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Widely hailed as the best digital mixing console to hit the market upon its release in 2004, the PM5D has aged well.
The update also saw Yamaha’s Virtual Soundcheck application included for the first time, providing easy switching between live inputs and outputs from a multitrack recorder for band-less rehearsals. The super compact ZED-10 and ZED-10FX mini mixers made their European debut at last month’s Prolight+Sound exhibition, following their launch at NAMM 2010. Part of the ZED range of USB-equipped mixers for live performance, recording and production, the new additions feature two innovative ultra high impedance discrete Class A FET (Field Effect Transistor) inputs, which allow an instrument to be plugged directly into the mixer. The ZED-10 and 10FX can also manage up to four microphones and two stereo sources with MP3 player compatibility, provide separate two-track record outputs and a stereo playback input for two-track replay or interval music from a CD player, XLR main stereo outputs with inserts, comprehensive monitoring with headphones and separate monitor speaker outputs, 48V microphone phantom power, and DI level switching for sub mixing. There are currently five PRO6 consoles delivered in the Middle East region - 2 in the UAE, 2 in Qatar, 1 in Lebanon.

Hibbert Ralph Animation (HRA) has unveiled its new CG workflow software, which is designed to improve the storyboarding process for animated TV series production. The 3D animation program, known as Redboard, was designed specifically to aid in the storyboarding process of an animated series, however its creators said it could also be adapted for the creation of animated films. The software’s other features include accuracy in camera framing, scales and proportions in addition to the elimination of many common workflow bugbears of the CG animation sector, HRA has claimed. Improve your practice by investing in the med2000 and see your patients in a different light!
Ericsson has secured a $160 million network extension contract with Saudi telco Mobily, which will aim to increase network capacity and triple mobile broadband speeds for subscribers. Mobily claims that its high-speed packet data access (HSPDA) network is the busiest on the face of the planet with 800,000 active subscribers consuming more than one gigabyte of data a month, and contributing to an overall mobile data exchange of 42 terabytes a day. With voice services penetration well above 100 percent, Mobily will focus on selling more data services to both corporate customers and households to maintain high profit growth, a company executive told Reuters.

The desk came in for a fairly comprehensive overhaul in 2007, benefitting from the addition of an expanded effects library, which included a de-esser, VCM (virtual circuitry modelling), analogue-modelled compressors and EQs, and OpenDeck tape simulation.
Equipped with CAT5 cables, the desk can be easily connected to the mix-rack, ensuring quick set-up.
There is also a 26dB gain boost switch, which caters for instruments with very low output pickups.

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