Yesterday we took a look at how Photoshop’s Blend Modes work and the 10 best blends for photographers.
It’s a given that layers are key to successful image editing in Photoshop but, for novices, layer lore can still seem like a black art.
You need to think of your Photoshop layers as sheets of acetate stacked on your background image. Each layer has its own visibility eye by the side of it, which can be used to either hide or show the layer in the image. From the?top of the palette, you can choose the Blending Mode for the active layer and control the layer’s Opacity. The Trash Can at the bottom is used to delete the active layer, and the Add New Layer icon sits to its left. The bisected circle icon enables you to add new Adjustment Layers, and the small rectangle with the white circle is clicked to add a Layer Mask.
Notice that the Palette displays both image layers and Layer Masks with thumbnails, which show their contents. A Background Copy layer, in Multiply Blending Mode to darken the lighter areas in the image. Another Background Copy layer, this time set to Soft?Light Blending Mode, adds some much-needed contrast to the image, darkening shadows and lightening highlights. This layer, set to Soft Light Blending Mode, has a simple black to transparent gradient added to it to darken the sky and make it look more overcast. Near field monitors = are, as the name implies, meant to be used in close quarters in the recording studio.
Ingredients: The means of applying reverb, chorus, compression and all those yummy things that make the music full and satisfying.
Steps: To create the studio spacial aura around your tracks, to control volume irregularities, and to mould the sounds, you will need three different types of effects. The second type is compression, which smooths out the volume so that you don't have sudden loud parts followed by inaudible soft sounds.
15 brand-new TC-quality reverbs with 15 multi-purpose effects including delay, modulation and compression. Steps: If you've got tracks outside your computer, you will need to combine them to stereo for your final mix.
Available in 8a€“channel and 16a€“channel configurations, these compact tabletop mixers feature USB connectivity, lowa€“noise analog electronics, 100 studioa€“grade 28a€“bit digital effects, and rocka€“solid construction.
The Mackie ProFX12 12-channel mixing console with integrated effects is the complete and simple solution for small to mid-size performance venues. Connect your sound sources (multitrack, computer tracks, sound module) to the input of your recording device. Enable synchronization for all the devices and programs that have to play and for the recording tracks. Replication is more cost effective on larger runs but can take between 10-12 working days to manufacture.

Once the discs are pressed, metalised, lacquered and UV cured, they will be printed directly to the surface of the discs.
Although replication is still considered to be the most professional, there is little difference between replication and duplication.
Oxford Duplication Centre only use the highest Grade A media for both duplication and printing, which guarantees a rejection free process. It is very important to use the best media in the industry to ensure client satisfaction, and with this in mind Oxford Duplication Centre has never failed to ensure customers are always happy with their product. Extremely efficient and dedicated to her role, Alison has a philosophy that customers' needs come first and foremost. Today we want to go even further back to basics with photo editing and look at the types of Photoshop layers and how to use them to get the effect you want. In this post we’re going to demonstrate how user-friendly and essential Photoshop layers are to you.
A layer can be filled with image pixels, or just have a small area of an image with other areas transparent.
On the third page of this post you’ll see a deconstruction of our featured image image, and how we used layers to achieve the result.
The lower area has been masked out in this layer so that it just cools down the sky a little. Adjustment Layers can always be re-edited simply by double-clicking on them in the Layers palette. It might seem really obvious, but to work on?a layer you need to target it first in the Layers palette. I've mixed on cheaper speakers and felt that what I got was great, until I actually played back the CD on my home player. The third is called equalization, and it allows you to make a sound more treble or bass, by boosting or cutting different frequencies.
Just link your computer to the MX300 with a USB cable and control automation and recall parameters exactly as you would with any software plug-in. They have functions such as scene memory, so you can leave a mix and come back to it three projects later and recall the settings.
Sweeten the mix using the mixer's 3-band active EQ and integrated RMFX 32-bit processor, which offers an arsenal of gig-ready effects. Ideally, you want something that can record in synchronization with the playback, so you can do punches in and out during your mixing.
Again, see if there's a way to sync it to the master, so you can punch in if you need to during the mix.
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Confident and friendly with an 'attention to detail' approach to work, you immediately feel at ease and confident that your orders are being taken care off.
With a wealth of experience and a critical ear for audio sound recording and mastering you will feel confident in his abilities to prepare your orders. As the Background layer, it’s used both for a base and a source for any subsequent Duplicate layers.
We painted on this layer with black to darken some areas, and with white to lighten others.
You can move a layer to any position within the palette by dragging and dropping it between layers. There are also more specialized types of effects out their, such as harmonizers and a exciters Check the product links for more possibilities. If you seek professional quality effects, then by all means go in search of digital signal processors, compressors and equalizers (eq). More advanced ones have full automation, allowing you to actually record all those fader movements for futire remixing. That's why I recommend setting aside two tracks on your multitracker, using them as the mixers destination tracks. Duplication is prepared in-house using our professional duplication and printing machinery. You can’t work on a layer if its visibility eye isn’t showing, but activating it to work on is as simple as clicking again on the visibility eye.
Those that are higher up have priority over those that are positioned further down the palette.
A mixer with onboard digital effects, reverbs, compression and equalization can take the place of a number of other signal processors.
Duplication costs are more expensive due to the economy of scale that replication has, but duplication can be prepared very quickly and prices are very competitive within the market. We do have a policy that if your order is very urgent we can prepare within the same day, or next working day.
All stock is printed on the latest Morgana digital print finishing technology guaranteeing you a superb quality product for all your marketing requirements.
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