies, and that the gap between the skills they have and the skills they have to possess is substantial.
Nevertheless, 8 percent of advertising and marketing agency executives surveyed thought their employees exemplified excellent skills in all fields of digital marketing and advertising.
Aaron Kahlow, CEO and founder of Online Marketing Institute, said the digital arena evolves quickly, and agencies face difficulty in hiring and keeping digital marketing talent with the essential skills to provide quality strategy and materials for advertising and marketing.
Kahlow added that it is important for advertising agency executives to deal with the digital talent gap to survive and grow, as clients call for accountability and doubt the value of ad agencies. Agencies that invest to close the talent gap through digital marketing training and level-setting programs can produce better outcomes, show their value, and reinforce relationships with clients, Kahlow continued.
The findings hint that the relevance of advertising agencies will keep on decreasing and companies will keep on losing business unless the digital talent gap is dealt with.

Mike Grehan, publisher of ClickZ and the global Search Engine Strategies conference series, said there is an urgent need for advertising agencies to invest in the digital talent of their teams to survive. Among the advertising agencies surveyed, 74 percent think mobile is an important skill to possess while 31 percent think their talent is stronger than their competitors.
In addition, advertising agencies see a 30 percent gap for marketing automation and analytics.
More than 80 percent of companies surveyed admitted difficulty to find, hire, and keep topnotch talent.
About 80 percent of companies acknowledged eLearning and online certificate programs as workable solutions to fill the gap of digital talent and confirm new job seeker certifications. Forty percent of companies surveyed have more open positions and open or ongoing projects than they can match with qualified talent, with analytics as the most sought after skill. A coffee junkie who spends most of his time writing about the latest news on social media and mobile technology. Some 34 percent of marketers said they will increase spending on traditional media in 2016, while only 19 percent of agency respondents in the survey said they expect such an increase. Brands trailed agencies in their expectations for digital spending increases across desktop, mobile, and social categories, the survey found. But for most companies, digital advertising remains dauntingly massive, complex, and obscure. But unless they have established relationships, it’s sometimes difficult to know which agencies are reliable and are a good fit with other key stakeholders in the overall process.
As a business, you will know that more and more people are heading online to purchase or research products and services which are relevant to them. We will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have, and of course, we will be able to provide you with a quote for Digital Marketing.
TV is still where the money is, but the creative momentum has shifted to digital to the point where no one cares about your $100 million spend anymore, though they're fascinated about the gratis thing you're doing on Snapchat. Sure, you can try, but no matter how many kittens and half-naked models you include, the odds of success are still long. Contagious is much larger — there are 20 people on staff — but the company not only make viral videos, but promotes them on behalf of others. While most of us think of GIFs as bait for Reddit posts or as a primary means of communication for Millennials, Graham McFarland, envisions GIFs as animated billboards for the digital age. In March, Doug Hecht, the president and COO of the San Diego-based shop Digitaria spun off Big On Mars, which claims Ford Motor, Qualcomm and GoPro as clients.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
This puzzling finding suggests two things: Brands are still struggling with the complexity of digital, and agencies are finally figuring it out. The study surveyed 165 senior level marketers and 115 marketing agency executives during December 2015.

The challenges in digital marketing are massive because of the industry’s complexity. If 34 percent of marketers are spending more on traditional advertising, it means that at least 66 percent expect to hold steady or increase their spending.
We found that mobile advertising can suck in up to 40 percent of your advertising budget on fees and commissions alone, if you’re not careful. When you work with us, you can be sure that we as a digital marketing agency will use a variety of different Online Advertising Techniques to diversify your online advertising campaign. In fact, it is quite surprising just how many people are ditching traditional channels of ‘research and purchase’ in order to find companies. Our experience as a digital marketing agency ensures that we will be able to choose the right technique for your company.
He claims that his ads get 500% more clicks than a banner ad and 100% more than a Flash ad. As Hecht told The New York Times, BOM is designed to help brands address the preponderance of connected refrigerators, smart auto dashboards and wearable devices with the appropriate technology.
As the video below explains, those IDs might let a washing machine recommend a local service agent when it needs service or allow a pharmaceutical company to produce a smart medicine bottle that reminds you when to take your pills. Contenders were limited to agencies that were actually founded in their respective states, giving homegrown shops an advantage over the satellite offices of the big networks.
Results indicate that agencies are more bullish on digital than marketers are, which may come as a surprise, since conventional wisdom in the industry is that agencies have been slower to embrace digital than brands would have liked. At our GrowthBeat Summit event in Boston last year, we heard from several brands who were dumping their agencies altogether because they felt they couldn’t rely on them to do a good job.
And yet, according to Mary Meeker’s yearly trend report, the industry is still under-spending on mobile ads by around $25 billion. It includes DMPs, DSPs, SSPs, no fewer than three different kinds of ad networks (of which there are about 1,000 currently), plus multiple kinds of ad exchanges. This ensures that you will be able to draw in quality traffic for your website from a variety of different sources.
We have worked with businesses both large and small to boost their results in a short period of time. Mainly, brands who move forward with digital tend to be those that feel they have the sophistication to do so well. Tim Staples, the agency's founding partner, says the secret is to seed would-be viral videos to a list of 8,000 sources, including bloggers, YouTube gadflies and publications specializing in viral content, including Mashable. As a Digital Marketing Agency, our job here at Oceanic SEO is to get your website known about.

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