If you got an error while installing Themes, Software or Games ('is not a valid Pocket PC application') please, read FAQ. To integrate strategy with creative design and development technology delivered to the client on-time, on-budget and to exceed expectations. If you grew up playing basketball video games in the 90s and early 2000s, you probably hate cheese. Nah, not the milky protein that we Americans put on everything, but the way digital counterparts of elite 3-point shooters can often be abused by gamers. The formula, which also incorporates a lot of advanced metrics, has mostly worked, to the point that the last couple of 2K games have received universal praise for its balanced and realistic gameplay (these “rules” to keep digital basketball shooters in check apply to real life basketball playing, after all).
The 2K team have found the balance for just about the other 449 players in the league, except Steph, the glitch in the system.
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For example, the game accounts for things like the difficulty of shooting off the dribble and volume shooting fatigue — meaning, if you just run around with your player jacking up shot after shot after doing three spin moves, you’re going to be shooting bricks, even if your player has a super high 3-point rating. I say mostly because there’s Stephen Curry, whose 3-point shooting ability is so insanely out of this world, he’s thrown all basketball conventional wisdom out the window.

He’s chucking these shots while moving, spinning and jabbing all over the place, often with a defender or two in his face. You spend years developing a system that rewards good shot selections and punish players for taking ill-advised long range shots, but the real-life Steph is taking and making these supposedly terrible shots. Until they figure that out, Steph Curry will be the one guy whose video game counterpart is less dynamic than the real-life version.
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Macro photography for fine jewelry, distortion correction for straight lines in architectural images, extensive photo editing capabilities. And these shots have gone in at such a high rate, even the video game version of Curry cannot keep up. If Wang and his team allow digital Steph to do these moves (meaning, take 25-foot bombs off the dribble) in the game without check, then that would just open the door for cheese again.

In a way, video game Steph Curry is the realistic basketball player, while real-life Steph is the super powered avatar.
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This so-called “3-point cheese” (Google that term and you’ll see frustrated gamers complaining about this dating back to the 90s) has been a constant frustration for serious gamers, but as basketball games — in particular, the NBA 2K series, the basketball game — have gotten more realistic and advanced, developers have found ways to mitigate player abuse of three-point shooters.
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