Cost Savings – While you may not think of digital signage as being relatively inexpensive, this is not always the case. Change With Ease – Historically once a print advertisement was sent to the printer, any changes that needed to be made would have to be put into a later advertising campaign.
Potential for Flashy Designs – With digital signage, the sky is literally the limit in terms of what can be included within your advertisements. Internet Connectivity – One of the truly remarkable things about digital advertising is the fact that the advertising itself can be dynamic. Digital Portfolio – Another benefit of digital signage is that it is essentially a digital portfolio of your work. People Enjoy Technology – One thing that digital signage has in its favor is that people are always drawn to new technology.
Robust CDN Network – When providing high level digital signage, a robust CDN or content delivery network is necessary. High Level Design Required – Designing digital signage can sometimes be seen as more difficult than traditional print advertising. Constantly Evolving – While this is in some ways an advantage and a disadvantage, digital signage is always evolving. By utilizing the services provided by Eyepartner, you can have a robust network infrastructure that can easily handle the demands of your digital advertising network.
In todaya€™s digital, content-saturated world, ita€™s no secret that we marketers are all battling to connect, engage and inspire action from our respective audiences. As a matter of fact, 80% of B2B marketers have some sort of content marketing strategy in place, according to the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs. Including digital advertising such as paid search ads, boosted social posts or remarketing in your tactical mix can help you hit your target. Marketing expert Sonny Ganguly says social media advertising is set to explode in the next three years because it helps businesses find new potential clients by using usersa€™ own shared information to identify interest.
A bakery saw a 35% increase in conversions and a 330% increase in impressions on the Google Display Network.
When it comes to remarketing, Wordstream found that conversion rates increase the more users see an ad. With a little research, planning and testing to find the right mix for your brand, digital advertising can round-out your integrated content marketing strategy.
Your known audience is the low-hanging fruit for engagement and ita€™s typically receptive to your content regardless of the topic. As an example, a TopRank Marketing client recently launched a new product within their suite of SAS software. The program involved remarketing several key pieces of content to different segments of our a€?knowna€? A target audience with the ultimate goal of driving demoa€™s for the new software.
Depending on your brand, one way to get the most out of your remarketing efforts is by spreading your targeting over multiple channels. Digital advertising allows brands to target a specific audience using keywords, affinity, topics, interests, demographics, geographic criteria, title, companya€”and the list goes on and on. As another example, a healthcare technology client recently created several assets surrounding a dramatic change within their industry. Using several targeting methodologies we were able to drive extremely high engagement with a relatively untapped audience.
If youa€™re just getting started with a campaign, test different messaging styles and tones, and offer different calls-to-action and assets.
Special Forces: Discover insights that allow you to tailor content to your audience, known and unknown. Make sure all of your tracking dots are connected so you can review the data for even better better targeting and content on your next mission. Ita€™s also a good idea to look outside the chosen tracking platform for other engagement data.
The digital world is a marketing battlefield where an integrated plan of attack is essential to survival.
Want to learn more about digital advertising and how it can fit with your content marketing strategy? Black Box offers design, installation, maintenance and support for your Digital Signage installation and infrastructure.
With a digital signage solution from Black Box Network Services, you can reach your audience with attention-getting video and audio displayed on LCD panels, plasma screens, LED displays, video walls, monitors, and more.
General information – weather, (local) news, travel information, safety information as fire exits, etc.

Company information – corporate or local information, messages, upcoming events, news, etc. Branding – in-store or during events, as a marketing tool for promotion and to build brand identity. Advertisement – location related (for example lunch menu) or audience related (products the audience might be interested in as well). Customer behavior – directions and instructions during occasions as trade fairs or sporting events.
Improve customer experience - commercial-, safety- or news messages and reduction of perceived delays in waiting areas and queues, for example airports, hospitals and stores. Black Box provides the latest technology products for building a manageable digital signage system.
Black Box Network Services offers comprehensive communications and infrastructure solutions. Black Box Network Services is the world's largest independent provider of communications, infrastructure, and product solutions. If you are interested in digital signage with Eclipse Digital Media or would like to know more, please fill out the form below.
This 55″ Full HD LED, USB Updated, Slimline Slimline Digital Advertising Display also feature HDMI and VGA inputs which allows you to connect any number of external devices such as a PC, Games Console or external digital signage media player. Included with the display is a simple piece of scheduling software that allows you to set different content to play at different times of the day. Whether you are displaying information about a business such as a restaurant menu or a catchy advertisement, digital signage offers a flexible way to display information and graphics in an appealing manner. While digital adverting has higher upfront costs, once you pay for the infrastructure, you can then scale your advertising across multiple areas all around the world. Companies were forced to have strict deadlines where if advertising designs were not in by these times, they simply were not included in any advertising. This means that your digital signage can be connected to the Internet to display live data related to your advertisement.
If you are a high end architect, photographer, engineer, tattoo artist, or in any visually oriented industry, showcasing digital versions of your latest projects can quickly show potential customers the high level of work that you produce. If you have a new digital sign in a shopping mall, shoppers are going to be drawn to your advertisement as opposed to a print ad that has been in the mall for months without changing.
Without a CDN, your advertising content may not be able to be viewed as efficiently as possible. Typically prints ads are flat whereas digital signage can have complicated animations and images.
It is important for businesses to keep this in mind and to always be innovating based on the latest technologies that are available.
We have spent a lot of time creating TikiLIVE, a high level content delivery network that will be able to handle your digital advertising content with ease.
These people could be current or past customers, brand advocates, industry influencers youa€™ve connected with or your social following. The client knew their audience, but wanted direction on how to get the new product in front of them.
Your audience isna€™t just on one channel so showing your ads on multiple platforms will help you reach your audience wherever they are.
When you want to fill the pipeline, drive additional sales, increase product visibility or build brand awareness. This information was useful to a large audience and presented an ideal opportunity to reach out to those consumers via paid promotion.
If you do this, youa€™ll soon have a clear understanding of the type of content your audience is asking for and how they want that information delivered to them. When you launch a digital advertising campaign, whether it be on social platforms or search engines, you begin to collect valuable insights and metrics that you can use to plan your next move. For example, if youa€™re running paid search ads on Google, make sure you have a campaign synced to your Google Analytics account or whatever tracking software you might be using. This allows you to add some additional context to the data youa€™re receiving, and this is often the true test of content and paid promotion. And adding a digital advertising program to your marketing mix will help you gain a tactical advantage.
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This Slimline Digital Advertising Display does not require any additional hardware such as PCs, DVD players, excess cables or software, you simply load your content onto a USB stick, plug it into the display and it plays back automatically. The displays are commercial LED panels providing them with a wide viewing angle, high definition colour, contrast and brightness as well as being able to run for 24 hours a day.
It is also possible to add a line of scrolling text to compliment your content at the bottom of the display should you wish to. As digital signage has grown in popularity, advertising companies have begun to take notice. You also do not have to worry about the expensive printing costs that are typically associated with print advertising. With digital advertising, you can incorporate complex animations and bright text and images that will draw the eye into the advertisement much quicker than with standard print advertising.
Companies that have completed a long list of high profile projects should have no problem showcasing them on some form of digital advertising.
Use digital signage to change your content fairly often even if it is just different variations of the same advertisement.
Choose a high quality content provider such as TikiLIVE by Eyepartner, which can house all of your content to ensure that your advertisements are always being displayed no matter how much demand there may be for your content. When designing a digital ad, it is worth it to invest the money initially to have a design that will stand out among the crowd. If you are interested in using TikiLIVE for your digital signage or any other video content needs, give our office a call today at (305) 289-4557. It’s a very interesting shift occurring in real time – exciting and unpredictable at the same time. Our goal was to position our client as a thought leader while filling that aforementioned pipeline.
Youa€™re able to see exactly what people are searching for, and use that information to create content that fits with the intent and terminology your audience is actually using. From using remarketing to keep your products top-of-mind to targeting new customers through paid search, digital advertising programs not only support your content marketing efforts, but provide a nice little boost, too. It also features an eco-friendly power timer that you can control and has a low consumption LED backlight providing this display notable green credentials and low operating cost.
They are now realizing that using a digital signage advertising network allows them several advantages over other traditional advertising mediums. With digital advertising you can quickly publish a new advertisement digitally without even leaving the office. While deadlines are always important and should be followed, a digital signage advertising network allows you to quickly modify existing advertisements and have them update on the fly. Think of using blinking text or other special effects, which will easily be noticed by potential customers.
The higher the number, the more often people are going to go out and purchase lottery tickets.
This will at least force potential customers to notice the difference in your advertisements.
If you would rather contact us online, you can always fill out our online form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. But it’s still difficult to draw a direct line from digital spending to real results for most companies.
Youa€™ll easily be able to evaluate what is and isna€™t working as consumers move through your landing page and dive deeper into your site. As with any new advertising medium or platform, with these advantages also come several disadvantages. No longer do you have to frantically call your printer to see if they have started the printing of your advertisements when you realize that there is an egregious typo in your ad. Be careful with just how complicated you make your digital advertisements to ensure that you do not turn off potential customers. This is the perfect example of how a digital sign with an internet connection can greatly increase the effectiveness of your advertising. With digital signage you can simply modify the graphics that are feeding the digital signage and your advertisement is completely updated. Is it an “inexpensive miracle drug” as some companies believe, or should it be treated as part of a balanced media regimen?

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