Job Spotlight is a Stewart, Cooper & Coon supply and demand data resource focusing on specific titles and geographies.
The data are designed to give you a view of the market and competitive trends for senior-level positions. For all of you Digital Marketing Managers, here are some facts for the period of December 2014 to November 2015. A job posting is a channel through which human resources or a recruiter posts all of its available vacancies on job boards or internally in order to give an opportunity to its existing employees or outside competition.
The demand for Digital Marketing Managers had been rapidly rising for several months but has seen a small dip in recent months.

Below are the top 10 companies posting Digital Marketing Manager positions as open during this time frame and the number of jobs listed during this time period.
The percentage of Digital Marketing Managers who are willing to relocate is very low; this may be the edge you need.
Convenience store chain Centra is opening 20 new shops around the country in the months ahead which will create 400 positions With an existing 465 stores, Centra already employs almost 10,000 people.
We require an experienced Marketing Executive to drive the marketing activities of the business. By identifying your competition, as well as who is seeking talent for this level of executive employment, you will be better positioned to take advantage of this knowledge and plan your search strategies accordingly.

During this period, there were 5,0201 active candidates looking to secure a position as a Digital Marketing Manager in the New York, NY area, and there were 23,8312 job postings during that same time period. In other words, there were over 400% more job openings at this level than job seekers and 172,0724 in the Total Available Workforce for Digital Marketing Managers throughout New York City.
Leveraging LinkedIn for Job Search Success 2015 will transform how you use LinkedIn on a daily basis and create a profile that will WOW recruiters and hiring managers. No person, company or entity may remove or modify any branding, marks, copyright or trademark notices, or any other notices or disclaimers set forth in any of this data or report without Stewart, Cooper and Coon prior written consent, or otherwise modify the data or the contents of this data or this report in any way so as to falsely or otherwise misrepresent its content.

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