In the absence of strategic media planning and optimization, digital advertising is like playing chess with a super computer. While brands and businesses have been successfully using banners and other forms of online advertising to drive their message to their target audiences, the digital native of today is attuned to ignore most online ads.
Whether it’s a performance display campaign to drive leads and sales cost-efficiently or a brand campaign to drive awareness, Creative Chaos can help develop a comprehensive digital media program to meet your unique business ­­­objectives.
Rather than limiting to a specific platform or online advertising channel, we develop strategic plans that utilize the best combination of available platforms and ensure you’ll be able to effectively achieve your targets. By merging sound commercial insight with innovative ideas and compelling copy with beautiful art direction we are able to craft messages that will ideally amplify your brand values and resonate with your audience. From campaign management and optimization to conversion optimization, we can help you get the most out of your marketing dollars. Digital Marketing & Advertising - Loudspeaker Concept Vector Illustration for Creative Design Works.
As new types of mobile devices are introduced, digital advertising and mobile app marketing are projected top television advertising trends and revenue in 2016. The way in which information is delivered will be a driving force for the future of digital advertising. Millennials, also know as Gen Y’s, will shift advertising trends more towards digital than television. Forecasting trends and predictions are showing digital advertising surpassing television advertising.
Smart watches and virtual reality goggles are two of the new mobile devices to make their debut in the market recently. An all-in-one solution for indoor promotions, the Digital Signage Advertising system from Armagard combines a professional-quality HD screen with our classic retail display totem. Easy to set up and highly maneuverable, our Digital Signage Advertising system lets you re-brand fast, altering your promotions without delay.
If you are interested in digital signage with Eclipse Digital Media or would like to know more, please fill out the form below. This 46″ Full HD LED, USB Updated, Slimline Digital Signage Advertising Display also feature HDMI and VGA inputs which allows you to connect any number of external devices such as a PC, Games Console or external digital signage media player.

Included with the display is a simple piece of scheduling software that allows you to set different content to play at different times of the day.
This poses a new challenge; consistently finding new ways to make interacting with a digital ad worth a consumer’s time.
We seek out relevant opportunities to develop synergies across paid, earned and owned media to amplify your campaign and ensure maximum ROI. Integrated ir motion sensor type, auto-play function starts when sensing human body, it is energy-efficient. Previous advertising trends are becoming mundane as new kinds of technology are introduced to the public. Device users are devouring both the flexibility and the speed at which information is provided. Prior generations had to park themselves in front of the tube to get their fair share of publicity.
Millennials have set the stage for mobile advertising and will continue to do so for years to come. Together they make an eye-catching and versatile unit thata€™s ideal for targeted product campaigns in your store. In particular, Armagarda€™s Digital Signage Advertising system makes highly-effective focused POS (point-of-sale) ads.
Printing can be sourced from most digital printers, and extra boards are available as an additional option. This Slimline Digital Advertising Display does not require any additional hardware such as PCs, DVD players, excess cables or software, you simply load your content onto a USB stick, plug it into the display and it plays back automatically.
The displays are commercial LED panels providing them with a wide viewing angle, high definition colour, contrast and brightness as well as being able to run for 24 hours a day. It is also possible to add a line of scrolling text to compliment your content at the bottom of the display should you wish to. To overcome this and truly yield benefit from your investment in digital advertising it is essential to adopt a data driven approach towards advertising on the web. Even though video ads are not new, many still think of them as time-consuming and irrelevant.

It also features an eco-friendly power timer that you can control and has a low consumption LED backlight providing this display notable green credentials and low operating cost. However, Google is incorporating video-based advertisements in their SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), rather than just pictures and text. Advertising companies have taken full advantage of habits of consumers by engaging them where they spend most of their attention. Companies will have to discover the users’ boundaries, learning to not overly advertise and annoy a consumer. Eventually, those ads will be second nature to users, not perceived as the annoyance they may be viewed as today. As new mobile devices introduced, they will become a gateway to how mobile advertising will surpass television advertising. We will just have to wait and see how virtual reality and smart watch advertising will affect the future.
Add motion sensor on, auto-play when someone approach, it’s energy-efficient and unique2. Auto display on when detects people by motion, auto display off when nobody there to save electricity3).
Definite time for each day (setting five periods per day) or week (setting for 7 days), actually 24 hours auto-play without anybody management4). The player can remember the program playing condition and continues to play on the breakpoint when the power is on8). It supports multi-country languages, Chinese, English and Russian, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Latin, Swedish, Danish, Portugal etc9). The daily files will auto-create in the memory cards, easy to check the played programs on your PC by TXT file13).

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