It's What We DoUNIFEYED is an innovative team of expert consultants, user-experience designers, and developers specializing in custom web sites and mobile apps for small to large size companies. Web DevelopmentWe leverage the technical aspects of design, development and current internet strategies to create custom solutions for reaching your objectives. Our group on Facebook to discuss with other digital marketers latest news and strategies in SEO and SMM.
If you are running a blog, news website and you want your visitor to get update on Mobile as well then you are on right place. Digital Marketing is a technique in which individual can target and measure marketing efforts with the help of digital technologies.
Facebook app is useful for all Facebook users as they can see the latest update of their friends as well update their status on the go. By installing LinkedIn App in mobile one can avail all the facilities offered by LinkedIn in desktop.
Launching of a marketing campaign, official information exchange, making instant decision and file sharing has become so convenient that any marketer can do these activities on the go. Outlook – It is the latest app of Microsoft’s Office to check and manage outlook mails on mobile phones.
Blogger – Blogger is originally a desktop blogging tool but installing its app enables marketers to manage their blog from mobile phones. Facebook – Facebook is the most prominent social media network to carry SEM operations and installing Facebook app in mobiles phone enables user to check, like and share posts at Facebook page very easily.
LinkedIn – The official LinkedIn App helps user to keep in contact with its professional network.
Quick Win Digital Marketing Lite – This is the ultimate app to find answers of the top 100 digital marketing questions. Google Drive – This app is used to save data online instead of keeping pen and diary every time.
TED – It is one of the most useful apps for digital marketers as it allows them to get access to the talk from legendry and most skilled professionals of their industry. Hootsuite – Hootsuite is the must have app for digital marketers dealing especially in social media marketing as it creates a single dashboard that helps to manage all social media websites with a single touch.
All these apps help Digital Marketing Professionals to speed up and streamline their promotional activities. Moreover, small business owners are enrolling themselves for Digital Marketing Training in Delhi to get to explore several channels of promotion used in Digital Marketing. Historical Victory of ‘Aam Aadmi Party’ proves the power of Social MediaIs Mobile Marketing Actually going to lead Digital Marketing in India? Consumers use their mobile devices to find the information they want when they want it. They rely on the instant accessibility of mobile applications to instantly tell them what they need to know, so they can make their buying decisions and get on with what they were doing. Smart business owners understand how powerful and important mobile marketing is to their bottom line.
Make your customers feel special by offering discounts, coupons, and promotions just for downloading your app. Let customers quickly tell all of their friends about you using the built-in sharing capabilities of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your blog, SMS, and Email. Gather names and email addresses directly inside your app and easily export them into your favorite email marketing campaign service. Provide up-to-date information about all of your business events, sales, and promotions with an in-app events calendar that anyone can access.
Fill your app with information about your business, service offerings, product samples, menus, and more. Make it simple for customers to reach you using one touch calling, email, a website link, and GPS directions to to your business—all from inside your app.
Allow customers to leave feedback on your fan wall, share photos, make restaurant reservations, and send comments in a variety of ways.
Contact UsAnte cualquier consulta no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nosotros a la siguiente direccion de email. Little by little and without realizing it, we use more and more apps, to communicate, to inform, to entertain us, to find a place, to know the weather, etc, etc.

And the truth is a dynamic market, which is very important to have the right partner who every day is living to this context to get the best out of our app.
Our experienced staff works closely with your team to plan, design, and build digital products for mission-critical business solutions. Get subscribed to our RSS feed to be informed first to learn about new blog posts published. Don’t worry Fill in the Mobile Apps form and we will help you to find best solution for you. So, marketer can know where visitors are going and how to convert them in potential customer.
BloggerIt is perfect tool for bloggers and digital marketers to update and edit posts on the go. Digital Marketers and business owners can be in direct contact with their friends or business associates on FaceBook and updates them with latest news of the business instantly. User can keep constant contact with the professionals in his network and all the activities done on LinkedIn. Quick Win Digital Marketing LiteThe app is made on the basis of the book by Annmarie Hanlon and Joanna Atkins.
TEDDigital Marketers can also use this app to flourish and excel by getting access to talk to the legendry and the most skilled professionals of the industry. Google DriveIt is the best option to save all the information including contacts and get carefree about losing it as it can be retrieved anytime and anywhere. HootsuiteIt is one of the most useful apps for Digital Marketers as it helps the user to manage all social media websites with a single touch. OutlookLast but not least is Outlook as it is the MicroSoft’s platform used by all business professionals to send and receive emails. The devices are getting smaller and the reach of marketers to their audience is getting quicker and wider. Here are some mobile apps that help Digital marketing professionals to accelerate their promotional activities by being available to manage operations anytime. The videos can be easily downloaded and stored in the TED Talks library to play according to the user’s convenience.
It helps marketers to schedule and manage social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest etc. The industry is growing in India with leaps and bounds creating high demand of trained professionals to conduct promotional operations for business. They are well aware that customers are moving to Digital world and they need to have a sound Digital Marketing strategy to retain existing and acquire new customers. Our Mobile Apps level the playing field for small businesses, giving them equal access to technologies and providing the capabilities to take advantage of the new mobile economy.
They use mobile apps to connect with customers, share the latest news, promote great deals, increase foot traffic, take reservations, and generate more revenues. Having one adds serious credibility to your business—especially among those who don’t know how easy we make it. A recent report says that in the USA the users of smartphones  already spend more than 1 hour a day using apps. First I have to understand that I need to have the app in iOS (iphones and ipods, Apple) and Android (Motorola, Samsung, LG, HTC, etc.) mainly, also for Blackberry and Windows phone, but certainly for tablets (Android and iOS). Given the huge number of brands of phones that use Android, and while we know that it is the operating system par excellence, who buy more apps are Apple users.
Because I will be seen, and of course I will have more downloads than if you do not see my app. I’m a Bank and I want my clients to use the app and it is the new way to communicate with the Bank. I am a tourism company and I want they have an app on hand with prices of hotels, tickets, cars, and which they can buy.
A smart phone in your pocket can now be taken as a small packet of tools to manage various marketing business activities in professional life. Users can also read, post and update the content as well as can like and comment on the updates of the others.

Marketers can seek latest trends and information from industry influencers, follow them and get their guidance.
The videos can also be downloaded and saved in the TEDTalks library to watch later anytime or many times. People not having active Google account can make the most of this as it also keeps the data safe and fetches full backup whenever required. Social Media Managers can manage all their social media accounts on the go as well as they can schedule and manage the posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest etc. It is the latest app of Microsoft’s Office which enables the user to check and manage outlook mails on mobile phones.
Marketers having these installed in their smart phones can match the pace of the fast moving digital marketing industry. From desktops to portable laptops and tablets, marketers are not only targeting mobile phones users with promotional activities but also manage these activities through mobile devices. It handles IMAP (email protocol) supported by many major email providers, including AOL and Comcast.
It facilitates with easy photo uploads as well as location services that allow geo tags to share your location. He can receive regular insights, create connections, stay in contact with the existing connections, access and answer messages as well as follow & keep in touch with the industry influencers. Marketers use this platform to share latest and updated information regarding the industry vertical they are dealing in.
The app encompasses information about all the aspects of Digital Marketing including introduction to techniques and tools and their uses, how to do guide, how to use tools for promotional practices, online branding as well as Managing, Measuring and Money Making online etc.
Share files, graphics, and even videos of huge size easily and conveniently to manage your business anytime and anywhere. It is also known that there are strategies to position the app in the Apple appstore though Googleplay is to be seen.
The appstores are categorized by paid and free apps (also are highlights, news, recommended the most downloaded, etc.).
There’s no single way, there are many and here it is important to understand everything that what can be done and what is the best strategy for myself. CPC (cost per Click) or CPI (cost per installation), and this decision is based if I test device or not. Digital Marketers can make the best use of it by installing some useful apps and using them on the go.
Replying comments instantly helps them to interact with the readers and being available for them every time to keep them engaged. The app is highly rich in information and provides all information including techniques and tools and their uses, how to use tools for promotional practices, how to do guide, online branding as well as Managing, Measuring and Money Making online etc. I have completed my graduation in Information Technology and I have started my career as SEO Analyst in 2009 and still pursuing it. The app allows the user to customize swipe gesture to right or left for deleting, archiving, moving, flagging, scheduling or marking read or unread.
But the important thing is in my category (there are about 20 in each) to be well positioned (between the top 10 o top 25) of the country having as market-objective. It also allows the user to customize some features like swipe gestures to right or left for moving, archiving, deleting, flagging, scheduling and many more.
Most businesses now have their own app and place them in the apple app store or android Google play. This app will allow all your customers and the public to be able to check out your business or shop while at home, on the bus, at work or in another store. So to make sure that you can be ahead of the competition and get some business let McQueen be the ones to create your app and wow the public.

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