You can request a copy of the conference brochure from the Request Brochure section on the event website. Your position at the event during all lectures and networking sessions is included in the overall price. Our pricing packages allow you to choose whether to attend the pre-conference workshop or not. If you have any special needs, dietary requirements, or any disabilities that we should be aware of please let us know when registering. After requesting to join the conference, you will be contacted by a member of our team who will provide you with a conference brochure.
If you wish to speak at our conference, you should contact our production team who will investigate the speaking availability and suitability for you.
If you are interested in sponsoring this event our business development team will assist you in choosing the best package for you. In the event that you are interested in becoming a media partner for this event, then you need to contact our marketing team, who will discuss this opportunity with you. In the event that you require a visa to travel to the venue we would recommend that you register early. Jeff Gaus's top six reasons why he is attending the 5th Digital Marketing for Medical Devices West.
With winter now in full swing, most of us are counting down the days until spring's arrival brings warmer weather and, of course, the annual Digital Marketing for Medical Devices West event. New case studies - Six new case studies allow you to learn from your peers and provide a road map you can adapt to your company.
New speakers - In its fifth year, this IS the preeminent medical devices marketing conference.
Fresh faces - With more than four hours of formal networking time, you'll have plenty of opportunities to meet your peers and make new connections. Fresh perspectives - Three engaging panels allow you to gain multiple perspectives on topics that matter most, including: sales force integration, ways to stretch your budget and how to right size outside inspiration for our industry. Deep insight - Two pre-conference workshops, one focused on coordinating sales and marketing and one focused on social media, allow you to glean deeper insights on some of the most complex elements of digital marketing. Bright future - Our keynote presentation explores the digital horizons for medical devices, and it should provide us with some provocative insights into how devices can harness overarching trends such as personalization, digitalization and augmentation. Download the brochure for more information on the conference, and be sure to register by March 4 to save $200 off standard registration rates.
I look forward to personally welcoming you to San Francisco and interacting with you from onstage. The huge focus on social media marketing may have overshadowed the key principles and best practice of PR as a discipline.
I’m bringing an updated and super practical Brilliant B2B Digital Marketing presentation to approx. Part of the MADE Festival of Entrepreneurship, I’ll be taking delegates through my seven step B2B digital marketing approach.
Honed from a career working in, and with, a range of diverse B2B companies, it’s going to be an example packed session, delivered to inspire, so show how to use digital tools to raise profile, drive engagement and generate business leads.
You’ll leave brimming with ideas to kick start your business marketing in areas including digital strategy, websites, search, content marketing, social media, conversion rate optimisation and measurement.
Delegates also have a chance to get an exclusive PDF copy of Brilliant B2B Digital Marketing 220 page e-book, created in conjunction with Dave Chaffey’s Smart Insights. Your business might be telling an exciting, captivating and helpful story… but is the right person telling it? Specialist knowledge comes from an in-depth understanding only built up from previous experience of facing up to and conquering similar challenges.
So, thinking about how businesses marketers brand their companies in a bid to commercialise their offering, isn’t it a good idea to actually put that brand offer in the hands of the people who have created it? There is a commercial benefit to going down this route too; experts with highly prized knowledge can demonstrate value and attract a potential premium.
Many company owners know where the revenue sits, and who creates the products and services that are successfully monetised. Is it that we would rather they focus on the solutions despite the fact those solutions are best informed by direct customer feedback?
The reality is that the model most companies use to manage customer relationships is broken and the experience we are delivering is actually risking the relationship long term. Long term success in the modern consultative sell means understanding that many B2B buying decisions often come down to fine margins. There has been a strong track record of companies using key people in their marketing (as heroes) and this, depending on the type of company you are, can be a real winner. My advice: Be daring and place the experts in your business in a position to engage in customer dialogue. And, for your next marketing campaign, regardless of whether you are setting acquisition, retention or engagement KPIs, think about what is going to resonate most with the audience you’re targeting.
Webinar’s are a great way to get a message out to a hard to reach and diverse group as well as being an enduring content asset. If you’re joining one or both of these free sessions, use the comment function below to ask questions in advance.

Coming up as part of a day long content marketing summit on Wednesday 13th August, I’ll be talking at 2pm GMT on the thorny issue of content marketing in b2b. To me there is no doubt that the most pressing imperative facing modern marketers is engaging the business as a whole in the practice of marketing. In this webinar, that will run live and be available for on demand viewing afterwards, I’ll be looking at how ten major European b2b businesses have successfully traded in expertise. From experience, I think the B2B sales pipeline requires a more integrated mix that blends PR, advertising, direct marketing, events, training, sales and distributor support and increasing consideration for customer experience online.
You don’t see B2B brands taking out pages in the weekend supplements, prime time commercial radio slots, splashes on the Yahoo! Budget matters in B2B because we need to see conversion and a steady movement towards conversion in increasingly niche clusters of customers. Managing a marketing budget and investing in the right activities, tools and technologies is one of the biggest challenges facing the modern B2B marketer.
Try assessing your marketing spend in a way that fits more agreeably with how the boardroom plan for the business.
60% – Investing in service and expertise that adds value, retains and grows business with existing customers. Anyway you look at it, whether you take a simplified or complicated view, money matters in when it comes to B2B marketing. This post originally appeared on the BDB blog but has been edited for the Marketing Assassin site.
The latest B2B Leaders report published by B2B Marketing at the end of 2013 provides some useful insights into the thoughts of senior marketers and their views on brand, performance, team and personal reputation management. The B2B Leaders report, an online survey of 100 marketing leaders, involved marketing directors, heads of marketing and marketing with an average 15 years experience, reporting into board or leadership teams and controlling ?188m of accumulated marketing spend. Responding to questions around how they rate their rate their brand relative to the competition, 80% thought their organisational brand is clearly defined and 72% thought it was clearly differentiated from competitors. But to be better respected, B2B marketers need to become more adept and more proficient in setting goal based objectives for every single activity and in evaluating achievement with appropriate tools.
Commenting on how they ensure their team was comprised with the right set of skills, 79% of respondents said their team had skills gaps, but only 26% said all the team had a structured development training programme in place. If marketers are not making time for training in the latest advances in marketing best practice, creativity and technology it is perhaps no surprise that teams are ill-equipped to master modern marketing. Assessing their own personal reputation, 93% admitted they saw room for personal improvement.
Good B2B marketing leaders acknowledge areas for development of their teams and themselves, and recognise the importance of spending time on maximising harmony within teams towards the achievement of common goals. As B2B Marketing editor-in-chief Joel Harrison comments, a perfect storm of the “post credit crunch economic strife of the last five years” coupled with a rising tide of technological advances and a need to return to true customer centric positioning has driven significant organisational change. Understanding your operating environment, your customers and your ability to service them efficiently, profitably and knowledgably remain the underlying and enduring marketing challenges most businesses face. How often does a marketing campaign fail to meet its objectives because of a lack of uptake by the intended audience? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, stop throwing money away on marketing and destroying its credibility in your boardroom until you find out. And if there are too many audience groups to know where to start, begin with the one that is either being poorly served, you can really service better than everyone else or that is the most profitable. I thought it was useful in providing links to the NewsReach piece to also share my other observations on where I think marketing needs to move to in 2014. Type #contentmarketing into Google or Twitter and you’ll get scores of soothsayers talking about it. Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. We recommend you review these 6 key digital media channel approaches for opportunities to reach more prospects. Our 7 Steps to creating a digital strategy guide explains approaches to customer acquisition and visibility. Capid Houser provides an integrated digital marketing service for businesses that includes includes email marketing, social media marketing, content creation and posting, social contests and lead generation. The final version of the conference brochure, along with hard copies of the presentations will be provided to you on the first day of the conference.
This includes all refreshments, lunches, and any additional networking sessions included in the conference brochure.
However, we do limit the number of attendees to ensure that our conferences allow you time to network with the right people without being over-crowded. Alternatively, a credit card guarantee is required if the payment has not been received in full prior to the event. Once we have received the payment for your participation, we shall send you the invitation letter that is required to process your visa application. This year's event is taking place on April 18-20 in San Francisco and I wanted to share with you my top six reasons for participating at this conference.
For 2016, 80% of the speakers have not presented at a similar event ever before, so we are sure to learn something new.
Please mention Priority Code C788PMN when registaering so we know how you heard about this event.

In this bootcamp we review the critical role of traditional PR techniques in the digital marketing context with leading exponents of the art of PR in digital marketing. But outside the major multinationals and technology brands, there is a dearth of useful B2B marketing advice for grass roots marketers to draw upon. The people who are best placed to build strong credibility because of their inherent capability? Whilst, the primary driver may well be for products that deliver improvement, save time, reduce waste, use sustainable materials and more, the value add and interpersonal chemistry matter.
Adopt a model where you tap into their expertise and begin to demonstrate the value you profess to bring by replacing selling with serving. Think about having your people who do amazing things day in day out, bring that story to life – and in doing so, begin to place them right at the heart of the narrative.
In this free webinar in conjunction with Dave Chaffey and SmartInsights, I’m going to reveal, using examples, how to apply six of the critical elements of the modern B2B marketing toolkit. Webinar attendees will leave equipped with a stepped process to creating their own customer advocacy programmes. Businesses trade in expertise which is locked in people that are not always customer facing. This webinar sheds light on how to use content to build a robust customer focused marketing platform – that itself positions your experts right at the forefront. I’ll take you through what they did and how their experience can be applied to your business. These are nuts and bolts, engineering, building and manufacturing companies that need to use content marketing to tell a benefit story before selling a functional product.
There are lots of ways to dump budget fast – that’s probably why big ticket items like advertising campaigns and trade shows are the first to go when budgets get cut.
Instead of a long shopping list of linked activities, try mapping spend across the following parameters.
There are concerns about the support required to implement meaningful marketing though with more than half querying the resource and budget commitment.
At the opposite ends of the spectrum, 6% said they could judge ROI all of the time and only 17% said rarely.
Reading between the lines, it’s undeniable that the skills and attributes of a modern B2B marketing leader are evolving, with facilitation, influencing and collaboration becoming ever more important. Content marketing, the process of positioning yourself or your business as expert through providing help, counsel and insight, is where your battle will be won and lost.
Creative, graphic content will increase as use of sites like Pinterest increase in business.
A In our advice we focus on the acquisition channels that we think matter the most to be successful online like Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing and Online PR. Furthermore, after the event all conference materials shall be made available for download with the post-show report. If you are staying at the event venue, you may be eligible for a discounted rate, this however is not guaranteed. A no refunds policy exists for cancellations received on or after one month before the event.
Learning key tips, advice and best practice to apply in your own role with the author of Brilliant B2B Digital Marketing and some special guests. But right now, I’ve got a couple of new webinars coming up 19th and 20th November that I wanted to share with you. If you have questions or observations on what you would like covered in the webinar, leave a comment on this blog post. See if you are promoting the best bits of your offer to the right people by comparing where and how you currently invest. Just remember that an infographic needs two things – information and a nice, engaging, professional look and feel.
If you cancel within one month of the event, you will be liable to pay the full price that was agreed at the time of booking.
In the event that outside of one month of the conference your visa application has been denied please inform us immediately, as we shall transfer your registration to a related event of your choosing free of charge. If this is not suitable, the normal cancellation policy shall apply, and you shall be refunded 50% of the attendance cost. However you must provide us with prior knowledge of any name changes or substitutions, as permission will be denied at the event for those not registered for the event. However if you contact us within one month of the conference to inform us that your visa application has been denied, then you shall be liable for full payment of the attendance fee.
As a gesture of goodwill, we will however offer a 50% discount off the cost for the next conference that you wish to attend in the future.

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