Direct marketing emphasises trackable, measurable response, results and costs from prospects — regardless of which channel is used.
Direct marketing is used by businesses of all sizes — from start-up businesses to large blue chip companies.
A properly constructed direct advertising campaign can give a positive return on investment by showing how many potential customers responded to a clear call-to-action.
The demonstrable result of Direct Marketing is the reason for its increasing popularity, however due to the likely need for up front investment, this has caused some companies to prefer online marketing such as pay per click and search engine optimisation.
In reality, as online marketing methods become more mainstream the costs are likely to rise to same or higher levels, as less people are delivering direct marketing messages. Deliver your marketing message right to the mailbox of customers who are primed to respond. Zodiac Printeractive is a data-first, direct marketing company, which allow our results to stand out amongst the competition. By harnessing our Direct Marketing Power we generate traffic in your showroom so you can move metal and make a profit! IT’S ALL IN THE LIST!Our lists are multi-sourced, current and targeted to the EXACT BUYERS you want. We Offer 3 Key Strategic Packages to help increase your sales and raise your bottom line for Maximum ROI. In 1989 I met Larry Sivitz who had at that time had been running his own direct response marketing firm, focused on Credit Unions. Our agency, MMI, was very young and I knew very little about the direct marketing industry.
Later that year, after meeting Larry Sivitz, our agency ran a very successful direct marketing campaign for a client and the results were quite remarkable. Needless to say the client was happy and I still use the collateral to show what kind of results can be had with targeted direct response marketing. I first heard about direct marketing a year earlier while studying David Ogilvy’s books, Confessions of an Advertising Man and Ogilvy On Advertising.

Between these two I can honestly say that many of the strategies and tactics I’ve used since the MMI days of the late 1980’s have revolved around direct response marketing and networking. As a small business owner or self employed professional, one of things you can do is  utilize direct response marketing both online and offline to develop new business and increase revenues. As I’ve heard Ken McCarthy say- the Internet is the greatest direct marketing platform the world has ever known. The one thing I love about direct response marketing is the simple fact that you as a small business owner, manager or professional can test just about everything.
Online you can test very fast using pay per click text ads, banner ads, social posts, landing pages, blog posts and the list goes on and on. And with today’s technology and the QR code, you can really narrow your focus and directly market all kinds of offers to businesses and organizations that are looking for what you have. So do the research, find out what your market wants and utilize current technology to help you get the work done to increase sales and revenues. PS – The SmallBiz Mechanic has a tool belt loaded with direct marketing tactics for the web and even some offline channels. Generally, direct marketing involves businesses and organisations communicating straight to a customer or prospect.
Besides the direct communication itself, actionable insight, analytics, and measurement of results and return on investment, are critical to a Direct Marketing campaign. The data can be selected by contact address, demographic information,spend potential  historical company information, financial history. This only increases the potential return on investment as there is less competition for the attention of the prospect. When you combine effective direct marketing strategies with comprehensive data and cutting edge creative, Zodiac’s direct mail programs quickly become a cornerstone of every dealer’s budget. We have the ability to combine different media channels with print to enable your dealership to achieve higher success rates, and SELL MORE CARS! Larry had a very successful career working for J Walter Thompson, Disney and finally Strategic Direct in Seattle before going out on his own. So meeting Larry was a blessing and I am forever grateful to him for the words of wisdom and knowledge that he shared with us.

And when I say remarkable, our results using direct mail to a targeted audience drew a response rate of over 60%. As a new advertising agency looking to make our mark, Ogilvy seemed like just the guy to study and we needed every bit of help we could find.
And he should know since he’s been around the web since the early 1990’s and has tons of success to show for it. And I mean it – from headlines and URL’s to phone numbers and bullet points, one can test, measure, survey and find out what works best and brings the most results. Maybe you have a brand new offer for a product or service and you want to know what set of keywords works best. But there is a way to combine the two, especially if you have an existing offline list to mail to. Direct marketing techniques include email marketing, SMS messaging, websites, display advertising, paper based fliers, promotional letters and other direct channels. The enhanced information is used to develop a list of targeted entities with preferable characteristics. Methods of marketing communication can include email addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and postal addresses. We have the plan, and the know-how to create great, multi-faceted direct marketing campaigns that will get you the return on investment you deserve.
During this time I also studied the likes of Jay Conrad Levinson and learned all about what he referred to as Guerilla Marketing Strategies and Tactics. Yes, you can direct market using offline print, radio and TV, thus driving traffic (eyeballs) to specific online pages and this allows you to really see what offers will be worth marketing on a larger scale.

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