This state of flux has swung open the doors for entrepreneurs, usual refugees from big agencies looking to capitalize on new opportunities while their counterparts are riding the TV gravy train to the last stop. Ask anyone who knows and they'll tell you that it's fairly impossible to create a viral video. Yet the New York-based Thinkmodo has had viral hit after viral hit including "Bubba's Hovercraft," "Flying People" and, most recently "Devil Baby," which have all racked up millions of views. The only other agency that appears to be devoted full-time to creating viral videos is Contagious, a Los Angeles shop founded in November. McFarland's company, the Austin, Texas-based Cinegif, makes GIFs on behalf of clients like John Deere, Coors' Blue Moon pseudo craft beer and the Texas Monthly.
As previously reported, the ad world is transfixed at the moment by the vision of a world of connected devices. While that scenario hasn't materialized yet, a couple of ad agencies are trying to get out in front of the trend. MediaWe link major brands as well as leading advertising agencies with our clients – creating meaningful connections.Through our contacts and long lasting international relationships with major brands and leading advertising and media sales agencies we provide our clients access to marketing and advertising spending covering the entire media spectrum. Read more about the various opportunities UCOB Ventures offers their clients through its international DOOH network. Learn more about how UCOB Ventures is organized, what our passion is and where our expert knowledge comes from. No Pakistani brand manager, or advertising agency, can afford to ignore this market anymore. With their clients increasingly demanding digital media as part of their marketing strategy, advertising agencies are scrambling to include digital advertising as part of their portfolio of services, according to sources in the advertising business.
The Pakistani internet population has grown less than 10,000 in 1996 to well over 20 million in 2011, according to statistics compiled by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority. Some of the leading names in digital advertising in Pakistan are specialist players, who often focus on internet and text message advertising, such as Converge, which focuses on helping companies reach customers through social media platforms, as well as mass text messaging.
One of the oldest specialist digital media players is Symmetry Digital, which started in 2003 and claims to be the largest online advertising agency in the country. The advent of these firms has forced the older firms to either build up their own digital media capabilities or partner with these niche players. On the other hand, Lowe & Rauf, easily one of the oldest advertising agencies in the country, has decided to build up its digital media capabilities from scratch.
According to research conducted by B Solutions, a Lahore-based digital media agency, about 60% of Pakistani consumers engage with brands online. Media NewsMumbai, August 3, 2012MTunes HD - India's first Bollywood Music Channel in HD has announced the launch of its unique countdown show called 'MTunes Trending20', presented by Bharti Airtel. Guinness World Records has announced the latest social media world records, including most 'likes', 'dislikes' and followers, with Charlie Sheen breaking records for fastest time to reach 1 million followers on Twitter. MySpace; digital ad-targeting firm Specific Media and private equity firm Golden Gate Capital. Social gaming firm Zynga is preparing to file for an initial public offering as early as today and hopes to raise up to $2bn, according to a news report. Google has launched a new online sharing tool 'Google+' , as the search giant once again attempts to gain ground on Facebook in the social media arena. Facebook has launched its eighth ad format, dubbed the 'comment' ad unit, letting brands provoke debate from potential customers on the social network. Twitter is mulling plans to insert 'promoted tweets' in the platform's main messages stream in a bid to accelerate ad revenue growth, according to a news report. Google has launched a new feature which enables users to manage their own identity on the web as they relate to Google services and search engine results. Brands have been warned against taking advantage of new technology to advertise to children, after a survey revealed that 88 per cent of parents are unaware of Facebook advertising's influence on their young. Twitter has launched a built-in link shortening service that automatically condenses long URLs down to 19 characters.
Facebook has bought Dutch software and interface design company Sofa for an undisclosed amount. While brands have followed swiftly to raise their profile with social media savvy consumers for e-commerce success, it appears that when it comes to advertising on social media, consumers may not be on the same page, according to new research. New Yahoo mail research on how we keep in touch says social networks have changed Britain into 'Generation 140'. Facebook has started rolling out a facial recognition feature worldwide, with a tool called 'Tag Suggestions', sparking controversy for not informing users of the change. Facebook has lost further ground to YouTube and Twitter in the UK, with the micro-blogging site boosted by the ongoing super injunction row, according to new data.
The French government is set to ban the use of the words 'Facebook' and 'Twitter' on television or radio programs, after a crackdown on using brand names on news programmes. Twitter has warned users that it is prepared to hand over their personal information to authorities if required by law, although it would notify them before they do so, following the recent controversy surrounding multiple breeches of gagging orders on the micro-blogging site. More than three quarters of journalists rate social media as an important professional tool, while almost 90% are using social media more than they were a year ago, according to new research from Daryl Willcox Publishing. In August 2010, Germany was the highest ranking European market based on number of searchers, with 54.1 million people conducting at least one search.
Portals accounted for the largest share of time spent online in April 2011, followed by social networking and instant messengers. 4 million people (aged 15+) accessed the internet in Peru during April 2011, spending an average of 24.4 hours online. Brits are the biggest users of mobile internet in Europe, while tablets are most popular in Germany, according to new research. Web users from the UK are more concerned with online safety than users from any other country, according to a study published today by Internet security firm G Data. More than one in three consumers are now withholding all identifying information when engaging online with brands, according to new research. Google attracted more than one billion people worldwide to its web sites in May, marking the first time that an Internet firm has drawn in that many visitors in one month, according to research from comScore. ICANN's board of directors has voted Monday to allow virtually unlimited new domain names based on themes as varied as company brands, entertainment and political causes, in the system's biggest shake-up since it started 26 years ago.
Google, Microsoft and Facebook rank as the most-visited Internet properties in Peru, while portal sites account for one-third of Peruvian Internet users' time online, according to new data from comScore. With more and more household devices becoming connected to the internet, such as energy controls and security systems, are consumers willing to pay the extra costs these systems will entail? Google Search can be used to predict changes in economic sentiment in the UK, according to a new report from The Bank of England.
The number of network-connected devices will outnumber people 2 in three years time, while a million minutes of Internet video to be transmitted per second, according to a new report. A group of hackers known as Anonymous has taken responsibility for disabling a Turkish government website in a protest against recently introduced Internet filters that many consider to be censorship. In the build up to World IPv6 day approaching on June 8th, high profile Internet companies are speaking out about of the importance of the new addressing standard to the future of the web. Italy has significantly lowed "digital divide" over the past year and a half, - the number of citizens not connected to the broadband network has fallen from 7.8 million to 5 million. Google attracts the most web uses in Europe, but Facebook gets most of their time, according to new research from comScore.
In the past year searches in Latin America surged 21 percent to more than 18.5 billion queries in March 2011, with the typical searcher conducting 167 queries during the month, according to new research. Over four in five (81%) of UK smartphone users have looked for local information on their mobile devices, with the numbers even higher in the US, France, Germany and Japan, according to a new global study.
Brits are the biggest consumers of newspaper content vie their mobiles, according to new data. Google owns three out of the five top ranked apps, with mapping, the weather and Facebook proving the most popular mobile tools for Brits on the go, according to new research from comScore and GSMA. Vodafone UK, Telef?nica UK (the owners of O2) and Everything Everywhere (the joint venture between Orange and T-Mobile), are working on a mobile commerce joint venture, in a bid to improve mobile payments in the UK. Google has revamped its search engine with a new tool called 'Instant Pages', designed to make it easier to access from handheld mobile devices. New research from eDigitalResearch and Portaltech shows that almost half of Smartphone users (48.2%) have now shopped online and on their mobile, increasing by a dramatic 13% in just nine months. A new report from Juniper Research forecasts that global NFC mobile contactless payment transactions will reach nearly $50 billion worldwide by 2014. Apple has launched its Newsstand service, allowing users to set up online subscriptions to magazines and newspapers. Almost half of online consumers in Southeast Asian countries who say they do not own a smartphone, say they plan on buying a smartphone in 2011 according to a recent global online survey from The Nielsen Company.
Overall consumer satisfaction with mobile sites is beginning to fall since the first mCommerce benchmark study 8 months ago as consumer demands and expectations continue to drive the expansion and development of mobile retail sites.
Social network publishers served 29% of all online display advertisements in France during April 2011. Online ad spending is not yet keeping pace with Americans' time spent on the Internet, so the upward trend in spending still has plenty of room to grow (spending measured in billions of US dollars).
Advertisers spend 53 cents for every hour American adults spend with newspapers, but only 12 cents for internet and just 1 cent for mobile. Google Ad Network leads online advertising property rankings with a 93.1% reach of Americans who used the internet in January 2011.

The Government has shut down its iconic Central Office of Information (COI) ad agency arm, putting an estimated 400 advertising jobs at risk. Facebook will leap over Yahoo in US display ad revenues this year, while Google will remain the third-largest seller of display ads, with Yahoo at No. Video advertising technology company YuMe has launched YuMe Europe with its first office in London, and the acquisition of Appealing Media.
Complaints, unknown users and spam traps are the key reasons for getting a reputation in email marketing, with spam filters now blocking up to 36% of 'legitimate' marketing emails, according to new research. Ad spending in Canada will grow faster than in the US until 2015, spurred by a rise in digital media, according to a new report. Nearly half (48.1%) of Canadian digital media agencies expect year-over-year growth in revenues, according to a new report. The number of unique visitors to online retail sites in France increased by 21% between November 2009 and November 2010. Shoppers avoid talking to brands about their products and even dodge the websites of the retailers they will eventually buy from until their decision to purchase has already been made. British consumers show little forgiveness towards poor eCommerce sites but reward those that perform well and provide them with timely, personalised offers, according to a new survey from Apptus and YouGov.
User-generated content in the form of positive reviews on sites like Trip Advisor, is increasingly becoming the make or break factor when it comes to online travel booking, with more than one quarter of consumers identifying it as the most important factor, according to new findings released today. Expedia, Priceline and Groupe SNCF were the most visited online travel properties in Europe according to new data from comScore. Germany has the most engaged YouTube audience, with viewers watching 5.2 hours of video in June 2010. UK for April 2011, with more than double the number of viewers for the second highest site, BBC (sites ranked by millions of viewers). YouTube remains the top video brand, with AOL Media Network and the College Humour Network gaining more viewers than Hulu, which was the 6th placed video brand in March, (measured in millions of unique viewers). YouTube saw its usage hit an all-time high in April 2011 as US Viewers consumers 8.7 billion streams. In February 2011, 89% of the Turkish online population spent an average of 14.8 hours viewing online videos.
Mobile music discovery firm Shazam has raised $32m in new funding led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) and Institutional Venture Partners (IVP), with existing investor DN Capital participating.
Yahoo has reportedly approached Hulu to discuss a possible acquisition of the popular online video service, according to a person with knowledge of the matter. ITV has launched its catch-up TV service ITV Player for Android, with plans to launch on the iPhone making later this year. The BBC has launched its BBC News product for connected TV which will bring video news clips via the web to living-room TV screens. Pandora Media saw its shares soar above expectations, as the US-based online radio firm floated on the New York Stock Exchange this week.
Mobile music discovery firm Shazam has made its first corporate acquisition with the purchase of synchronized lyric technology from Tunezee, a Silicon Valley-based company.
TV is still where the money is, but the creative momentum has shifted to digital to the point where no one cares about your $100 million spend anymore, though they're fascinated about the gratis thing you're doing on Snapchat. Sure, you can try, but no matter how many kittens and half-naked models you include, the odds of success are still long. Contagious is much larger — there are 20 people on staff — but the company not only make viral videos, but promotes them on behalf of others. While most of us think of GIFs as bait for Reddit posts or as a primary means of communication for Millennials, Graham McFarland, envisions GIFs as animated billboards for the digital age.
In March, Doug Hecht, the president and COO of the San Diego-based shop Digitaria spun off Big On Mars, which claims Ford Motor, Qualcomm and GoPro as clients.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Companies that advertise to consumers are becoming increasingly keen on utilising the amount of time Pakistanis spend online to advertise to them, especially since it appears to cost a lot less to advertise on the internet than it does on any other media. The company was founded only five years ago and already has several big name clients like Unilever, Pakistan Telecommunications Company, Mobilink, Hewlitt-Packard, Bank Alfalah, Nokia and Pakistan State Oil. Its client roster is certainly large and impressive, including some of the best known brands in Pakistan. Some of the larger firms – despite their global presence – have seen the advantage of partnering with the smaller players who have specialised knowledge and capabilities about the local market. Lowe & Rauf is the agency behind some of Pakistan’s best-known television advertising campaigns, such as Lipton Tea’s “chai chahiye” campaign. This is in keeping with the channel's premise of delivering "music like never seen before".Historically, countdown charts have been based on record sales.
Meanwhile the new EU cookie law, which effectively makes most UK websites illegal without an opt-in for tracking, has been deferred for a year. The latest social media records has been launched to coincide with global Social Media Day today (30th June 2011). CNBC cites 'people familiar with the matter' saying Zynga has picked Morgan Stanley to lead the offering. The service gives users the ability to separate online friends and family into different "Circles," or networks, and to share information only with members of a particular circle.
Designed by ad agency Leo Burnett, the ad encourages conversations around whatever content or questions a brand decisions to pose.
The Financial Times reports the micro-blogging site is also considering other options, including time-sensitive discount coupons and enhanced profile pages for brands. Facebook had a record 26.8 million visitors in Britain in May, representing a 7 percent jump from the previous year. Google product manager Andreas Tuerk wrote on the Google blog that it had become easier and easier to publish information online, via social networking sites, photo sharing services and more.
The survey of over 2000 adults, by marketing specialists Verridian, comes in the wake of Facebook's plans to challenge the law stopping children using the site. According to Twitter President of Global Revenue Adam Bain, 80 percent of Twitter's on-site engagement consists of people clicking on links.
Over 10% of Britons surveyed have said or heard 'I love you' for the first time over a social network. Experian Hitwise's latest Search Engine and Social Analysis shows that Google and Yahoo both lost market share in terms of searches in May 2011 as Bing, Ask and other search engines made significant gains. According to a report in the Daily Mail, President Nicolas Sarkozy's colleagues have agreed to uphold a 1992 decree, which stipulates that commercial enterprises should not be promoted on news programs. According to a study on social media usage by The Nielsen Company conducted in collaboration with AbsolutData, nearly 30 million Indians who are online are members of social networking sites and about two-thirds of them spend time on these social networking sites daily. The amount of data created in 2011 alone would be enough to fill 57.5 billion 32GB Apple iPads, which lined up would be the length of the Great Wall of China and twice its height, according to a new study. The findings, from comScore's new Device Essentials reporting tool looking on digital traffic by device, found 68.1% of non-PC related traffic access from UK web users came from mobiles.
The international report entitled "How do users assess threats on the Internet?" reveals that of all countries asked, the UK is the most concerned with safety with over 94 percent of UK web users having a security solution installed on their machine.
The search giant saw the number of unique visitors to its site increase by 8.4% from 931 million a year ago. When it comes to the internet in Italy, mobile is the key platform, and as mobiles get smarter and connections get faster, internet access in Italy is undergoing a step-change from the web to mobile. The findings come from comScore's first public study of Internet usage in Peru based on data from its online audience measurement and media planning service, comScore Media Metrix. Communication network Cisco predicts that the number of network-connected devices will be more than 15 billion, twice the world's population, by 2015. The online anarchist group has threatened to attack Turkish agencies that impose censorship, siding with Turkish Internet users against a new filtering system that the government plans to roll out this summer. With IPv4 addresses beginning to run out globally and a huge increase in networked devices predicted, Erik Kline, IPv6 Software Engineer at Google has described the new standard as "critical to the long term prosperity of the open internet".
These are among the latest findings from comScore's new measurement tool for mobile that launches in Canada as the digital measuring giants square up for battle. According to the Minister of Economic Development, Paolo Romani, in addition, the digital divide is distributed fairly evenly throughout the country and does not split the North and the South. The study found that Germany and Russia have the most web users, but British, Turkish and Dutch audiences are the most prolific.
The study, from comScore, found that Google Sites held a strong lead as the top search destination, accounting for 90 percent of all searches conducted in the region. From the pavement cafes of Polanco to the glass box skyscrapers of Santa Fe, in Mexico City Danny Meadows-Klue finds a growing internet economy and ambitious marketers readily using online tools from search to mobile and keen to exploit everything social media has to offer in Mexico. The study also showed that Apple's iOS accounted for 65% of apps being used, more than double its closest rival Android with application usage at 31 percent.
Revenues are down, profits are down, and now RIM (the corporate operating company behind the brand) is planning job cuts to plug the gap. The latest research by YouGov shows almost one quarter (23%) of people are interested in using their mobile phone instead of cash to pay for purchases.
The project will aim to produce a single ecosystem for m-commerce helping advertisers, retailers and banks to reach consumers through their mobile phones. At a briefing in San Francisco on Tuesday, Google demonstrated Instant Pages, which allows certain Web pages to pop-up in a user's Web browser nearly instantaneously, as well as a revamped version of its website for mobile devices.

Following on from the Orange Mobile Payments service launch in the UK, 2011 and 2012 are expected to be banner years for NFC service rollouts. Set to launch later this year, the app was unveiled this week at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference. About a quarter (24%) of survey respondents said they already own a smartphone, up from 21 percent at the start of 2010.
That's why the new Nielsen Online advertising effectiveness measurement tool called Campaign Ratings could be a breakthrough.
The firm offers premium mobile video advertising for clients including ESPN, IPC Media, Bauer Media, and Universal McCann. As direct response TV grew, another channel was added within the framework of the discipline. The study from agency Teehan Lax, entitled 'Pixel to Product' found that the average salary of a Canadian digital media professional is between $40,000 and $59,999 and the average age is 28.2 years old. Instead, on a scale previously unimagined, they do their pre-purchase research by tapping into a variety of social sources including friends and family, consumer reviews and Facebook friends, according to new research. However, Brits are preferring to make lots of small purchases rather than big investments, according to the latest data from the IMRG and Capgemini. The channel will act as a shop window for the retailer, showcasing more than a thousand products a week with in-depth demonstrations.
The research, which surveyed 2050 UK adults online, examined customer satisfaction in a number of key areas, including retailers' promotions, recommendations, web site search, navigation and pricing. In April 2011, the number of European visitors to the Travel category grew 11 percent in the past year. On average across international markets, viewers spend 4 hours per month watching YouTube videos.
Males aged 15-24 viewed an average of 20.8 hours of online video, while females in this age group viewed just 12 hours, (measured in average number of hours). The investment will be used to support the company's continued growth and the development of Shazam's real-time discovery and sharing App which creates an engaging, interactive mobile commerce platform for brands as it expands into television with Shazam for TV. The Los Angeles Times reported that word of Yahoo's unsolicited offer was confirmed by a person close to the company, but noted it remained unclear whether the offer had come directly from the Internet firm or another entity.
Viewers can watch all ITV programmes of which the rights to show on mobile are cleared, for up to seven days after broadcast. Internet users watched online video content in May for an average of 15.9 hours per viewer, according to new research from comScore. Using the Amazon model of 'people who like this also like this', Pandora build a global audience franchise. The BBC News product for connected TV combines existing video and text content from BBC News Online and will initially be made available on Samsung's range of Smart TVs. On the first day of trading Wednesday, the California-based company leapt as much as 63 percent to $26 after its debut on the New York Stock Exchange, under the symbol P. He claims that his ads get 500% more clicks than a banner ad and 100% more than a Flash ad. As Hecht told The New York Times, BOM is designed to help brands address the preponderance of connected refrigerators, smart auto dashboards and wearable devices with the appropriate technology. As the video below explains, those IDs might let a washing machine recommend a local service agent when it needs service or allow a pharmaceutical company to produce a smart medicine bottle that reminds you when to take your pills.
Another of its competitors is The Next Big Thing, which goes by its acronym, TNBT, a relatively newer firm that has an incredibly young team but an equally impressive array of clients. For instance, in March of this year, the Pakistani subsidiary of J Walter Thompson – one of the largest advertising agencies in the world – acquired a minority stake in Converge.
For even such a well-established agency to be looking to digital media suggests that the Pakistani advertising business has come full circle: no agency can expect to be in business without having a strong digital capability in its portfolio. You must not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any material on the Website for any commercial purposes.
However, given the fact that today mode of music consumption is spread across multiple platforms, MTunes Trending20 for the first time in the history of Indian Music television, brings to its viewers a comprehensive analysis of audience preferences across 5 platforms. The records confirmed by Guinness include the most likes on a Facebook page which is 47,194,601, achieved by Facebook for its own product page on 29th June 2011. The service aims to address one of the key criticisms of Facebook, where updates are shared with all of one's friends unless a user has gone through a relatively complicated process to create separate Facebook Groups.
Brands can use the format to let users post photos, videos, links and status updates in response to their advert.
According to The Next Web, Facebook believes both its values and Sofa's align quite closely. Nearly 20% check their social networks and emails on the loo, while 54% do the same from bed. Now, the company has pushed the Tag Suggestions feature to countries outside of the US, but has switched it on by default without telling its users first. Broadcasting anchors would be forbidden to refer to the popular social networking site and the micro-blogging phenomenon, unless it is relevant to a news item.
Of the 1,032 consumers polled for the study, 37 per cent said they were now unwilling to provide any data about themselves when creating a social media account; just 32 per cent said they were willing to provide their name. Online use in Italy gives a window into mobile social networking that other markets will adopt and as Danny Meadows-Klue discovers in Milan, Italians are hungry for even more time on Facebook.
Hot on the heals of the TNS MobileLife research, comScore, one of the web's oldest measurement companies is rolling out their rival mobile measurement tool. The minister, during a presentation of Vodafone Italia's mobile broadband project "100 Towns", out of a total of 22 million lines in Italy, 12.5 are connected to broadband, adding that these are figures from a year ago. Latest stats from America show the data downloads among US smartphone users leapt 89% as telcos reduced their pricing. In researching the new report, Juniper concluded that prospects for NFC have improved markedly in the last half year.
Nielsen have combined the Nielsen panel data with aggregated, anonymous demographic data from online data providers.
Already a leader in the UK market, Appealing Media brings seasoned executives and tested technology and network properties to YuMe. The New York Times cites 'three people briefed on the negotiations that Google is willing to pay $400m for US-based AdMeld's technology and customers.
The findings, from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), represent the highest-ever Q1 revenue level ever for the industry and a significant increase over last year's first-quarter revenue level, which had been the highest on record to date.
It will broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can also be viewed on the Argos website. Hulu, which streams television shows on the Internet, has been the subject of intense speculation about its future. But while Shazam stole the crowds in clubs, and iTunes captured the downloads markets, Danny Meadows-Klue argues that Pandora's growth lacks the scalability of a smart internet business model. Founded in 2000 by Tim Westergren under the name Savage Beast, Pandora makes 87% of its sales from ads that target users based on age, gender, home postal code and musical taste. The final chart will be compiled by India's largest media research organization - Ormax Media.The five platforms will be Radio popularity compiled by Radio City, Digital downloads provided by Hungama, YouTube views & Heartbeats (weekly music research) by Ormax Media and audience preferences as recorded by MTunes HD. When a user uploads new photos, Facebook uses software similar to that found in many photo editing tools to match new photos to other photos they're tagged in. Smartphone users, especially those with iPhones and Androids, are consuming more data than ever.
This prediction is based on the findings that 10% are likely to use the service in the future.
This unique hybrid approach can measure online advertising campaigns of nearly any size, running nearly anywhere on the web. An acquisition of AdMeld would boost Google's display advertising business, which currently makes up less than 3% of its annual $30bn revenue.
Internet audience engaged in more than 5.6 billion viewing sessions during the course of the month, the data revealed. Tim Staples, the agency's founding partner, says the secret is to seed would-be viral videos to a list of 8,000 sources, including bloggers, YouTube gadflies and publications specializing in viral content, including Mashable. And while 5% agree that they will get the technology as soon as it's available, the vast majority - almost a half (48%) - won't be rushing to swap their real wallet for their mobile wallet. Through the week the top songs on MTunes Trending20 will also be highlighted on the daily play list.Speaking on the occasion, Saravanan P, CEO of MTunes HD said, "MTunes Trending20 is a reaffirmation of our promise to deliver 'Music Like Never Seen Before' and strengthens a long line-up of path-breaking formats like Kal Ka Superhits, Handmade and MBox already on the channel. We have pioneered the industry by launching the World's first HD Bollywood Music Channel and are committed to consistently drive growth for our stakeholders. This show will deliver the gold standard of Bollywood music rankings to the industry and is among several initiatives in the pipeline that will make the MTunes HD viewer FEEL THE MUSIC!"Shailesh Kapoor, CEO - Ormax Media added: "Today, music is consumed across media - television, radio, internet, mobile phones and other digital devices. MTunes Trending20 is a unique property that captures the combined effect of all these media."MTunes Trending20 launching on 4th August, airing every Saturday 9pm & Sunday 11am, will be an interesting, engaging and interactive show to watch out for. The channel is believed to be pricing the property at a premium and is confident of changing the game for the genre with its unique concept and distinct proposition."At Radio City, we put in a lot of emphasis on music research to ensure that we give the best and the most melodious music to the listeners. So, when M Tunes approached us for the alliance for their new property 'MTunes Trending 20'we saw huge synergy.

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