We've launched an all-new version of Coloribus.It's a brand new set of tools for the perfect workflow.
HC Designs creates direct mail that cuts through the clutter, grabbing the customer's attention and presenting them with a clear message and call to action. A 5 x 7 mailable postcard used to canvas the Bowling Green, Kentucky area for Piov - Voice-over-IP services. A postcard invitation for Bella's Christmas open house event, mailed to the current client base.
A direct marketing piece to previous shoppers and consigners, relaying information on the next sale date. An information card aimed at the medical industry - Certa is a medical waste solutions company. Auction Solutions is an auction house specializing in the Bowling Green and Louisville, KY markets. A direct marketing piece to potential new customers, emphasizing the FREE home security system. With so many direct marketing companies out there selling skin care and beauty products, it is often enticing to consider a career in the lucrative skin care industry. Sher points to the balance between incorporating new strategies with existing ones as a factor in the success of a company launched in 2008, which grew from $10 Million in revenue in 2010 to over $100 Million in 2012.
While Sher credits the savvy of the CEO for this 10-fold expansion, another factor to consider is the rapid expansion in growth of anti-aging skin care products sales.

Already a multi-billion dollar business, the skin care industry is estimated to be worth $43 Billion per year and growing. Copyright Notice: Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing the link to this skin care article with others. Kathryn DardenSkin Care ExaminerKathryn Darden has worked in the skin care industry for many years at Avon, the Macy's cosmetics department and today an independent Rodan + Fields Dermatologists consultant. By Bill Oxford Much has changed over the past few years in the world of website design and construction. By Bill Oxford In these times there are fewer decision makers and those are hard to contact and becoming less interested in the lasted technology and more concerned about the state of the economy and the impact on employment.
By Bill Oxford – April 9, 2011 Over the past 15 years, business-to-business advertising and marketing in San Diego and marketing in general, has taken some dramatic and unexpected twists and turns driven mostly by advances in technology focused primarily on the development of the Internet. OxfordThe Oxford Group is a San Diego advertising and graphic design firm providing website design, branding, graphic design, advertising, Internet marketing and SEO (search engine optimization). While, some people remain skeptical about these MLM business, considering them "pyramid schemes," don't count Forbes among the doubters. As the baby-boomer generation continues to age, the skin care industry is booming right along with the boomers. No wonder that reputable skin care companies such as the one Sher cites can increase their sales by ten times in just two years time. Robert Rey introduces the other top doctors on Celebrity Plastic Surgeons of Beverly Hills and gives you a glimpse as to what to expect on the series.

People simply scan the code with their smartphone and they are taken to a website where they can receive more information about a product, service, or special offer. If you would like to continue receiving skin care articles, please click the free Subscribe icon. For example, WordPress has matured from a simple blogging platform to a website-building powerhouse.
Advertising and graphic design in San Diego at one time was at the core of all marketing initiatives. There are many advertising agencies in San Diego but none match the marketing knowledge and experience of The Oxford Group. The website can provide a rich, interactive experience complete with product photos and videos. From the mid 1980’s to around 1998, most B2B companies utilized niche magazines, trade-shows and direct mail to connect with prospects.
QR Codes make your direct mailing a more interactive and engaging experience, leading to a higher response and greater ROI. This simple website connected perfectly with their customers and established the foundation of the company’s identity and brand.

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