It was just a coincidence for me to get my certificates for completing social media marketing and email marketing course (certificates images are displayed below) at location near Tahrir Square here in Cairo. The story of attending the sessions begun before my current status as internet marketer and social media consultant. I saw an announcement for a Danish marketing expert who will present extensive training sessions covering both social media marketing and email marketing.
Although Michael gained his marketing experience in Europe, he was aware of Arabic culture.
This course provides a complete overview of all aspects of the digital landscape and how to integrate and use them to achieve business and marketing objectives.

This program has been approved by the New Jersey Department of Labor for workforce training grants. Each of our instructors is a working professional from industry with at least 20 years of experience. To register for a course, all new students will take a placement test which consists of both a written and a spoken section for Free.
He is originally a professional marketing consultant since a decade and this helped him to deliver a very solid content in a dynamic interactive way. Some of examples highlighted in the class about social media, internet marketing, and email marketing; were derived from local cases such as Vodafone Egypt case.

It is designed to cover the complete marketing mix and be relevant across multiple roles and disciplines, whether client side or agency. This course is especially useful for those with no formal project management training, as it builds up the project management process from first principles. They are senior project managers who bring a wealth of practical expertise to every workshop.

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