Look at it this way: By the time a modern B2B customer reaches out to you, that company is already up to 90% of the way through its decision-making process. Brands that make content easy to access are the ones that have mastered modern distribution.
Given the dramatic recent uptick in ad blocking, customers across the map are making it clear that they prefer to learn about new goods and services from their co-workers and social media confidantes. To find success in this climate, marketers must extend a hand, organically introduce themselves, and maintain a consistent and reliable personality throughout every interaction. Autodesk introduced Project Bonfire as an employee-based initiative that strives to establish the brand as more than just a provider of CAD software. In an effort to drive brand awareness, engagement, and revenue, Cathay Pacific, an international airline, recently launched an employee advocacy program. Access to this content has positioned its employees as worldwide experts and thought leaders in the industry. As the wheels are beginning to spin, you’ve probably realized that employees play a pivotal role in creating a successful distribution strategy. Brands that make content friendly and easy to access are the ones that have mastered modern distribution. Russ Fradin is the co-founder of Dynamic Signal and a digital media industry veteran with more than 15 years' experience in the online marketing world. The Accumulation Distribution Line was initially used in the stock markets to gauge the buying and selling power.
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When we talk about community marketing, we automatically think of the ones that we’ve built ourselves. Provide value in the form of a discussion or thread, with a link to your original content (when permissible). I’m going to run through several approaches and platforms that you can tap into today to generate traffic for your next blog post. The popular question-and answer-platform has been talked about to death, but I have a unique spin that you may not have tried.
As you follow and track topics that are relevant to your business, answer questions with your relevant, previously published content. I found someone who asked, “What are the best websites for content distribution?” Instead of just answering with a link to my original blog post, I added some advice – giving value up front.
I then found the person who posted the Quora question on Twitter and sent a quick message to see if my advice was what they were looking for and if there was anything I could elaborate upon. In most cases, the questioner up-votes my response, which I believe gives the answer more weight and displays the post above those with a higher number of up-votes. The first step is to find a subreddit that fits your industry or, at the very least, the nature of your content. I export this list to a CSV file and select whom I want to reach based on number of followers, average retweets etc.
Then, I use Contentmarketer.io to load these Twitter accounts, find their email addresses, and reach out to them.

Many media sites have huge audiences that are hungry for new content and are willing to republish existing content. While there are potential pitfalls in using Medium to republish content, my strategy sits nicely in between republishing and repurposing. If you see potential in LinkedIn Pulse, it’s worth testing different approaches and seeing which gets you the most engagement and traffic. Bigger media outlets like Huffington Post, Elite Daily, and Mashable are all examples of large publications that accept republished material. If you are concerned about the SEO impact of duplicate content, the best fix is to include a canonical link at the top of the republished article to indicate to Google which version is the original. These techniques and approaches still work incredibly well within competitive and saturated markets. Each technique will change with time, but I believe they always will be strong methods of promoting and distributing your content. Please note: All tools included in our blog posts are suggested by authors, not the CMI editorial team. Tom Whatley is a content marketing specialist with seven years’ experience in the digital marketing space. Join Over 150,000 of your Peers!Get daily articles and news delivered to your email inbox and get CMI’s exclusive e-book Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program FREE! Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. As presented at AIST 2014, A comprehensive, routine preventive maintenance and testing program is the way to ensure your facility's electrical equipment and components operate properly and for as long as possible. Buyers are doing their research well in advance, which means your content needs to be in a great position to reach them long before they’re ready to knock on your door. Today’s consumers generally carry a strong distrust for businesses, so making personal connections is the most valuable way to win over a heart (or sale). They’re not paying attention to traditional sales-y marketing material that pops up and interrupts their browsing experience. The company partners with internal and external contributors to craft industry-specific content, all while building and maintaining personal connections with readers. The company understands that the more emotion its content evokes, the more likely it will go viral. The program brings various types of employees (pilots, baggage handlers, flight attendants, etc.) into one app to easily access the best content on travel. If you have travel questions or just want to find some inspiration, Cathay Pacific’s 30,000 employees are there for you on every social media channel. Therefore, you must ensure every staff member in every department is highly informed and educated about the brand, its mission, and its core values.
In this social media-driven world, employees are now the key carriers of a brand’s message.
Russ co-founded and was CEO of Adify (acquired by Cox for $300 million in May 2008) and co-founded SocialShield. The indicators designed by Marc Chaikin have been heavily used for the futures and the equity markets and have also found their use in the Forex markets.
Sure, we execute the usual activities: Share to our social platforms, send out an email campaign, encourage our employees to share. We do things that will nurture our current audience, but when building new relationships, we often shy away.
They involve some groundwork, but in terms of getting short-term gains they’re invaluable to any content marketing strategy. We’re quick to forget about the thousands of communities already out there with engaged and active users with whom you can build influence and drive toward your own content.

Make the first 50 characters of your bio count because that’s what Quora displays in your posts.
In this case, it helps cut through the noise of other posters, which is especially important for more popular questions. You can tap into all the people in your market who are actively interested in your content. To first build a relationship, I usually send an initial email asking if they would be interested in my new article. Thought leaders from several industries, including VaynerMedia CEO Gary Vaynerchuk and Basecamp CEO Jason Fried, are getting involved. Instead of just reposting an entire article, I write about the original post’s topics in broad strategic terms.
You can use your proprietary content as the basis for a new post on Pulse or republish your original content article in full. Once you’ve found a publication that is a good fit for your content, you need to craft a great pitch to entice the outlet to republish your content. If you’re operating in a more niche market, you’re even more likely to propel your content past your competitors. He's the creator of 7 Day Content Marketingand shares actionable content marketing strategies and techniques for entrepreneurs on his blog.
Reddit has always seemed a strange one to me; what is your opinion on the quality of the traffic it generates?
It’s important that you are publishing niche quality content which is interesting for the readers there though. I’m just trying it out at the moment, but I hear on every corner how great of a channel it is for content distribution! Without the right distribution strategy, even the finest article you’ve ever laid your eyes on will only earn you a couple of extra retweets and maybe a few additional hits on your website. Therefore, content should be presented in a fashion that makes consumers feel like they’re talking to a knowledgeable friend. More than 1,600 of SAP’s employees play vital roles in distributing this material throughout the Internet. The content within the program covers an array of topics that include sustainability, 3D printing, and education, and the company distributes material from a variety of sources, such as industry publications, thought leaders, user submissions, and industry RSS feeds. They’re the ones marketers need to count on when it comes to building strong relationships with potential clients. Not only that, but they’ll have far-reaching effects toward building strategic relationships and your SEO goals too.
Make time to contribute to the discussion every day for a week or so, then post your content.
Each subreddit has its own rules – some, for example, require you to post the entire article into the post. Feel free to include additional tools in the comments (from your company or ones that you have used). The presentation will also show you how regularly scheduled preventive maintenance can improve operational safety and energy efficiency within your organization. With forex, due to the fact that trading is not centralized, the volume variable can be different from one broker to another and therefore, traders can notice subtle differences in the way the Accumulation Distribution  line is plotted.
It’s a complete content marketing solution with a new Promote feature that allows you to leverage smart, organic content distribution to maximize your reach.

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