Are you excited at the chance of working for a pioneering company that is the market leader in Digital Marketing? This is a consultative sales role and I am looking for driven sales personnel as this is a great opportunity to join an extremely hard working & focused team and contribute towards the success of this company. DESCRIPTION DISABLED Job Description: a€? Conduct process and method improvement focusing on materials engineering.
Digital, marketing and creative jobs in Auckland, NZ, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Singapore - Font media centre. Human Resources discusses Singapore's 2015 Budget, featuring commentary from font regional director Priya Bala on Singapore's changing workplace and the approach employers need to take. Specialist recruiter Font has appointed branding and communications expert Megan Savory as its New Zealand country manager. Specialist recruiter font has announced senior regional appointments to drive the company's growth across Asia.
Nearly half of marketing professionals across Asia-Pacific will be looking for other job opportunities in the New Year. Almost half of New Zealand marketing professionals will be looking for other job opportunities in the New Year.
Nearly half (42%) of marketing professionals across Asia-Pacific will be looking for other job opportunities in the New Year, said a study done by marketing recruiter font. According to a recent survey by recruitment company font,  four in 10 marketers will be looking for a new job in 2015. Majority of marketing professionals in Singapore are dissatisfied with their jobs, a 51% say that they will leave their present bosses in the new year.
A study released today by recruitment firm font showed that Singapore’s marketing professionals are the most dissatisfied in the region.
An organisation is largely shaped by the quality of its hires, and it is important for NFPs to source quality talent to focus on its causes! There are many overlooked, attractive benefits and career building opportunities in NFPs, that hiring managers need to start informing candidates of. What does professional accreditation say about you as a professional, and how important is it? If people really are your greatest assets then taking the time to find out all you need to know is important.
Nearly 60 percent of workers are ready to sacrifice sleep for the night race and its celebrations which are expected to end late Sunday night, according to a survey by recruitment agency font.
The survey 'Life in the Fast Lane' was conducted by recruitment company font and canvassed 100 figures in Singapore, from marketing, digital, communications and creative roles. These were the findings of Life in the Fast Lane, a survey done by specialist recruiters font. Two thirds of marketers in Singapore said that banking on the Singapore Formula 1 (F1) Grand Prix for consumer outreach is a worthwhile investment. The Singapore Grand Prix is recognised by marketers as a beneficial investment for brand marketing, but industry leaders best prepare for an imminent productivity dip among marketers during the week of the anticipated night race. The study of 100 marketers and agency staff by recruiting firm font found that SingTel dominated in terms of brand recall (33 per cent). NATIONAL carrier Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) is keen on collaborating with the government in developing new strategies to promote tourism in Brunei. RB's chief executive officer Karam Chand (pic) said that this collaboration will align RB's marketing efforts towards building better customer retention.
In an interview with The Brunei Times, Chand lauded the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism’s (MPRT) plans to keep tourism promotion and marketing costs down via the use of information communications technology (ICT). Chand said RB’s current plan is focusing on digital marketing to put Brunei on the global map. He added that the use of ICT tools would help travellers in transit to know more about the tourist spots in the sultanate. During the interview, the CEO also said that RB will expand its fleet to meet the demand of local and foreign travellers. During the 12th Legislative Council meeting, MPRT minister Yang Berhormat Dato Paduka Hj Ali Hj Apong said the ministry will use ICT tools to promote and market tourism, adding that the allocated budget of $250,000 for tourism promotion would be sufficient in accomplishing this. He said that the ministry is in plans to develop a system which would feed tourists with information on local attractions and places of interest upon arrival. Meanwhile, an officer at the MPRT said in an interview last week that the ministry will come up with the system within this year to “ensure tourists are aware about tourist spots in Brunei”.
Digital, marketing and creative jobs in Auckland, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore – contact us at Font.
At font, we currently have four offices located in Asia and New Zealand, specialising in recruitment for the Digital, Marketing and Creative industries.
Whether you are searching for your next career opportunity or need to fill a specialised job vacancy, we have the in-depth industry knowledge and expertise to help you achieve the best result. We get to the core of your identity whether you are a business or an individual and with our knowledge, help you reach your potential.
My music industry experience taught me how to problem solve, the importance of confidentiality, time-management and managing a vast range of personalities - from global superstars to the schoolgirl who's dream it is to be a songwriter. After I left the music industry I spent two and a half years working in the Branded Content team at MediaWorks, in both Radio and Television. Working for font talent as a recruitment consultant made sense, as it was a way that I could use my previous experience to help others working in a similar space. I’m interested in all kinds of new stuff, but above all I love to meet new people and learn new things from them. After graduating with a Political Science degree from University of Washington, I started my career in the business development team of a tech-firm in Hong Kong.

I joined Font as it gave me the opportunity to combine my love of all things digital and engage with interesting companies and great people. Getting into recruitment just made sense as I have always loved to help people, solve problems and maintain relationships with my clients and peers. I am a specialist recruiter within the Advertising industry and through my years of recruitment, I have managed to build a strong connection with my clients and candidates. Prior to joining the font family in Malaysia, I was a project executive for an event management company that manages some of the most interesting events in Malaysia with a wide range of clientele. When I am not trying to match the best candidate for the best job out there, I love spending my time traveling and indulging in local cultures. With knowledge and expertise from both sides of the spectrum, I am able to provide insights and win-win solutions to both clients and candidates. Having held leadership roles for over a decade, my strength is in building and managing teams to deliver exceptional service and results. Seeing as we spend most of our time at work, I believe that it’s important to love what you do, be around people who share the same passion and work in an environment that best suits you. So tell me all about your great pursuit in this industry and we’ll work on getting you there! I started off my career in hospitality sales for six years and enjoyed every bit of it, especially meeting people from all walks of life.
I am indeed a true believer of the philosophy that every single one alive has a unique identity, passion and skill sets of his or her own that can never be identical or replaced by anyone else.
Hence, with 3 memorable years of experience in the PR, Communications and Advertising Industry, a cheerful personality along with my perpetual fondness in connecting with people from all walks of life - I am committed to assisting individuals to live up to their passion whilst finding them their desired careers in the Creative Field.
So do get in touch and lets explore that dream job or next step for you in the Creative industry! With a degree in Accounting and Finance, and a 12 year career in the international conference industry, I have been fortunate to explore the world and expand my global network. With this new turning point in my life recruiting for the marketing portfolio, I am excited to speak to you if you are looking for new challenges. I kick started my career in recruitment 13 years ago but decided to go back into digital because I didn't want my hard earned degree to go to waste. Along the way many people have observed that I have an engaging personality and suggested that I venture into a career that was more frontline and 'people-oriented'. Armed with close to three years’ worth of experience in the PR industry, I strive to build relationships and connect the right people to the right jobs. Like all PR people, I have a larger than life personality, the ability to keep calm during times of crises and the untreatable addiction to caffeine.
With over 15 years of expertise I've taken care of marketing strategies and creative challenges for clients and delivered with enthusiasm and common sense.
I am excited to collaborate with you, whether it is adding new talent to your team or that you are looking for a new challenge in your career.
I bring 17 years experience in the creative industry and a real passion for helping people realise their dream jobs and help companies secure the best talent. My creative journey started in animation where I worked as an animator, then moving onto the tertiary sector leading a team of tutors. I am very excited about social media, technology and the future developments in an ever evolving industry.
I am part of the freelance and temp team at font, if you want to share your expertise and skills or if you are looking for great interim solutions then give me a call.
After living and working in London, Sydney and now Auckland I can honestly say, there is no place like home, so working with the talented folk at font was an easy move. I found my niche in Relationship and Account Management and worked for several iconic brands across brand development and experiential.
My approach is simple, people are the most important resource you will ever invest in so take your time to get it right.
I am part of the permanent team at font and work across all spheres of business from Account Management to Digital placements, if you're my next candidate or client, give me a call at font. Having worked with clients big and small, across multiple industries, I have found one essential game changer across them all that has made a difference, and that is customer service. The right people are always out there and I have a passion for getting the right result, however the way in which you handle the process is a key fundamental to a true partnership.
Allow me to curb your hunger for success, call or email me for a confidential discussion and to explore possibly opportunities.
With over 6 years in human resources and 8 years in regional business development, across aviation, banking and finance, I have learnt that the best way to build profits is to put people first. I consider it a privilege to be a talent agent at font, as it empowers me to literally change the life of an individual by placing them in their dream job, and for every hire I am contributing to the success of my client’s business.
Equally I love working with great talent who want my expertise in finding the right next move - not just technically but also identifying the environments to help them grow and enjoy going to work everyday. Do you enjoy having the opportunity to interact with different people from all industries on a daily basis?
Your position would be a Digital Marketing Consultant, building strong client relationships and new business contacts . Jacqui Barratt, company director at font, discusses the global trends with accreditation and whether it is helpful in advancing your career.
Whilst there are many questions you can ask these three critical questions are great starting points! Holding on tight and going along for the ride will just not work either for your business or for our craft that is recruitment.

And roughly half of those polled believe that the Singapore Grand Prix could be the most important event in Singapore to do so, according to the study Life in the Fast Lane by recruiting firm font.
It’s a huge event that offers great brand awareness not only at the racing circuit, but also online.
Singapore Airlines was second, with 19 per cent, then Ferrari (12 per cent), Red Bull (6 per cent) trailed, Tiger Beer (two per cent) and Shell (two per cent). And what if you could fire away job applications during your daily commute to score that dream role? But MPRT will work with any companies or industrial players to further improve our tourism industry,” said the MPRT officer who declined to be named.
Very few positions give the insight into every industry sector and clients of every size, whilst connecting you with fantastic people. I worked in numerous roles for two of the biggest record labels in the world – Warner Music and EMI (now part of Universal Music). My time at MediaWorks gave me insights into working alongside both media and creative agencies, and with corporate marketing teams.
Throughout my career I have worked closely with numerous agencies, and built partnerships with a number of different brands. I am very happy to be a part of Font and looking forward to working with various clients, helping candidates achieve their goals and building relationships. I am highly motivated and would run the extra mile to provide the best recruitment experience for you. I am now looking forward to connecting with our clients across Asia and helping them achieve. But I believe that continuous evolution is the essence of life, and we should embrace change with open arms, as with change comes endless opportunities. Put someone in a new environment where they are forced to try new things and they can surprise even themselves. Recruitment has been a pleasant change for me, one I welcomed with open arms and will continue to do so till my time is up. I'll work hard to understand your business drivers and how we can work together to find the right person for you. I started off in the IT sector in 1999 and my experiences have transitioned from IT centric to recruitment since then.
More recently I have been involved in career mentoring, job placement and facilitating workshops for clients from a wide range of creative backgrounds, mainly in graphic design, animation, and the digital space.
If you need help sourcing your next star Account Manager or Digital and Marketing specialist, I'm here to help. I have a great understanding of what it takes to find you your dream job and I’ll listen to your needs.
My role is to keep the business running smoothly with my lightning administrative and financial skills that I developed through many years of producing and managing media projects. Multi- nationals, SME’s or start ups I have exposure across all and love the diversity my role brings. So, it’s a no surprise to see that social media is the number one marketing medium for the F1 Night Race, according to a study done by specialist recruiters font.
Jacqui Barratt, company director of font, discusses why mobiles may be the new face of recruitment.
Now at font as Malaysia's Office Manager, I am loving it, not only because I am able to self-manage, but I'm also improving my organizational skills on a daily basis. Having lived, studied and worked in 3 continents, I believe I am a child of the world, and open to new experiences. As long as you keep an open mind full of positive thoughts, good things are sure to happen. My goal is to ensure everyone I meet gets a fair chance to be in a job they love, just like me! Having led a successful business in Singapore I made the move to Font to be more involved in the cutting edge digital transformations that our clients are working through.
I will seek to understand your needs, whether you are a candidate seeking a job, a client with open requirements, a peer, or one of my team looking to develop their career. After graduating from Curtin University of Technology in 2007 with a Bachelor of Commerce, I began my career with one of the big four accounting firms. In many ways I am the ballast of the ship that provides stability and keep it moving forwards. I think the reason why many people don’t leave their jobs and are stuck in their daily rut is because they’re afraid of leaving their comfort zone! I then moved into the world of Advertising after realizing my strong interest in marketing.
I liaise with the management and talent agents at font to play my part delivering the best possible experience to our clients and candidates.
Having worked in media for over three years, I’ve seen how that feeling of boredom and not being appreciated can really affect the quality of work.
But the thought of tackling a new challenge utilizing the knowledge and skills I have gained previously is an exhilarating one and I want to help you feel that too.

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