Initially it used to be called Urchin Software and was an independent web analytics US-based company that eventually was acquired by Google in March 2005 to bring knowledge needed to build Google Analytics. Urchin as paid software has been offered by Google till March 2012, offering #web analytics services for advanced needs (here is a list of the main differences between GA free and Urchin 6). In the meantime Google Analytics since its first launch in November 2005 (invitation-only, the public definitive release was not available until middle 2006) has been further developed to reach the current stage where it is offered in two versions: free and paid (Premium). 7) The new Google Analytics 360 Suite launched in March 2016 has a new set of logos and here GA, that just became part of the suite, has a new design (no more up and down, just a positive trend this time), keeping the same colour.

It is essential to put every known mechanism to better use in this era of […]With The Physical Web, You Become The Search Engine March 2016What if everything could send out its own web link? That, essentially, is the idea behind the Physical Web, a new open-source approach to beacons that Google announced last summer. If Google’s initiative catches on, digital marketing will need to expand beyond targeting users, to targeting the physical world. For content to consistently grow your business, it takes more than just a great piece ofSee it on, via Digital Marketing Toolkit.

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