Thirteen hours of presentations, 20 hours of interviews, and 34 speakers share one common theme: The right marketing technology can help marketers stimulate customer engagement and drive ROI.
Top emailers are phasing out messages that customers would consider spam, says Return Path, though there's still room for improvement.
Darren Rodgers' current passion in marketing is to unlock the opportunities of the Affordable Care Act.
Direct Marketing News sat down with Erin Walline 90 days into her role and uncovered a few of her secrets for generating prime customer experiences.
This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in any form without prior authorization. Your use of this website constitutes acceptance of Haymarket Media's Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. A campaign of this scale, however, would have been difficult to execute before Operation Smile took the step earlier in the year of integrating its printing operations with its other marketing services. The first element in Operation Smile's new marketing program was a DRTV effort featuring actress Roma Downey.
While DRTV is still a major part of Operation Smile's marketing program today — accounting for about 46% of its marketing bud­get — the organization has spent the past few years reviewing all of its direct response operations with an eye toward “enhancing the donor's experience with the organization,” Shawyer says. As part of the review, Operation Smile decided to bring in a new ven­dor for keying and caging at about the same time that it moved its direct mail program over to Russ Reid. When a donor with a background in direct marketing earmarked donat­ed funds specifically for Operation Smile's call center, the organization put a comprehensive training pro­gram in place to ensure its agents are familiar with every aspect of Opera­tion Smile's program.
Operation Smile and Russ Reid also continually test direct mail programs to find what works best with donors.
Last year, Operation Smile built a direct mail and e-mail campaign tar­geting existing donors and prospects around a large donation from the Annenberg Foundation. One of the organization's most successful online campaigns to date was a partnership with Microsoft sup­porting the World Journey of Smiles initiative and the launch of Micro­soft Windows Live. Recognizing Operation Smile's achievements, the Direct Marketing Association's Nonprofit Federation named it the winner of the 2008 Nonprofit Organization of the Year Award in August.
A large multinational company with more marketing dollars can try things that we can't,” says Hall. Most donors feel like they have a relationship with the organizations to which they donate.

London-based customer acquisition specialists, Source Marketing Direct have dispelled these success myths that are holding people back.The firm teaches their contractors the skills and motivation to develop into excellent leaders – set up for future success.
This represents an entirely new challenge for Rodgers and Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC)—where he's CMO—as well as the healthcare insurance sector as a whole. That's not surprising given that he was one of the founders of the groundbreaking Flip Video Camera (for which he shares in nine patents).
His Vancouver-based global company sells eye glasses and contact lenses to consumers in 150 countries. The Capital One senior vice president, brand marketing, has a passion for both the art and science of his discipline.
Over the course of his first year as CMO of Mitel, he completely reorganized the marketing operations to take an outside-in approach and put the customer at the center of its strategy. The nonprofit, which provides free surgery to children suffering from facial deformities, launched a far-reaching, integrated direct response campaign in support of November's World Journey of Smiles, during which more than 4,000 children from 25 countries received free cleft lip or cleft palate surgeries over the course of 10 days. As a result, there is now greater con­sistency across the organization's messaging, she says. Early in the decade, its fundraising was almost exclusively limited to outreach to major donors.
DRTV has proven to be very successful at attracting new donors for Operation Smile, which has experienced a 560% increase in active donors since 2004.
The keying and caging vendor is not only responsible for entering all the data and making deposits from mail donations, but also for sending out a receipt and thank-you note. The appeal explained that any donation made by recipients would be matched by the Annenberg Foundation, thereby doubling their dollars. In fact, the campaign was so successful that another organization has recently donated $1 million for a similar program. Operation Smile recently invested in Convio, a CRM plat­form for nonprofits, and is planning to develop its viral marketing and search engine optimization efforts. For the “Share a smile” campaign, Microsoft and Operation Smile created a joint Web site and held events where thousands of people took part in an interactive, electronic display of smiles projected onto a 10-story sphere.
While it appreciates the accolades, Shawyer says that the organization focuses most on connect­ing with those who give to the group and make its mission possible. As channels are integrated and more customer information becomes available, nonprofits should make sure not to overuse this information.

He stays fleet-footed to juggle his many responsibilities, which include global marketing strategy, branding, creative services, demand generation, public relations, customer excellence, and online marketing. Fortunately, Rodgers brings an entirely new perspective to the game, having stepped into his CMO role—his first marketing leadership position—only two years ago. That's just one of the many attributes that makes Matthews' humility, hustle, and sense of humor so refreshing.
A former marketing executive with Machinima, Red Bull, and ConAgra Foods, Doohan joined DTS in January with the intention of kicking its drive to become the 21st century's coolest ingredient brand into high gear. The effort was considered successful as a fundraiser, as a new donor acquisition strategy and for the goodwill and positive PR it generated.
However, starting in 2003, the orga­nization began looking for ways to reach a wider base of donors, working with nonprofit marketing and com­munications firm Russ Reid to help it put the necessary operations and marketing strategy in place. An e-mail blast to 400 million Microsoft users about the Share a Smile partnership resulted in 700,000 users uploading and sharing their smiling photos. Mobile marketing, for example, is often prohibitively expensive for nonprofits because of carrying charges — though sometimes, it can work, he adds.
Source Marketing Direct are strong believers of focusing on individual strengths, and here hard work will most probably result in overtaking fellow employees and career progression. 2) You have to be humble Most people appear humble on the outside as it is not seen as classy to be arrogant or cocky in the business world. However, Source Marketing Direct states that although this is true, it is also important to develop genuine, or ‘real’ humility that comes from within. This is often developed through and the result of taking the time to learn and develop as a person, and from putting in the necessary man hours of hard work. The firm believes that the key to business success lies in providing exceptional customer service, and through face-to-face consumer communications the firm help businesses to build more meaningful customer relationships.
These relationships help their clients to boost brand loyalty and develop effective brand advocates, which helps to increase market reach and generates a higher quantity of quality sales.

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