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Pope Benedict XVI to Resign on February 28Pope Benedict XVI will resign on February 28, the Vatican announced.
The Best Entrepreneurs Are Older, Have Less EgoWhat attributes does a founder need to make his or her startup thrive?
Twitter Will Decide the Value of Your TweetsTwitter will soon attach value ratings to users' tweets.
Video: Meteor Hits Russia, Injuring 1,000 PeopleA meteor exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia, injuring 1,000 people and causing damage to nearby cars and buildings. Security Firm Can Use Social Media to Track People's MovementsSecurity firm Raytheon has been developing social media tracking software since at least 2010, according to a new report. More Than 100,000 Vine Videos Were Posted to Twitter This WeekendIf it felt like there were a lot of Vine videos in your Twitter feed this weekend, here's why.
Facebook Being Sued Over Like ButtonFacebook is currently being sued for its use of the Like button. 5 Fascinating Facts We Learned From Reddit This WeekThis week's edition of Reddit Facts touches on Barbie, the nature of genius and a heroic brain surgeon.
20 Social Media Habits to Give Up for LentFor the next 40 days, see if you can be a far more pleasant member of your online community and sacrifice one — or all — of these 20 common practices.
5 Dead Simple Ways to Track Social Media ROIDespite its copious digital data, social media is pretty much the same.
Eliminate Your Ex From Facebook With This Mobile AppNew mobile app KillSwitch makes it easy to remove your ex's entire presence on your Facebook timeline — in one fell swoop.
How 1 Billion People Are Coping With Death and FacebookWhat happens when a Facebook user dies?
Facebook: Now Pay to Promote Your Friends' PostsFor $7, the company promised, you could make a given post appear higher in your friends' feeds.
Social Media Users Say Pinterest Is as Popular as Twitter A new study by Pew reveals that social media users use Pinterest just as much as they use Twitter. For more social media news and resources, you can follow Mashable's social media channel on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook. Why Companies Are Outsourcing to KickstarterBesides raising cash, crowdfunding can be a way to test product ideas and build relationships with future customers. How to Land a Job at TumblrThe company is among the most product-focused startups in New York City and employees are often power users themselves. American Express Lets You Buy Stuff on Twitter by Using a HashtagA new American Express program lets you buy stuff by using specific hashtags on Twitter. 7 Key Job Skills to Look for When HiringIn today's fast-paced work environment, leadership and strategic decision-making have become crucial, defining hallmarks. Spotify Reveals Most Popular Love Songs in Advertising and FilmSpotify shared the top "love songs" used in TV, film and advertisements of the years.
Comcast Buys GE's Stake in NBC UniversalComcast on Tuesday purchased General Electric's 49% stake in NBC Universal for $16.7 billion, making Comcast the full owner of the media giant.
Report: Time Warner in Talks to Sell Magazine UnitTime Warner may be in talks to sell off Time Inc. Mark Zuckerberg Now Owns Nearly 30% of FacebookWhile many on Wall Street remain skeptical about CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, he continues to raise his stake in the company.
Facebook May Already Be Taking Away Searches From GoogleEven before Facebook started rolling out its smart search engine earlier this year, it may have been taking away some searches from Google. For more business news and resources, you can follow Mashable's business channel on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook. Hearst Hosts Its First Fashion HackathonHearst Magazines brings developers and designers together in its first fashion hackathon, merging the tech and fashion industries.
How to Run All Your Android Apps on the Surface ProBlueStacks is coming to Windows 8, bringing the Android app catalog to Windows tablets. This Coaster Can Charge Your PhoneThe onE Puck lets you charge your phone on the go by using your drink to power the device. Obama Signs Order Demanding Federal Agencies Share Cyber Threat InfoPresident Barack Obama signed an executive order Tuesday that requires federal agencies to share cyber-threat information with private businesses. Tempo Turns Your Calendar Into a GeniusTempo is a smart calendar app for iOS that provides more context and information for your calendar entries.
Does Google Play Fast and Loose With App Users' Personal Info?Reports are circulating about a possible Google privacy issue regarding personal data sent to app developers, but this finding is nothing new. Kickstarter App Brings Project Browsing to MobileCan't get enough of searching through all the innovative and quirky projects on Kickstarter? Adobe Updates Creative Cloud With Responsive Design ToolsAdobe Creative Cloud members now have access to new tools focusing on responsive design, as well as updates to other apps and tools.
NBA Gives Basketball Nerds the Gift of Big DataA new tool introduced by the NBA gives access to an overwhelming amount of historical stats and data.
Here's Why So Many Russians Have Dash CamsAlmost a million Russian drivers have dashboard cams. 9 Excellent Apps For Discovering New ThingsWhen you're on the go, the apps on your phone can help you find new experiences, places and more.
Apple Patents Solution to Shaky Smartphone Camera SyndromeApple has filed a patent to solve the shaky camera syndrome and improve the quality of the iPhone's pictures with an innovative method. For more tech news and resources, you can follow Mashable's tech channel on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook. Obama's Executive Order on Cybersecurity May Be Imminent President Barack Obama's executive order on cyber security is set to be announced Wednesday, according to a report. 8 Pro Tips for Online DatingOnline dating is about more than simply meeting someone — it's about marketing yourself.
Spend Valentine's Day Forever Alone With 11 Netflix FavoritesInstead of sitting in the dark alone playing Sinead O'Connor on repeat, make use of your evening by kicking back with a movie to suit your mood.

How to Take the Perfect Profile PictureWe asked Marjorie Kase, a solutions consultant at Adobe Social, and Tony Gale, a New York-based commercial photographer, for some pointers on how to create a profile photo that presents you in just the right light. 5 Ways to Improve Your Time ManagementThere are few things more valuable to small business owners than time, so check out these five ways to improve your time management.
How Love and Lust in the Digital Age Influence Relationships The Internet has changed modern-day love for better and for worse.
4 Classic Video Games Recast as Children's BooksThese comics give us a double dose of nostalgia by combining beloved video games with cherished children's book covers. Create a Beautiful Wedding Website With These 6 ServicesWhile we can't help you with china patterns or bridesmaids dresses, we can offer some advice on creating a wedding website. 7 Fun Ways to Become a Real Guitar HeroRemember how much time we all wasted playing Guitar Hero? We’ve worked in the digital media space since the Web 1.0 boom of the mid-1990s—the wild, wild west of the Web. To remain relevant and competitive, digital media and ecommerce companies must constantly reinvent their offerings as technology evolves. Though our experience working with digital media organizations, we have a deep understanding of the competing challenges of advertising and editorial content, building a user base and generating revenue, investing in infrastructure and building a brand. Conducted competitive analysis for Freewebs, enabling them to define the company’s unique value proposition and anticipate unexpected competitive threats. Developed an online strategy that shifted XM Satellite Radio from thinking about the Web as a marketing vehicle for its automobile-based service, to a revenue-generating service offering, in and of itself.
Educated Comcast Cable’s regional leadership about emerging trends in mobile video; identified opportunities that capitalized on the strength of their established subscriber base. Maxine has a fantastic ability to frame issues, build business cases, and drive consensus and action within an organization.
Flinders University is provided with the use of VP for educational purpose by the Academic Partner Program from Visual Paradigm. 7 Digital Diet Solutions to Help You Lose WeightThinking about shedding some weight and getting fit before the New Year?
14 Brilliant Tumblrs for Original Art and IllustrationTumblr can be a great source of inspiring illustrations, sketches, paintings and graphics — if you know where to look. Register to Vote With GoogleGoogle's Online Voter Guide has voting information for each state, plus an easy way to register for the 2012 presidential election. This Holographic Tablet Makes Your Desktop 3DForget Tupac — this hologram software can revitalize urban design. 5 of the Weirdest Apps in the WorldThere may be weirder apps out there; we just haven't found them. 10 Tips and Tricks for Powerful Twitter SearchHere are 10 useful tips for searching Twitter, including how to find tweets by location and how to save searches for future reference.
Woven App Keeps All Your Photos in One PlaceWoven is for those wanting to consolidate photos or who are tired of switching between applications. Twitter Thinks It May Know Your FriendsTwitter will begin suggesting "people you may know" in its weekly email updates to users.
Always Keep Tabs on Your Friends with New Foursquare NotificationsFoursquare unveiled updated notifications that lets users keep tabs on their friends no matter where they go.
Facebook Groups Adds Dropbox IntegrationNow if you want to share files with friends through Facebook groups, you can do so via Dropbox. Social Media Etiquette for Journalists: The Rules Have ChangedThe rules around social media etiquette for journalists has changed in recent years. The Atlantic Launches Mobile-First Business Publication, 'Quartz'The Atlantic has launched Quartz, a "mobile-first" business publication.
6 Etiquette Rules for Co-workingHere are six tips to help make sure your co-working etiquette is up to snuff. Google Launches Online Resource for EntrepreneursGoogle took the wraps off of "Google for Entrepreneurs," a microsite that brings together information about Google's programs and partnerships for startups and entrepreneurs. Dobango Is a Social Marketing Platform for PinterestDobango is a social marketing platform for Pinterest. Newspapers Join to Create Digital Circulars on SteroidsTwelve major media companies hope to serve national advertisers and bump up e-commerce with a new platform that marries the performance of printed newspaper circulars with the interactivity and convenience of mobile. 7 Reasons Some Entrepreneurs Don't Meet Their PotentialBeing intelligent and at the top of your field doesn't always guarantee success. New App Remakes the Tamagotchi for the Smartphone EraThis new app prompts users to snap pictures and feed them to their Photogotchi, a digital creature inspired by the Tamagotchi. 8 Mobile Apps Worth Paying ForHere are some great mobile apps we think are worth the money. 10 Stylish Cases for Your Nexus 7 TabletWe have found 10 fabulous cases, covers and skins to fit the Nexus 7. Where Did Augmented Reality Come From?This is the history of bringing things to life in a virtual space. How to Set Up Multiple Email Signatures in iOS 6iOS 6 lets you create separate signatures for each of your email accounts. 7 iPhone Cases That Charge On-The-GoThe cases themselves hold a full charge and can transfer that power to your phone whenever you need it to kick in, or they can charge your phone in bursts throughout the day. Behind Boxee: How to Design Sexy Consumer ElectronicsMichel Alvarez's projects have included work for multinational clients such as Nike, LG, Samsung, Nvidia, Microsoft and Logitech and product design for Boxee, OOMA and ASTRO Gaming. PETA Supports Frog Dissection — So Long As It's Virtual [VIDEO]PETA is supporting software that allows students to digitally dissect frogs. This Glass Chip Could Store Your Data ForeverQuartz glass may one day be the medium on which we store our data forever.
6 Arduino Gadgets You Can Build at HomeThanks to open source platforms like Arduino, anyone can build some of the coolest gizmos from scratch. Microsoft Windows Update Hoax Steals Your PasswordsAn online hoax entitled "Microsoft Windows Update" aims to steal your passwords.

Graph Databases: The New Way to Access Super Fast Social DataGraph databases, unlike their NOSQL and relational brethren, are designed for lightning-fast access to complex data. 1 Billion Computers Vulnerable to Java Security ExploitAccording to an influential computer security developer, more than 1 billion computers with the Internet plugin Java are vulnerable to a security hole that would allow shifty-eyed hackers the ability to install malware. Libratone's Zipp Portable Speaker Looks Small, But Sounds Big [EARS-ON]At first glance, the Libratore Zipp doesn’t look like it’s going to be all that powerful, but turn it on, and prepare to be amazed. 82 Gadgets and Products Worth Paying ForIn our Hot List series, we highlighted tech that's worth paying for in education, tech, fitness home and more.
PNC Is Latest Bank Hit With Major CyberattackIf you're a customer at a major bank, it's likely that it recently suffered a huge cyberattack. RFID-Tagged Socks Keep the Sock Monster AwayNot only can you track your socks by hovering a wireless remote over a pile of laundry until you hear a tone, you can tag a pair with a mobile app available for iOS.
5 Apps For Perching and Bird WatchingThese birding apps can encourage exploration into the wonderful world of birds.
5 High-Tech Toys for Your Geeky Cat From remote-controlled rodents to toys with laser beams, these five options will keep your kitty happy for hours. 6 Safety Apps Every Student Should DownloadHere's our list of apps every student should have on their phone to stay safe on and off campus. Slim, Intelligent Accessories to Match Your UltrabookTargus launched its new Ultralife accessories line this week for Ultrabook users.
5 Household Robots That Make Your Life EasierCheck out these household robots that take the "work" out of "housework."\. Parrot Zik Bluetooth Headphones: High End and High ComfortParrot's Bluetooth headphones, designed by Philippe Starck, are gorgeous and have convenient controls.
12 Other iOS Games for Angry Birds FansWe've rounded up a dozen games worthy of any Angry Birds fan's time. 5 Ways Students Use Technology to Cheat – What Parents Need to KnowThanks to the Internet and connected devices, cheating in school is easier than ever before. For more digital lifestyle news and resources, you can follow Mashable's lifestyle channel on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook. We create websites and e-commerce platforms that are both functional and optimised for the web. At ROSTAMI™ we provide both static and dynamic websites that may include a shopping cart for you to sell your products.
Graphic design brisbane agency providing branding, print, promotional products and digital media solutions servicing Gold Coast, Tweed Head, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Sydney, Melbourne and Australia-wide.
Whether you’re pitching for new business, motivating the sales team or reporting to your shareholders, we can help you make the best impression – on-screen or online – with the full spectrum of digital media. Be it Powerpoint presentation, corporate video, PDF, emailer or mobile phone application, we can supply full facilities including scripting, picture research, still photography, filming, artwork, web design, editing and studio production.
Between Valentine's Day and the terrifying meteor that shook Russia, it is easy to understand how you could fall behind in other news. So read below for tons of digital media resources, including coverage of Twitter's decision to place a value on your tweets, some new innovative apps and much more. There are a few dead-simple ways to track ROI that don't require a mixed media modeling program or a staff of math nerds. In honor of Valentine’s Day and its impending dating anxiety, we asked experts for their tips to help you succeed online — if not this week, at least soon. Netflix's instant selection has the perfect pairing for anyone, from sad and bitter to hopelessly romantic — even something for those who consider Feb. Online dating and social networks take over traditional courtships and the romantic process. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
We work cross-functionally to balance organizational priorities and generate the most effective short and long term strategies. She was very respected for leading an incredibly diverse array of initiatives, many with major technical components and all with complicated business implications.Peter Howley, CEOEmpirical Path ConsultingMaxine is one of the most strategic thinkers I know. So, if your busy life kept you away from the Internet this week, there's plenty you may have missed. Now, the ability to buy and send real gifts to your friends will gradually roll out to Facebook users in the U.S.
HowAboutWe for Couples features a datebook full of pre-planned one-of-a-kind experiences in New York City to choose from. We take companies and organisations to that next level by providing cross communication solutions bringing together all their existing promotional and advertising channels. Serving corporations, franchises, businesses, non-profit organisations, community groups and individuals. Check them out in our weekly roundup of digital resources, below, and then visit the comments section to let us know which stories you found most interesting. Department of DefenseMaxine is a great strategic thinker with valuable insights and knowledge about the media industry.Susan Lavington, Senior Vice President Marketing (former)USA TODAYI have known and worked with Maxine for over 15 years now. She is bright, organized, and thorough–one of the most organized and focused professionals I have had the pleasure of working with.
I look forward to the opportunity to work with Maxine again.Eric Koefoot, CEOPublicRelayI am very glad to have Maximize as the outsourced business development solution for my two businesses. Her sharp business mind always goes to the possible connections and business opportunities that a business could and should make, and how these connections could benefit and impact the growth of that company.
While Maxine is a seasoned networker who can easily identify the business events that are worth attending, you will also find her successfully running small group sessions where she interacts personally with each business owner to get to the heart of their business opportunities and challenges.

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