Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. To begin Teleflora is a subsidiary of Roll Global which made 3.5 billion dollars in revenue last year. The primary target audience are Males, ages 25-45 looking to purchase flowers for their significant other. The secondary audience are females 25+ looking to purchase flowers for a loved ones birthday or special occasion (like an anniversary). In the campaign we will focus on Acquisition, up-sell, quoted not sold Acquisition: As we know Customer acquisition is the sales and marketing process of obtaining new customers. In the interest of their company, 1-800-flowers would flourish if they had a sweepstakes during their most busy holiday: Valentines day. Channels: The three channels I will be using throughout this campaign will be direct mail, email and their website. Timing: In terms of email testing to see what part of the day is the most effective would be beneficial to the company. Direct Mail: (most ROI over-all campaign) By giving the consumer $10 off their next purchase. A lot of what they offer as a service includes fulfillment, and e-commerce, but nonetheless 1-800-flowers aims to highlight these areas during this campaigns.
On the e-Commerce website, customers will be able to write in their $10 discount from the direct mail or email they received.
This creative poverty awareness ad employs a direct marketing campaign to remind people of the difficult living situations of the homeless. This effective ad makes viewers stop and think about what's worth complaining about and encourages them to help those living with a cracked roof over their head, or perhaps no roof at all. Let’s take a closer look at the issue of Strengthening Relationships with Donors and how it can be tackled with solutions that involve digital printing.
One of the first steps to developing strong relationships with donors and supporters is to learn more about their affiliation with the organization, their motivations and their preferences for future communications.
The Seattle Humane Society (SHS) is a private, nonprofit animal welfare organization that serves the people and animals of King County, Washington with a variety of programs including adoptions, veterinary services, dog training classes, a pet food bank, and humane education for children of all ages.
For large donors, the SHS Development Office makes personal phone calls to learn more about them, such as what pets they have, if they adopted from SHS and what SHS programs they are interested in. Develop targeted leads for potential adoptees and collect basic metrics regarding their current and future animal ownership, and preferences for on-going SHS contact via phone, email or print. A direct marketing campaign was developed for SHS which engages new donors to learn more about them. The response mechanism used has been close to evenly split between an online survey at a Personalized URL and a printed survey. Any organization looking to deepen its relationship with customers, donors or other constituents should first spend the time and effort to learn more about them.
Domino’s  is  a  leader  in  delivery  orders  but  sees  room  to  expand  with its takeout business. Domino’s  Pizza  believes  it  is  well-equipped to grow the carryout side of its business.
If recipients arena€™t interested or are only mildly interested, you cana€™t expect much response.
Your postcard should concisely explain who you are, what you do or sell and the benefits that set you apart from others.
You might generate some response just by letting people know youa€™re available, but for obvious reasons youa€™ll spark greater interest from more viewers if you offer them a deal to begin a business relationship with you.
Even if your postcard viewer reads all the details and gets excited about your offer, their interest will dissipate like fog in the sun if they cana€™t quickly discern what to do about it.

It may seem as if youa€™re doing everything right with your direct mail postcard campaign, yet ita€™s not producing like you know it should. Or maybe your offer was great but you left it open-ended, in effect telling your postcard recipient they could take advantage of your offer whenever they get around to it. They are a company who provides tailor-made flowers to their customers and use direct marketing techniques in several aspect of their business. Within the last year Proflowers made $640.5 Million in revenue and to partner with companies, like American Express and Marriott, to offer rewards points for their customers. My two main channels, direct mail and email, will have either a paper flower or a picture of a bouquet with this tagline. To hold a strong lifetime value, I plan on building upon their database from their celebrations rewards program. In the case of 1-800-flowers I plan on testing first the offer, then the channel and last the timing. Maybe more people have more time on their hands midmorning versus the end of the day when they are trying to get home from work. 1-800-flowers can measure how many people used the promotion code… Email: And compare it to email’s promotion code. SHS also wanted to learn more about smaller donors but making phone calls to this larger group would not have been feasible. A letter from the CEO or Director of Development is sent to new donors, inviting them to visit a Personalized URL and complete an online survey that helps SHS learn more about donors.
Offered gifts have included a $100 gift card, a $250 SHS Pet Adoption package, and SHS gift baskets.
Unexpectedly, a campaign that initially cost the SHS $3,000 received over $4,000 in contributions. Give them a break a€“ and improve your response rate a€“ with a boldly obvious call to action. Often people are reluctant to call an unfamiliar business even when they need your services, especially if ita€™s something very personal like a dentist, hair stylist, massage therapist, personal trainer, etc. The ones youa€™re using may be beautiful and high-quality, but perhaps you need something different. Then take the next step and take full advantage of their other services a€“ valuable, actionable advice and execution assistance with both the promotional and strictly functional aspects of your direct mail marketing efforts. Last year alone they made $667.7 Million annual revenue and are the top flower company in America.
There customers can search for DIY floral projects or learn how to make the perfect floral arrangement for mothers day. They too have a blog for the same purpose and additionally offers to stay connected on their social media as well as an email sign-up.
Typically these men are kind and considerate but lack creative thinking in terms of gift giving.
Here customers can sign-up for all sorts of discounts, while they gain basic information about them. Direct Marketing will begin 8 weeks before the major holiday, while valentines day will be 12 weeks before. Those who have purchased from their Valentines collection would automatically be entered into an all expense paid vacation to the Dominican Republic. The main reason for testing these three in this particular order is because you need to focus on the items that have the greatest return on investment first. As stated before, this will allow 1-800-flowers to see which media channel is the most effect for the return on investment.
During a campaign where new customers are coming in, an order running smoothing would be the first step to customer fulfillment.

Below is a three-step image of the spill happening from the coffee pouring out to the discovery of the crack in bottom of the cup.
The direct marketing campaign is an effective attempt to raise awareness, and in turn donors, for this worthy cause. In 2010 approximately 17% of the US bulk mail sent, roughly 11 billion pieces, was related to the non-profit sector. Donors are also given the option to complete a paper survey and send it back via an enclosed return envelope.
SHS uses the data it has gathered on donors to segment its audience for campaign needs throughout the year. For instance, many people like to see what potential hands-on providers a€“ again, dentists are a great example a€“ look like. A full-service direct mail company knows what is proven to work with local businesses like yours, and thata€™s how you erase ineffectiveness. Additionally they encourage you to sign in with Facebook or even stay connected with their various social media. They appreciate the versatility in gifts 1-800-flowers provides and the rewards service helps them rack up points for their future service.
By pushing during the main holidays this will increase revenue and create immediate purchases. Though this is exclusive for only rewards members, customers who are not would have the ability to sign up for membership. Before checking out online, customers would be asked if they would like to sign up for the rewards program and be entered into the sweepstakes. Often these men works long hours in the office and unfortunately their job keeps them away from home. To convert the lead to a sale, 1-800-flowers should send out a coupon offering an incentive to finish the sale.
Testing Direct mail vs email will allow 1-800-flowers to see which channel will convert more leads.
Testing Direct mail versus email will allow 1-800-flowers to see which channel will convert more leads. During the processing, customer records are updated, credit checks are performed, and a warehouse hard copy of shipping labels and invoices are generated. With a 24 X 7 800 number and the all in one shop, (like chocolate and other various gift baskets) they can order efficiently and get back to work quickly . By comparing click-through rates to the amount of IPO addresses who purchased from the website, you will be able to see how profitable the company is. Additionally, 1-800-flowers would be able to see how many members they have after valentines day compared to before. Additionally, bounce rates will allow 1-800-flowers to see who is actually interested or if their website is too overwhelming to the consumer.
Keeping up with stock will additionally lessen the risk of a customer growing unhappy with their possible purchase. For instance, if the bounce rate is extremely high this could imply the website is terribly design and is overwhelming the consumer.
If a customer’s flowers have been lost in the mail we will deliver a new one free of charge and offer a free gift of their choosing to the customer. Finally, if 1-800-flowers can see where their customers are coming from (via email, Facebook or twitter, ect.) they can focus their attention on those destinations to increase profits.

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